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From the Burpple community

This stall sell fresh ytf, with good soup base and homemade sambal chilli.
Best is fried items will be re fried give crispy bite.

The fried carrot cake is sweet and salty with good crunch from the cai po.

The wanton noodles are $3 from R&D. The wantons are very tasty. Order this if you like the black sweet type of sauce. Char siew not bad.

They were sold out of wan ton but the dumplings were big and crunchy. $3

Their chilli had a touch of tomato and the noodles were thick. I slightly prefer this one over the R&D one.

I settled for 323 Food & Beverage Western Food because the other shop I wanted was closed! :/ This was a decent portion at 6 bucks but I have a story to tell.

The menu says chicken chop and there was another item that said black pepper lamb chop so I assumed that they weren’t gonna put the black pepper but alas, my chicken chop came with black pepper which I really didn’t like. :/// Sigh but wasn’t gonna make a fuss out of it. The chicken was relatively tender. But other than that, the fries (probably processed), baked beans (probably from the cans) and coleslaw were pretty meh. The people manning the stall were friendly but I think I’d probably try another dish like the codfish if I ever order from this stall again.

Ticked all the boxes. No major flaw. Saw their char siew being marinated in generous amounts of char siew sauce and it showed.

When you go to 115 Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Center, people usually talk about the Curry, the Yang Rou Tang or Thai food. But... Did you know that there’s this stall called Lai Heng that sells really amazing Hokkien Mee. In fact it is the only stall to my knowledge that sells Hokkien Mee in the entire market here. I ordered the $5 plate and it’s a very decent sized plate of noodles. They soak up the prawn broth’s taste and every mouthful of it is thick and rich. They sell it in $4/$5/$6 plates, each to his own liking of how much they want to order. But, one thing to note is no matter which size you order it in, the generous amount of sotong accompanied by the prawns will definitely make your money’s worth. This place will not disappoint you. While it’s not one of the more famous stalls here, it’s flavour will not lose to those that have a stronger reputation outside. If one day, you pass by 115 Bukit Merah View for lunch, please consider Lai Heng to be one of your options. Don’t let it’s lack of queue compared to the others deceive you into thinking it’s not as good as it really is!! -Foodier ✌🏻

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