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Stateland Cafe
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LAST day to try it before the flavours undergoes yet another monthly rotation! Along with coconut softserve available, the Thai green tea softserve comes with salted cornflakes (which I opted for a swap to almond crunch) and vanilla sponge cake cubes. The softserve leaned towards the icy side, which makes it a lighter treat for the palate and more refreshing as well. On the downside, the flavour of the Thai green tea could have been more distinct, as its characteristic earthy flavour and jasmine-like aroma was only detectable in the first few bites and subsequently faded off. Nevertheless, still looking forward to the next monthly flavours and perhaps with the ongoing Sakura season, a sakura softserve next? 🌸😌
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Best ice cream flavour I’ve tried so far (3 visits). Somewhat feels like the leaning tower of Pisa as the ice cream melts fast due to the hot mochi donut. Should have stick to my favourite Earl Grey Mochi balls instead. 🤤

Can’t beat these salted egg yolk mochi balls. My favorite dessert in SG! Attack it while it’s warm, take a gentle bite and be careful of the rich delicious lava that will spill from within.

The delicious salted egg flavor and chewy mochi is the best combi!! The coconut sorbet is light and refreshing, and amazing with the cornflake and nut bits. I would recommend two balls per person, it’s rather huge and might be difficult for one to finish...

Affirmed by many friends I recommended, this is a unique dessert not to be missed!

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Not just their softserve sorbet, and their truffles fries was amazing! Just a munch of it.. it’s too addicting to be stop..

I didn’t get to try Brother Bird’s Coconut Sorbet soft serve last year when they were promoting the same theme for their soft serve (i.e. Thai Beverages series). This year, I came back still keen on trying just the Thai Green Milk Tea flavour, but my friend was gravitating towards this more than what I wanted. In that moment, I realised that it was about time to give the Coconut Sorbet a shot, along with their signature Mochi Donut ($15 for in pic).

And I was actually surprised by how much I liked this. The truth is, I was expecting it to be too watery for my liking, but this flavour seemed to have been going for the creaminess and milkiness of a coconut milk. It’s a flavour that trades the natural savoury flavour of the fruit, with a prominently sweet one, making it more of a bright flavour than a dark one. It’s a pricey dessert, there’s no denying that, but it was definitely worth the try. No regrets at all.

In fact, I *may* have said to my friend at one point, “I don’t think I can go back to the Thai Green Milk Tea now that I’ve had this.” 😬😂 (7.5/10)

damage done: $15
🍩🍦: Cookie Butter Softserve on Mochi Donut
📍: Brother Bird x Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe

Brown Sugar Caramel Softserve - $7
Softserve using the brown sugar is too light in taste, but I love it when it’s paired with additional brown sugar caramel sauce, giving the taste an extra boost. The sugar coated corn flakes adds crunch to the smooth softserve. So addictive
Brother Bird

Another of those desserts that appeared in my social media feed, Brother Bird is known to me for their interestingly-shaped soft-serve and mochi bakes, so it is best to just order their Mochi Donut with Softserve (S$15.00) for a taste of both.

Ok. Not a taste, but a whole portion to finish.

Although it may look simple, but the Mochi Donut reminded me of a really sticky mochi with a crust like the Butterfly. And it also comes with some crunches to add a dimension of texture to the dessert. The soft-serve flavour was said to rotate very regularly, but the taste itself carried more milk than the periodic flavour, and that is probably good for those who do not like soft-serve to be too sweet.

However, be warned. Much as the dessert is Instagrammable, we know what will happen to the cold soft-serve when it meets with a freshly-made Mochi Donut. It’s not very fun to eat melted ice-cream with soggy donuts.

HOLD UP, the mochi donut was served warm & it was super crispy. Had the choice between cookie butter and brown sugar soft serve. Cookie butter soft serve was light&&&&& creamy. You basically can taste every component of the soft serve. First comes a light cookie butter taste followed by the milky taste of it. Y’all should all try it!!!


Brown sugar softserve, salted corn flakes, brown sugar caramel.
Cheers to the weekend !

This dessert comes with 3 mochi donut balls, soft serve (which has two flavours to choose from- cookie butter, or a flavour that changes weekly), some cereal, and a cute little gingerbread man. The donut balls burst when we cut into them, and dark earl grey lava flowed out. The lava is sweeter than I thought it would be, while the cookie butter soft serve is milder than I expected, yet the two flavours worked really well together. It was not overwhelmingly sweet unlike most desserts I’ve tried, making it not so gelat. Do note that they do not operate on Tuesdays though! The first time we went (which was a Tuesday), we were really disappointed to find out that it was not open.

Overall rating: 8/10

A brand new slate of 365 days for us to live life the way we see fit.
Don’t waste it!
In frame: mochi donut from @brotherbirdflagship
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just 3 tiny pieces for decoration 😅), the white chrysanthemum softserve is the last series of the weekly tea flavours in the month of December. The softserve was smooth, creamy with a subtle floral fragrance that was distinct only in the first few mouthful. Sad to admit that the flavour was mild and died off after only a few spoonful. Would have been great if more goji berries were given instead of a heap of salted cornflakes too! 😅 Among all the tea flavours I’ve tried @brotherbirdflagship , my personal favourite for this series would be Black beauty tea, which is more distinct and lingering .

I’ll admit that I haven’t tried every single one of the things in Brother Bird’s Edible Giftbox, but among the ones that I have, the Raspberry Mochi Donut is my favourite!

The glaze is meek in its sweetness, and is punctuated with a mild pulse of tartness from the dried raspberry bits. The donut itself, which is my favourite part, was dense and chewy (albeit a little greasy).

Somehow, I feel like the resistance and the elasticity that every bite embodies would normally be met with flak. However, in Brother Bird’s case, it feels so fitting and in fact, sensible to the point of being inherent. It’s not surprising though, given they’ve taken their time (months, specifically) under wraps in navigating towards the perfect recipe for these. (7.5/10)

Brother Bird has launched an edible giftbox in time for the holidays! This box comes with six delectable treats — (top, clockwise) Matcha Mochi Croissant, Butterscotch Pecan Mochi Croissant, Brown Sugar Mochi Croissant, Sticky Bun (Kouign-Amann 40-30-30 style), Raspberry Mochi Donut and Madagascan Vanilla Donut — all for $18.

You can get your hands on these. All you have to simply reserve a box of these with them via text at 92964997. It’s great for people like myself who don’t do well with calls! 😂 (7.6/10)

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