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BrotherBird mochi & softserve co. (Bugis)

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Artisanal softserve and homemade rice donuts

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Didn’t get to try the mochi donut, but their yeast waffle was really yummy too!! Super crispy on the outside and yet not compromising on the fluffiness within. The peanut butter soft serve was also on point- great for all peanut butter lovers!! I loved the addition of the caramelized banana! One whole mouth of the peanut butter soft serve, caramel banana and crispy waffle = truly heavenly!! 👍🏻

It’s been a long time since I looked at their page for updates on seasonal flavours, so I was super duper stoked to see they’ve got this Peanut Butter & Jelly one when I popped by couple of days back! I’ve always loved Brother Bird’s softserve creations, but I gotta say they’ve really done my childhood favourite a huge justice here. The peanut butter shines right through from the first lick, intense enough for me yet still palatable for the impartial. And, call me a child if you will, but I love how the jam’s unevenly incorporated through the soft serve, so there’s that element of surprise every time I get a little jam in my teaspoon😍

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The PB soft serve is a seasonal flavour and it was so so so good. Mochi donut was brilliant as usual, my mum loves it!

Cookie butter soft serve on Mochi donut (~$15) was unexpectedly good? Thought it was gonna be kinda for the gram kinda thing but it was actually so goood 🍪 This season’s special was peanut butter so the mochi donut and toppings were peanut/ nuts!🥜🥜
Ice cream leaned more towards icey than creamy but it wasn’t a bad watery kind of icey, and went well with the mochi texture of the donut! 🍦 Mochi donut.... soft... chewy... with such a good consistency.... I’m sold....... (Although it’s quite filling)🍩 Peanut butter lovers,, you’re welcome 😂

Very worth the $15. Such a genius idea to have mochi in the donut keeping the base dense enough to prop up the soft serve.

Had to try their cruffins! When I came almost everything sold out and I got to try the rose raspberry cruffin
Filled with cream of strong rose flavor, balanced with a sour raspberry compote, this cruffin is delish! Love the strong rose flavor so much!