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From the Burpple community

soft, chewy and fragrant with loads of mushrooms - what more can i ask for 🤤 this traditional dish is made with discs of yam dough, served with black fungus, shredded carrots and even minced meat! if you love spicy food, ADD THEIR CHILLI it’s da bomb 🔥

Trying to slowly conquer all the hawker suan pan zis one by one! This one here is from the first floor of Bugis Street’s food alley. Each portion comes with the familiar mix of fungus, mushrooms, fried shallots & haebi. Texture wise, these leaned a bit more on the soft side and fried in a starchier sauce that had quite a bit of sweetness to it. Not really the type I like most, but still works to satisfy the craving.

Soft, fine traditional white bread with the perfect ratio of kaya and butter. Simple, cheap and delicious! ⁣⁣⁣

Situated in the heart of Bugis Street Level 1, Ah-Huat Traditional Bread offers freshly baked traditional white bread with spreads of your choice, such as kaya, butter, peanut butter. The breads are spread on the spot so you can order any combination of bread spreads that you like! They do offer other options on their menu like Hotdogs and Croissants but I say go for their traditional bread if you come here.
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DISCLAIMER: There are quite a few similar stalls around the area so make sure you don’t get the wrong one

It's a savoury dish that requires lots of effort, and it's nicely fried with ingredients like mushroom, shrimp, onion etc. The chilli that they serve alongside are very spicy, and it certainly packs a punch.

Yam Abacus Seeds is my favourite dish and I'm glad that I found it at such an affordable price.

My all-time favorite: Attap Chee + Chocolate on Multi colored bread! 😍

One of the most old school and typical Singaporean’s childhood delight. This is definitely a unique Ice Cream indulgence that may slowly be taken over by the hype and overrated ice cream today.

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Finally back in Singapore and this was that one dish I craved soooooo badly!!! I should probably create the geotag for this place. With the downtown line opening, Bugis is 15 minutes away from my house and that means? That means MORE Suan La Fen in my tummy! Woohoo! Thick sweet potato noodles are chewy and q, soup is addictive, generous portion of vegetables, and even without much ingredients, this is that one bowl that keeps me coming back. Top ups for meats and other ingredients are available along with customizable level of spiciness.