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Today’s hokkien mee was on point. Not dry nor overly wet. Chilli was fragrant and spicy. Well balanced with the sourness of the lime.

Tried their yong tau foo previously and had written the stall off. But this spinach soup ($3.50 + $0.50 for rice) impressed me so much!! First of all, the portion is huuuge. And secondly, the soup was so fragrant! It was filled with the requisite spinach, mushrooms and wolf berries. The prawns were sweet and succulent. Was also surprised to find chunks of minced meat inside, all seasoned well! This might become my go-to meal at the hawker centre 🥳

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Coconut milk wasnt sweetened. Gula melaka and Cendol are made in house, is it any Surprise they're the two best elements? Gula melaka was so thick and it's almost turning solid lol, Meanwhile the Cendol had such a strong pandan aroma, rlly delicious. D24 puree was high quality as well, the creaminess complementing the chendol well. A really good bowl, highly recommended


Satay bee hoon is usually not the most common local dish in one’s mind when it comes to hawker food. It’s in fact one of the dishes that is slowly fading away and not many stalls serve it as the preparation involved is laborious.

I seldom have this dish and it’s not something that I would usually order. For Westies, Sin Chew is the to-go place to enjoy this dish where queues are commonplace.

So what’s satay bee hoon? Bee hoon cooked al dente, squid, prawn, cockles, cuttlefish, pork slices and kangkung, satay sauce. Its origins are pretty unknown but Teochews are commonly associated with this dish.

I like how the dish is drowned in heaps of satay sauce. The satay sauce is rather sweet, not oily and spicy. So for those who can’t handle chilli well, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The servings are rather generous for the price points ($4. $5, $6). They also serve cuttlefish kangkung which I haven’t tried.

The four-day work week they enjoy is a testament to their popularity. A privilege that many individuals would wish to have.

New stall are bukit timah food centre! Selling various types of bowls with peach gum including longan red dates, goji, almond milk.


My FAVOURITE kaya toast and eggs in Singapore! The bread is thicker than that used by popular chain Ya Kun, and I prefer it this way because it allows me to enjoy the fluffiness of the bread. The butter is sliced and slapped on the bread as a cold, thick square and the kaya is very fragrant. The eggs are also extremely delicious -- not sure what kind of eggs the owner uses, but they are very much bigger than normal eggs! Special mention must go to the drinks as well, though it has been less consistent lately -- possibly as the owner gets on in age. Nevertheless, this stall is by far one of my favourite local breakfasts in Singapore.