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From the Burpple community

Wanted to try the Michelin 2023 award winning noodle ($3.50) but unfortunately char siew has run out so had the shredded chicken instead.

One unique i observed was that the noodle is sweet. Wanton wise is quite plump and flavourful.

Overall, it is a delicious meal and really like it.

This hearty plate of Black Carrot Cake from Unforgettable Carrot Cake really made me 忘不了 after trying (yes, it's THAT GOOD)! Comes in three sizes, but the super-friendly uncle highly recommended $4 for added fragrance from the double portion of eggs and generous portions. Their pre-fried radish cubes are firm but pillowy whilst evenly coated with cai poh and fried egg, and the uncle really takes his time to make sure the eggs are slightly charred for that tinge of wok hey! It helped that the flavours of the dark sauce and chilli were well-balanced, so it didn't veer towards being overwhelmingly sweet or spicy.
📍 Address: Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre, 115 Bukit Merah View, #01-30, Singapore 151115

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got this for sharing and found that it was very meaty. The skin was a good thickness but the fillings were lacking in flavor. Chestnuts did add some crunch at least :/

truly portions were humongous and value, but probably never gonna come back for this stall :(
it was q in organised so the long q was because it took almost 10 minutes to clear 1 customer.....
the charsiew was thick and generous and the veggies crunchy and well cleaned but have to say that the wantons and dumplings let us down

Random Indian food stall. Very peppery. Quite a lot of mutton, but the cheap variety. And it wasn't lost on me that I'm eating mutton soup in the hawker centre with the famous Chinese mutton soup haha.

Random Indian food stall. The serving was huge. But it's also excessively spicy.