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Not a connoisseur in satay beehoon as I haven’t tried many and it’s honestly not that common in our hawker centres. But this one always has snaking long queues so I believe it should be not bad? Satay sauce was on the sweeter side and thick enough to hold on to the beehoon

Many satay stalls in Bukit Timah Food Centre but this stall is right at the back near the other zichar stalls. It is also the only one with snaking long queues so it’s hard to miss! Very generous with the satay sauce laced with a bit of minced garlic. Got a 👍🏼 from the fam too

Would not patronise this stall if not for the fact that it is the only mixed rice stall in the market - standards have fallen terribly over the decade! The rice is hard and lumpy with dismal servings ($3.60).

From the acceptable carrot cake and satay, I have to say that the other food options here are rather mediocre. I might be wrong as I have only been here a handful of times, but besides the carrot cake which everyone recommends, I am not able to find any other stalls that are worth the calories. If I offend any hardcore fans of this place, please note that this is just my personal opinion.
✨ Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
📍 51 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588215
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Few years ago, when I was working and Bukit Timah is one of the pit stop before changing bus to go home, I would visit this porridge stall which is at the end of the hawker. When I jio to Bukit Timah, this is the stall I went straight. I'm not sure of the name but this stall is near a satay stall and this ceuntry egg & lean pork only cost $3 with so much ingredients. It is so worth it.

You could immediately spot this satay beehoon stall with the never ending snaking queue 😂 but to be fair the queue moves quite fast!

This satay beehoon was just so sinful and so fragrant 😭 there's no such thing as not enough gravy when it comes to satay beehoon because the gravy is the star of the show 🤪 the gravy is nutty, savoury, alittle creamy and paired so well with thin beehoon soaking in all the sauce 😭 been missing this ever since and definitely a must get when I head there again ♥️