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From the Burpple community

Soft and supple steamed rice cake topped with generous servings of chye poh and chilli. It is very flavourful with a good balance of the chye poh and chwee kueh 》$2/4pcs

Eat simi: Red Bean Chendol (Less sugar)
Each how much: $2
Eat which store: Nyonya Chendol
Eat where: Bukit Timah FC, Beauty World
Eat nice not: 4.5/5
First and most importantly, this is an ABSOLUTE value for the dollar. 🤑 Not only are you served a bowl of extra thicc and gao gula melaka with the sweet distinct smokey aroma. Precisely because it is that gao, less sugar could be a perfect option for you!! Also, I particularly enjoyed the mild sweetness of the adzuki beans and how the don’t turn hard after soaking inside the ice-cold dessert for sometime. 👍 The handmade green chendol worms with held no boundaries for their pandan aroma — sweet!😚👌
I wouldn’t mind their coconut can be stronger and thicker though, for the extra creaminess. But for that price, demanding more seems a bit unreasonable horh 😗
You need no ABSOLUT when you have this absolute bowl of chendol!! 😬 My go-to dessert for a 100C weather in Singapore; why you haven’t go try!!
IG: @eat_simi

From Heng Heng 145. Another dubious nominee on SPH Food Masters. Very ordinary horfun, very ordinary roast meat.

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Comforting bowl of century egg Porridge with youtiao
Location: 粥品 Porridge, 51 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-121, Singapore 588215

My family never fails to order some 五香 from Zhong Zhong Fine Spice #02-148 whenever we’re at Bukit Timah Food Centre.

It basically works like YTF, but everything is fried😂. This giant plate & two servings of beehoon costed $13 which is quite worth imo!!

Beauty in a Bowl (#02-130) was a dessert stall that specialised in peach gum desserts. Peach gum, a trending ingredient, was known to be rich in collagen (something that young folks would subscribe to for youthful, healthy skin). And their Signature dessert (S$3.60) was like a bowl of Cheng Teng with peach gum jelly mixed in.

The price of the dessert had likely accounted for the inclusion of the peach gum jelly, and a bowl of cold dessert was splendid for a super warm day. My only reservation was that this might be more of an occasional treat than a daily bowl, especially if a regular bowl of Cheng Teng might also do the trick.