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2 Havelock Road
#01-22 Havelock II
Singapore 059763

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07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm

07:30am - 04:30pm



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This was the main draw of the day for me. BUNDT isn’t near my workplace or house, so I made a special trip down to get these once I saw the banana brownies were available on the menu they posted yesterday night. Staying true to my word, I placed an order via DM on Instagram for these brownies, muffins and avo-toast last night too.

After quoting my Instagram handle, my food was prepared on the spot but my brownies were already neatly packaged in their brown paper wrapping. Compared to the peanut butter and pink salt or the double chocolate brownie flavours, I actually enjoyed the banana the most. It seemed to have the perfect balance of sweetness from the banana to match the semisweet black cocoa, plus this was the most moist thanks to the banana interior. Even my friend who doesn’t like bananas did admit that this was a delicious brownie, and she enjoyed it despite the banana bits.

If you ever see this on the menu, go straight for it. I think the other double chocolate and peanut butter variants are more common and can wait, but the banana flavour is released once in a blue moon so snap it up quickly when you can!

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In addition to their famed black cocoa brownies, brookies and smashed avocado, BUNDT is known for their coffee. Instead of getting a fancy toffee nut latte, I went for their signature iced white with soy milk instead and boy was it good. The iced white comes with cold brew, an espresso ice ball and milk, which ensures that your coffee doesn’t get diluted, but rather more potent as the ice melts. I found that my cup of coffee with soy milk was substantially darker brown and stronger than my friend’s cup with regular milk right from the moment this was served but I’m not sure if this is due to the request for soy milk or just batch variation. Either way, both cups were good. Great place to pick up breakfast, pack some lunch or snacks along with some good coffee for a day at work.

$4.50 // BEST BROWNIES I’VE EVER EATEN!!!!! crispy exterior and so soft, melt in your mouth interior + the textures of the pink salt and bitterness of black cocoa make it such a balanced flavor profile, and each bite was such an adventure. 10/10 will recommend !! a bittt pricey for a relatively small piece (so savour it and eat slowly) but very worth it for how good it was!!! will b back someday to try the other flavors. (also, do drop them an insta dm the day before to reserve the flavors you want before going to the store so as to not waste your trip there if the item you want happens to be sold out)


The spicy Portuguese chicken is part of the rotational menu at BUNDT, where the menu changes on the daily but always features their signature smashed avocado. This topping came with the option of sourdough, tortilla wrap, quinoa or nacho chips. Since I’d tried the tortilla wrap with a different topping before, I decided to go for the sourdough this time.

The amount of avocado on the sourdough is literally double what you’d get in the tortilla wrap. A single order of this results in three slices of sourdough bread heavily laden with smashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, a poached egg and your topping of choice.

There’s no neat way to eat this, so I suggest just biting the bullet and using your hands to grab a piece of sourdough. Beware the poached egg falling off though - thankfully the egg yolk wasn’t too runny so it survived the fall as well as being scooped up with a fork without causing a huge mess.

Whatever they put in their smashed avocado is pure magic, as it’s the right level of creaminess, chunkiness, and never gets too jelak. I love pairing this with a spicy protein for the contrasting flavours from the mellow avocado. The spicy Portuguese chicken was tender, slightly spicy, but I personally felt there was way too much skin to meat ratio for these few chunks of chicken. All these toppings tend to overpower the taste of the sourdough so I couldn’t really appreciate the bread itself, but I liked that there were grains and seeds studded on the crust which added some nuttiness and crunch to the mix. I am in serious love with BUNDT’s avo-toast and am sure I’ll be having more of these from time to time!

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Had to make my way down to BUNDT after seeing their Instagram post that muffins AND banana brownies were on the menu. Muffins were out of the oven by 7.45am so I was munching on these while waiting for my brownies to be released at 9.30am.

BUNDT’s muffins tend to be more spongey, with an almost bread-like texture rather than cake. They are super chewy, soft and bouncy on the interior, it’s pure pleasure to pull chunks of the muffin apart. The combination of banana + dark chocolate + walnut is a classic winner, and the sweetness, slight bitterness plus nuttiness all balance out well. I love how gooey and soft the chocolate is although it got messy all over my fingers, but that’s the beauty of eating a chocolate muffin isn’t it? I didn’t know what the Crunchy Oat topping was but man it was pure gold. Like a piece of crisp nut brittle hanging off the muffin top, the crunchy oat topping was sweet and added an extra crunchy texture to the soft muffin.

I don’t know how much this individual muffin was, but it was worth it. The total bill with a smashed avocado sourdough, two muffins, two brownies and two iced whites came up to slightly less than $50 which was expensive, but still reasonable for an occasional treat. Thank goodness I don’t work that close to BUNDT.

If you walk by Bundt by The Backyard Bakers, be prepared to be assaulted and drawn in by the amazing smells from their tiny unit. The little takeaway joint is perpetually permeated by inviting scents of baked goodies, and I actually walked in exactly when a fresh batch of these black cocoa brownie goodies just came out of the oven.

At $4.80 for a tiny piece, these black cocoa brownies are by no means affordable, but it’s worth treating yourself every once in a while.

We tried this while seated at the two small tables at Bundt once the brownies had cooled down sufficiently for them to be wrapped in their signature brown parchment paper. I’ve never seen (an unburnt) brownie this black, and Bundt’s are so full of cocoa and so chocolatey good. It’s incredibly moist and soft, plus the peanut butter center adds some creaminess and saltiness to the semi sweet brownie. The combination of black cocoa, chunky peanut butter and pink salt is just incredible. I would totally recommend getting this, and I’m sure I’ll be making a return visit again soon - this time, I’ll make sure to make a reservation for the brownies BEFORE heading down.