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From the Burpple community

At the basement of Bugis Junction is a stall that sells crispy egglets .

Didn’t recall that it used to be so expensive at 2.90 but rather than travelling to Hk - this is definitely a cheaper option .

Makes a nice snack for anytime of the day .

Not recommended to share - one is just enough 🤣

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Kecha Singapore (Taiwan Brown Sugar Milk Tea (w Pearls)) - $4.90 add on w Pearls ($1.00). It taste like ice lemon tea according to my friend and I didn’t taste for this because of I recently got dairy allergy at around same week. #AlolaBeachesBugis #AlolaBeachSPH

I didn’t like the taiyaki’s outer skin was too sticky and hard to chew (they should be trimming some of outer skin for Taiyaki before serving to customers) but the filling for Matcha Mochi was so good to eat when it was hot and warm. #AlolaBeachesBugis #AlolaBeachSPH

Chill at their Summer Lounge or Watch some movies at Cinema by the beach while enjoying some food and drinks at @theswagsocial , @doughboysclub , @rolletsg , and @kechasg 🥪🥪🥪 .

While you're here dont forget to visit the shops @havaianassingapore @freshbygrace @vintagewknd 😃

Thank you @singaporefoodlisting for the invite 😃

Presenting to u my (somewhat) healthy bowl of YTF soup! 😍😍😍 Beehoon soup with crunchy kangkong, vibrant carrots loaded with beta carotene, hard-boiled egg, fried beancurd, beancurd skin roll & taupok (beancurd puff). 😋
Like the light broth that does not contain too much MSG so i dun hav to constantly reach out for water! 👍🏻 Too bad this stall does not have the 黄豆 (soybeans) that i always love to spam when eating YTF! 🤣
Just a simple but hearty meal 😉

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Some of the vendors include:
Swiss Rosti Raclette [$12.90]
Beef Teriyaki Eggstop [$8]
Chicken ham & cheese eggstop [$5.50]
Black pepper smoked duck breast with truffle mash [$10.90]
Beef Chilli fries with onsen egg & cheese [$8.90]
Red & Rose Thai milk tea [1 for $4, 2 for $7] .
My personal favourite would be the Raclette cheese that’s served with a base of crisp rosti and mini chicken sausages. Love this 3 in 1 combination that would gladly satisfy me for a meal, especially with the generous portion of melted Raclette cheese atop that added a tangy piquant note💖. Not for the faint hearted though and I would personally recommend sharing as the Raclette cheese might get a tad overwhelming after awhile. Next, the black pepper smoked duck with truffle mash was also pretty impressive, with tender smoked duck breast seasoned with a slightly spicy, fragrant peppery flavour, served atop a bed of smooth, creamy and truffle-infused mash that came with a lingering aroma. On the other hand, the beef chilli fries from the same stall came with a runny onsen egg atop which elicited a perfect vibrant flow that adds flavour and visuals to the crisp fries, coupled with a bolognese-alike, midly spicy minced beef chilli sauce. Apart from these F&B vendors, there’s also a few other food retail stores to check out at Bugis+ such as Truffle chips from @aromatruffle (highly recommend this 💖👍🏻 if you are huge fan of truffle), homemade Chilli sauces and curry powder (adapted from the owner’s grandma’s traditional recipe) from @shermayssingaporefinefood🌶 as well as an assortment of flavoured popcorns from @magiplanetsg! 🍿 These stalls are here till 16 December whereas the Christmas Market at Bugis junction would be ongoing till 30 December .
Apart from F&B, you can also check out the artisan craft market at Bugis+ where you can customize your own tote bags/accessories & enjoy yourselves in the festive atmosphere at Tofu-Oyako Tomorrowland🌟!