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From the Burpple community

We got
- black sesame: I liked this the best! Not too sweet and fragrant
- pistachio: 3 of us didn't really like this. It had a very light flavour and was a mix of sth else
- speculos: my mum liked this best but I found it a little sweet

Pistachio and Honey Comb Ice Cream with Waffles 🍨 🧇

The scoop was decent in size and the ice cream was really smooth. The speculoos flavour was quite strong, and slightly sweet, thus got a bit jelak after half. Nice to share!

Bronte Pistachio (1st and top) ($6) hmmm it's milky and creamy tbh but a bit of pistachio got nutty aftertaste tbh.

Bacio (Mint Chocolate) (1st and bottom) ($6) oh yea it's quite strong taste for mint chocolate tbh and not much milky and creamy.

Cone (+$1) I really like enjoy to eat finish cone as its quite crunchy and crispy tbh even thought its looked normal.

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Coconut Lychee (top) ($6) got that really refreshing flavour that my mum choose it for second flavour.

Ube (Yam) (bottom) ($5) it's quite interesting flavour that I have come across the ice cream shop or cafe tbh. It really taste like authentic yam flavour tbh.

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Nice waffles & icecream!

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