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Brunetti brings together a luscious array of everything Italian in an enticing caffé space – a Gelateria, Cioccolateria, Pasticceria and more.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933

09:00am - 09:00pm

09:00am - 09:00pm

09:00am - 08:00pm

09:00am - 08:00pm

09:00am - 08:00pm

09:00am - 08:00pm

09:00am - 08:00pm

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Reviews at Brunetti

Reviews of good food at Brunetti

The food is nothing to write home about - extremely average: no special innovation, not memorable flavours - but the menu offers a decent selection of bistro-type dishes: pastas, salads, pizzas, fish&chips, one burger, sandwiches. Friendly staff, whose main task is to bring the dishes and drinks to your table after you have ordered and paid at the cashier.

Heard a bit about Brunetti and how impressive the cakes are in Australia, so knowing that there is a branch here in Singapore, I decided to check out what they have on offer!

The Pear and Cheese Crumble ($10++) comes as a surprisingly delicious baked dessert to me because I'm usually not a big fan of American-style cheesecakes as they can get pretty cloying. While the cream cheese flavour is strong with this cake, it is not heavy. Pairing up with poached pear gives the cake slightly sweet notes to the cake along with the blackberry jam. The base of the cake is done with chocolate chip biscuits, but I did not really get an impression of that while having this. Topped with a blackberry to finish, this cake is such a joy to eat along with some tea or coffee, although the steep price point might leave some feeling skeptical before ordering. 🤔

@$8.50 per cup of 2 scoops (use entertainer app 1for1)

I am a sucker for ice cream.


Eating gelato just reminds me of my trip to Italy where I would go store to store to eat different gelato.

So many flavours, not enough money, not enough stomach space


So I walked past this lovely cafe in Melbourne so many time, ogling at the well made cakes and old fashion pastries. But sadly never once set foot into it.
And finally, back in Singapore, I chanced upon the cafe again at Tanglin, and went in for a quick dinner. The cafe, is quiet, at best almost empty, with spacious seating and setting of the old Victorian style cafe, that I see a lot back in Melbourne.
Wild mushroom and black truffle risotto ($21), huge portion and utterly simple. Filled to the brim with brown and white button mushrooms, living up to the melbourne's generosity. Well-cooked risotto, that isn't too hard or mushy, smelled absolutely heavenly from the truffle oil (most definitely), well balanced and not overpowering. The cream sauce, which I thought would be too thick and "jelat", was in fact light and complimenting. Overall, it's a great dish, that is value for money.

So happy that got 1-1 pasta promotion just when there's pasta cravings. Carbonara pasta is on the point. Loved their ice cream too! Waffle is meh so chop off in the picture. 😜 Best is their price are inclusive of GST and no service charge. Yayyy! New hide out. #icecream #midweek #cabonara #trufflefries #sgfood #burpple #igsg

As a fan of gnocchi, this managed to live up to expectations with a chewy and doughy mouthfeel. The basil pesto sauce was creamy, thick and flavourful with a characteristic herbaceous minty flavour. Coupled with a pleasant crisp-crunch factor of edamame beans, juicy cherry tomatoes, the top layer of melted mozzarella was thick and gooey, where I wished there was more of it 🙈. (PS: From now till end August, make a @chopesg reservation to enjoy 1 for 1 promotion on the pasta/risottos here! ✨). .
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

Lying on a bed of milky cream sauce, the risotto was done to a soft albeit grainy consistency with a pleasant firmness to the bite. Mixed in with mushrooms and black truffle, the end result was one that was flavourful with a pleasant earthy note and an aromatic, lingering truffle flavour and aroma. Along with a substantial portion of chewy, juicy and well sautéed mushrooms embedded in the risotto, the shallow pool of white cream sauce was creamy albeit light and not too overwhelming, a combat to dryness and an enhancement to flavours. .
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

An uncanny resemblance to the old school traditional bakery, in terms of both flavours and texture, just a little thicker. Thank god for the impressive gelato that managed to compensate for the disappointment in waffles! As for the flavours of gelato, my choice was: dark chocolate, yogurt and salted butter caramel. My personal favourite would be the salted butter caramel which came with a lingering pleasant salty aftertaste admist the luscious, caramelised sweetness. Texture for all gelato flavours was also smooth, creamy and a melt-in-the mouth kind. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, was bittersweet with a rich cocoa flavour. Being dairy free, do expect a stronger cocoa flavour that would appeal only to chocoholics! The yogurt was tangy and refreshing, a good counter balance to the other sweeter and richer counterparts. The butterscotch syrup , which I requested to serve separately, was thick and viscous, akin to a spread for the waffles instead of a syrup. Wouldn't mind coming again for the gelato but as for the waffles, I think I will just probably give it a miss.

Creative waffles by the staff~ ☺️

Waffles with Mint & Strawberry Cream Ice Cream [$12], Berry & Mango Tea [$7]

Prices stated before GST, No SC.

One of the nicest donut I ever tried.
Not overly sweet and oily.

This is formed by stacking several profiteroles filled with zabione cream, then covered in dark chocolate glaze. Thought it looks pretty too :)

This is taken the fourth stop of our cafe hop that day! Pictured is a cute orange cake with yuzu, orange jelly and flourless pistachio sponge.

One of the better burgers with depth in flavour. Fries always go well with burger. Mains impressed me more than how the pretty cakes taste. Willing come back again to give their cakes another try

Just a short walk from Botanic Gardens (Tanglin exit), Brunetti is situated in Tanglin Mall and serves delicious meals and desserts.

We used the entertainer app and got ourselves this beautiful plate of Penne Alfredo. The cream was delicious, chicken and mushrooms juicy, and was overall a generous, comforting plate of pasta!

Yellow: Lemon Cheesecake 🍋
Turquoise: Peppermint 🍬
Hot Pink: Raspberry 💕 Purple: Blackcurrant 🍇
Each cost $2.50. Pretty small but flavours are true to taste.

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