5 Tampines Avenue 3
#02-07 Tampines West Community Club
Singapore 529705


12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

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Spinach, your choice of eggs, cous cous, falafel, grilled eggplant, hummus and halloumi cheese.... all for $15? What a steal!

I really love med cuisine and their grilled meats, but I ain’t gonna complain when this came meat-less. Every aspect was spot on


I have seen this cafe around Burpple and finally had the chance to visit it today! :)

The cafe is located on the 2nd floor of Tampines West CC. I think it’s a lot easier to locate now with the new downtown line. I believe that the cafe can seat around 30-40 people (both indoor and outdoor included). Really cozy environment!

I ordered the first item on their menu (omg I forgot the name but it’s akin to a big breakfast). There were only 2 dishes available on the menu when we went at 3pm. I liked the bacon - it wasn’t salty at all. The fries were good too. They can totally use it for truffle fries and add another item to their menu 🤣

Price: 5/5 (very very affordable for cafe food!)
My dish (name unknown as I forgot) was $15
Coffee was very good too 👌🏼 It was $4.50

Service: 5/5 (very friendly staff!!!)

Food: 4/5 (the other dishes on the menu looked super enticing too... and I believe that it will taste good)

Overall: 4.67/5

Will I come back? Yes!

It’s lacking a little of the beef taste but overall it’s good. I always feel that beetroot has this muddy taste, this beetroot thyme puree doesn’t and I like it.

I’m not a salad person but I cleared the whole plate, almost licking it.

Sous vide seared beef, eggs, frites.

This is really value for money! Big plus point is that this fool proof gentle cooking process resulted in the meat being evenly cooked from edge to edge. Also, with this cooking method, the beef‘s fat and connective tissue slowly break down in a controlled temperature water bath (the sous vide) before it soaks up some flavorful smoke on the grill!

In short for BFF, this place is quite an unpretentious hidden gem. Though they don’t have the most extensive menu, you’ll find highly value for money comforting asian fusion plates. Oh, they are behind the same guys from Penny University.

In this plate, you’ll find hummus, falafel, spinach, eggs, halloumi cheese, smoked aubergines, avocados, cous cous. So many components in one plate! The noteworthy items were definitely the scrambled eggs, hummus and falafel.

The hummus was tasty and creamy, with the right smooth consistency. Can easily wipe it clean if the cous cous were swapped out for pita! Falafels felt a little clumsy, with multiple visible full sized chickpeas in them. Saving grace was that the seasoning and flavor was spot on! Also, what’s not to love about deep fried crispy fritters! 😋


Saw this dish many times so had to try it. It's brunch with a sousvide steak. Enough reason for me to test it out.

Didn't like the scrambled eggs as much as it's watery. Overall the dish is value for money.

Note the lowest doneness you can order here is medium rare.

They do not accept credit card here, so be prepared to pay via nets or cash.

BFF livin’ up the hype! Star dish goes to the perfectly seasoned salmon (S$17). Beef steak ($15.00) was decent, a lil salty for my taste bud. Duck ragout ($9) is another must try! Oh, price is nett! Worth a visit if you are ard the hood 😀

Lol. I've eaten so many times at BFF but the food is really cheap and good. A really light dish but well executed and I love how there were so many components to it.

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$18 for beef ribs is a really good deal. Tasted nicely charred. Wish there was more of a side with it though. There was a bagedil puree but it felt more like a "sauce". It needed something more substantial to go along with it.


The steak was really tasty with a good fat to meat ratio. It was only $15 which is really great for cafe pricing.

As always, a safe option. Sousvide, the fish was soft while the skin was very crisp with a brown butter miso on it (which we mistook for charred bits but turned out to be very tasty!). Served with giant couscous, portion looked small but it was quite filling.

Christmas Special - replacing their usual roasted chicken with this maple glazed roasted chicken, served with baba ghanoush ($16).

The maple glazed chicken was sweet with a hint of spiciness, while juicy and tender inside. I liked how most dishes here has a bit of middle-eastern influence, the creamy, smoky baba ghanoush was an interesting accompaniment.

*Used The Entertainer app, so it’s pretty affordable with the 1-for-1 mains promo


Tender with no hint of gaminess, the 24-hour pulled smoked duck with tomato sauce served with basil tagliatelle pasta, cooked al dente, was quite a delight. Portion is small so it makes for a simple starter to share; or it’s probably sufficient for a reaaaaaally small-eater.

Kicking off 2018 with a healthy dose of brunch and of course, coffee! ☕️🎉🎉🎉 Love the great service and sous vide steak at Brothers in Fine Food! 🙆🏻❤️ Drinks were meh, but the food was super yums! Been there a few times before, and will be back again for sure! ✌🏻


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