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Left Burpple HQ smelling like a walking steamboat but sooooo worth it heh. Thank you for putting all these together @gigglesandjiggles & @that_dex!!!! 🙇🏻‍♀️✨


Always leaving Burpple HQ on a full belly, this time round we pigged out to a homemade MAMA Hotpot inspired by the all famous Bangkok's Jeh O Chula and of course a non-spicy Seafood Hotpot catered for people like me who can't handle the spice. 😂 Of course we had too much food... a good 20-person portion for a 9 people crew to ensure we are all well-fed. And to finish things and work off some of that food with intensive rounds of Overcooked!

Thank you @gigglesandjiggles and @that_dex for feeding us and planning this awesome hotpot partehhhhhh!


The resident local purveyors of thai hot pots, @gigglesandjiggles and @that_dex have probably come closest with their super delicious homage to the famous Thailand supper joint.

On a separate note, does anyone have the game, Overcooked on the PS4 :D

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Last week’s #BurppleHQHangout had us chomping down on magnificent cuts of dry-aged beef prepared by Jeff of An Ox Box.

Having never heard of the term “dry-aging” prior to this, I was skeptical at first to what the process entailed but the results were utterly amazing. Even side-by-side with a lovely fresh cut steak, the aged beef was just bliss.

Torched to give it that nice brown charred exterior and seasoned lightly with salt (insert salt bae), the slab was uhh-mazing - preserving that succulent texture. In a wonderful shade of pink, the meat was all tender, juicy and well-marbled. The thickly-cut beef was also really flavourful as the process seems to deepen as well as intensify the taste. And sharing his extensive knowledge with everyone, @anoxboxsg offers tasting sessions at his home so be sure to find out more if you are interested. Beef lovers unite!


always something good at a #burpplehqhangout. the order of the evening: a fresh cut, 42 days dry aged, then a fresh cut again, ending with another slab of 42 days dry aged. cause @an_ox_box (instagram handle), a purveyor of dry aged beef meant to show you the world of difference of dry aging. i dunno bout the rest but i went for the fresh, then dry aged, dry aged again, and dry aged all the way. ha. for an unique beef tasting session, do check an ox box out!


Having the fullest CNY eve ever, So so full I can barely move now 😹 - also mean a full year ahead!
@Burpple's rendition of @jeh_o_chula's famous MaMa Pot (served in my mama's pot)! #amazingoffice