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From the Burpple community

I am in love with the combination of their soft buns and tender meat! Their sauce are superb and their patty are juicy too. 🤤

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Finally made it here and at 5pm there was already a queue. Went for the classic double cheese burger and topped up for the Cuban fries. The meat patty was juicy and slightly charred which I love. The beef brisket on the Cuban fries was really tasty however not crazy about the nachos they use. But extra credits for bun branding too. Overall one of the best I’ve tried and the price point is a bonus. Definitely coming back again.

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A great burger at hawker price! It can even beat some burger at $20. Burger has two option: single and double ($9.5) beef patty. Mine is double. The size of burger is similar to the one in McDonald’s (definitely taller). But the quality is much better. The beef is quality beef, much thicker than fast chain burger beef and cooked on grill. And it is very juicy. So juicy that beef juice made the bottom bum wet. Compare to some large $10+ burger whose beef feel dry at the end. This burger is always juicy (maybe also due to not large). Fries is mediocre. Remember bring tissues because of the juicy beef

Just a very solid burger, but nothing particularly exciting about it either, even with shallots as one of the toppings. Go for it if you're looking for cheap solid burgers, but don't expect to be wowed.

Ordered their The Classic for takeaway.

The fries is soggy probably because I ordered takeaway and didn't eat on the spot.

The burger was delicious. The beef patty is handmade and not processed beef patty. The patty is juicy and tender. Instead of sautéed onion which most restaurant use, they use fried scallions which is unique and daring of them. They have the "B" wording on top of the patty which is represent for stall name.

Overall, it is worth it for a burger in a hawker centre.

Do note the price is subjected to GST which I paid a total of $5.50 + $0.385 = $5.90

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The burgers were good. Buns were soft and the meat was not dry. We upgraded our fries and no regrets!!