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10:00am - 06:00pm

10:00am - 06:00pm

10:00am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

The fried croissant was flaky and crispy on the outside while the interior was still rather chewy and buttery 🥰 together with the cookie butter soft serve, it was really enjoyable. Recommend for sharing though, it gets kinda too oily as it’s deep-fried after all.

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First time trying the insta-famous dessert from @brotherbird_coffeehouse! It has both the crisp of a usual doughnut and the chewy texture from a mochi. Topped with biscuit crumbs and the ice-cream, it was definitely a sweet treat to enjoy.

The mochi donut arrived to our table freshly-fried, evident from the already melting soft-serve. Inside this crispy donut was a thick slab of mochi that made each bite of the donut extremely soft and chewy. It was glazed in a sticky salted caramel sauce. In the centre of the donut (hidden under the soft serve and butter waffle biscuit) were bits of what they called “almond crunch”, which were crumbles that tasted strongly of peanut butter and were more savoury than sweet. The cookie butter soft serve itself was not outstanding as it tasted more like a generic vanilla soft serve than cookie butter, although its creamy texture went great with the hot mochi donut.

This stack of three pancakes was delightfully soft and fluffy. The inside of the pancakes were slightly undercooked, although I must admit I did enjoy that as it went pretty well with the toppings.

Instead of the staple of butter and maple syrup, Brotherbird Coffeehouse serves their pancakes with a yummy blueberry maple compote that had a generous amount of fresh blueberries. But the star of the dish was definitely the whipped vanilla and mascarpone cream. It had the consistency of light whipped cream, but the addition of mascarpone cheese added a nice richness and just the slightest amount of tanginess. The cream also melted into the warm pancakes which just made everything taste even better.

While my all-time favourite blueberry pancakes are from Clinton Street Baking Company, this is a pretty solid contender.

The stew was pretty flavourful, with a variety of ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms. There was also a distinctive flavour of truffle with the addition of truffle oil to the stew. The chicken leg was tender and the meat separated from the bone easily.

The stew was accompanied by a croissant with melted cheese. Perhaps we had waited too long before digging into the croissant, as we found the croissant to be a bit hard. However, that was remedied by dipping the croissant into the stew, as the flakey layers of pastry easily soaked up the gravy. The melted cheese added a nice nuttiness too.

But perhaps, they could have been a tad more generous with the amount of gravy.

This beautiful stack of malted pancakes, blueberry and maple compote, whipped vanilla and mascarpone cream is an utter joy to tuck into. Fluffy as hell, like the most tender-crumbed cake with a just little chew to it, the pancakes themselves won me right over. Then you’ve got that chunky blueberry compote of plump, juicy, whole blueberries, that actually tastes like the real damn berries and not some cheapass purée. And don’t even get me started on the mascarpone cream: exceedingly creamy, slightly tangy, rich yet paradoxically light 🥰🤤💕 I would’ve liked the malt to come across stronger — I honestly couldn’t taste it — but with all the amazing components here, this girl ain’t complaining.