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From the Burpple community

On my lunch menu, is again the Nutella waffle, Curry bread and Anpan bread. The bun was thin with crispy exterior and soft fluffy interior. Oh and actually the waffle itself is not small, it's the bun that's huge😂.

The fried eggs in it was good. Plenty of the fried fish... There's lotsa vege with bittergourd as well. It should be good but somewhat the soup just lacking in taste.

The Mala here is actually quite alright, price wise also much cheaper as compared to what I get in other area. Its also way less oily - - healthier?? Maybe of the lack of sauce, the taste is somewhat lacking, but I'm not sure what. Not salty enough? Or just not enough sauce to coat all the ingredients? It just doesn't have a very strong taste. But it's OK in its own way. It would get it from here anytime as opposed to the Mini Fashion Pot in Aperia Mall next door.

I can eat these few time a week esp the waffle. Its crispy on the outside, moist and soft on the inside. The uncle is always generous with the filling. I always go for the Nutella and end up with dripping chocolaty fingers. No complaint thou. Quite a few varieties for the bread as well. Think it's $1.40 for all bread and $1.80 for the waffle. Anyway today's lunch is Nutella waffle, mushroom Mayo bun and some red bean pastry.

New ma la stall just behind the office. While flavours seem slightly muted - the xiao la is more salty-spicy than tongue-numbing - we found the spread of ingredients fresh and the bill very pocket-friendly!

My ma la order of noodles, cabbage, mushrooms, beancurd skin and pork belly would typically cost me close to $10 (sometimes more), but this big bowl only set me back $7.50. Score.


I like how the prawns are peeled and noodles cut to shorter strands for easier consumption. Pretty good rendition of the wet version of hokkien mees, pity there isn't more wok hei.