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From the Burpple community

I thought I wouldn’t have any more reason to review BUNDT but apparently my numerous rave reviews caught the eye of my friends and one went so far as to order an assorted handful of black cocoa brownies for me, intending to assemble them together as a birthday cake knowing how much I liked their baked goods.

So what happened to the supposed brownie cake? Looks like I wasn’t alone in my previous experience regarding preordering of items.

Then again, if you read BUNDT’s updated Store Policy, a pre-order does not necessarily mean you’ll get your item although the kind people at BUNDT endeavour to fulfill your preorder as best they can. So don’t be disappointed just because you pre-ordered an item and your order was acknowledged.

Despite that, I’ve got good news for you:

1. The Chocolate Chip & Sea Salt Black Cocoa Brownie is flawless. Not too sweet, intensely chocolatey, with a good amount of sea salt granules to provide contrast. I enjoyed the crunch from the baked exterior, chocolate chips, and sea salt which were embedded in a moist, dense brownie. Solid bakes for sure.

2. Burpple reviews are read and noted. So you can be sure the owners are aware when you have feedback, and clearly know whatever you feel about the place. Try to read all their FAQs, Store Policy, How To Order guidelines before attempting to order :)

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Stuffed with banana and melted chocolate, the muffin ($4.50) was dense and moist! Particularly enjoyed the crunchy top coat. Opted for the version with espresso, but couldn’t taste it. Will be back for the other flavours!

So here’s why I braved the Sunday crowd at BUNDT - the mini banana breads. I had a regular banana bread with jumbo dark chocolate chips and a double chocolate banana bread with walnuts (chocolate base with jumbo dark chocolate chips for a double dose of chocolate).

The smell of the loaves were heavenly and many were still being freshly cling wrapped. I can see why these banana breads are so popular - they’re incredibly moist and soft, plus they definitely aren’t stingy with the chocolate chips. I really really love the double chocolate banana bread, it’s got so much chocolate it’s more like a rich chocolate cake with lots of chocolate chunks and some pieces of mushed banana. That said, you can still taste the banana in the bread pretty strongly! The walnuts provide a nice contrast to the chocolate with some crunchiness, and aren’t all that bitter. I’m not usually a fan of walnuts but I think they’re a great match in this loaf!

Not sure if it’s because we ate it a few hours later but the bananas did taste a teeny bit fermented. Probably best to enjoy and savour ASAP or refrigerate. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the banana bread very much though I’m not sure if I want to make a return visit on a weekend with such long queues and possible disappointment.

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*Review has been edited for more accuracy in the timings as I was actually rebuffed for this objective review which caused me to look back on the actual time I reached and made payment via PayLah! The content remains the same, but timings have been changed. I sincerely apologise for my initial inaccuracies since I was writing this off the top of my head. I would be happy to provide photographic evidence of the timings if need be.

If you’ve seen my multiple reviews on BUNDT, you’d know I really love their foods and bakes but I had a very disappointing experience today - much like the oxidised blackened smashed avocado that greeted me when I got home with this. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely wasn’t served this way, and the avocado is still a lovely green hue inside.

Knowing that BUNDT has limited menu items, I made sure to place my order the night before at 7.23pm for collection at 12.30pm the following day. I ordered the B.L.A.T, two loaves of banana bread and a peanut butter black cocoa brownie, which received acknowledgement from BUNDT less than an hour later.

It was my first time visiting on a weekend, and I was shocked by the queue when I arrived at 12.10pm. By the time I reached the front, it was approximately 12.28pm (probably earlier, since I have SMS proof from DBS Bank that I made payment at 12.28pm). No matter. I mentioned my order via my Instagram handle, but was told 1) no more B.L.A.T, and 2) brownies have to wait quite long. I was already pretty annoyed but didn’t want to make a fuss so I just agreed to the substitution to mala smoked salmon and the waiting time.

This left a really bad taste in my mouth as they always emphasise placing orders in advance on Instagram and I did exactly that, yet I didn’t get what I had reserved AND had to wait for almost 20 minutes for the brownie although it should have been set aside before my collection time at 12.30pm.

I still like the food, but I need a break from this service for a while - not that BUNDT will seem to miss it at all given their crazed following.

Also note that their loyalty program is not available on weekends.

Sourdough was warm and toasty, crisp crust and soft interior; it held up well against the generous serving of avopesto + onsen egg + cherry toms :) the avopesto was rly refreshing & yumz :-D

Pretty pricey but it was delicious, clean and light (as opposed a heavier sinful cheese toast?) and I love it!! Tbh it’s good that it’s expensive if not I would be fat and broke bc it’s like an 8 min walk from my workplace

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One day special - bittersweet dark chocolate brownie. Of course I have to get it since I’m a fan of their brownie, I love dark chocolate, and it’s a special.

Very decadent and rich with a texture inside that is between a cakey and fudgey brownie and slightly crisp on the outside. I do not like cakey and tooo fudgey brownie so this is perfect.

The bittersweet dark chocolate brownie tasted like a dark chocolate version of their original brownie. Somehow I’m not a fan of their black cocoa brownie - it tasted like Oreo biscuit instead of chocolate to me - but I’m told I’m the minority😂 and most prefer the black cocoa to the original brownie.

Banana, 74% bittersweet dark chocolate (in this case I thought it might be overkill), rum & raisin are my to-go flavours here.