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107 North Bridge Road
#02-02 Funan
Singapore 179105

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10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Butterknife Folk released a multitude of local flavours in time for National Day week. I was curious to try the chicken rice flavour, so I purposely made my way down after seeing that it was available today on their IG stories.

I ended up trying the Milo Van MILO, chicken rice, and the kopi gao. The milo van milo is truly amazing, it’s literally the same taste of milo van milo in ice cream form - thick, chocolatey and malty. Takes me back to sports days in school. It is quite sweet, so this is probably better for sharing.

The chicken rice flavour was interesting. It’s a savoury ice cream with prominent tastes of ginger. Actually not bad, but I wasn’t sure if I could finish a whole scoop of this on my own.

Enter the kopi gao flavour. Strong black kopi with condensed milk. I was hooked from first lick. The coffee taste is so aromatic and strong, and this flavour is the perfect balance of sweetness plus a slight contrasting bitterness from the coffee. I’ve definitely never had such strong coffee ice cream before.. This one is a hot seller for sure as the tub was almost completely empty - I think I might’ve gotten the last scoop! I really hope they bring this flavour back often as it’s really good!!!!

Actually wanted to try more flavours like the soursop, pineapple tart, sugarcane lemon and chilli crab, but sadly the sweet counter girl wasn’t there today. The staff today wasn’t friendly. It was like she was hurrying the customers to make a decision quickly so I just settled for the kopi gao.

I was also thinking of getting a tub to go, but the ice cream apparently only lasts 45 minutes unrefrigerated. :( Guess this is only suitable if you’re going to eat it fast or head back home immediately. Note that a styrofoam tub of ice cream costs $20, but if you buy the thermos container for $15, you get ice cream refills in the thermos for $18.

No words can describe how incredibly happy I was when I walked to Butterknife Folk and saw the Pistachio flavour available. I literally squealed with delight at the ice cream display. We immediately ordered a pint, which was pretty expensive at $20, but for ice cream this quality - I think it is well worth it.

Since the ice cream is made in small batches, this was no doubt a different batch than the one I had gotten last week. It was same same yet different. While the pistachio flavour was as strong and you could see the specks of pistachio, they were more finely ground than before, and this gelato seemed to be softer and melted faster too. However it was still the same great taste and I converted three out of four of my friends to Butterknife Folk fans!

Perfect for when you want some amazing ice cream to share calories with your friends, or when you just want the amazing ice cream to yourself for a chill night. Remember to bring a thermal container if you plan to buy some ice cream back so you can get $2 off your pint purchase!

Thrilled to see this unconventional nutty ice cream flavour and it’s done so well here. The Cashew taste is evident, plus there’s a generous amount of crushed cashews inside the ice cream for more bite. While this flavour is uncommon, it’s not strange or some newfangled concoction. This will definitely please nut, and especially cashew, lovers.

Do remember to check their daily flavour rotation before heading down if there’s something you want in particular!

*Note: Butterknife Folk is GrabPay friendly!

I was mindblown from my first sample. I love pistachio ice cream and will try it everywhere, so trust me when I say that Butterknife Folk has one of the best pistachio gelato. It’s so so nutty, and there’s even some crushed pistachios inside! You HAVE to try this if you’re a fan of pistachio ice creams. The gelato at Butterknife Folk is rich and creamy, and it doesn’t melt very quickly.

A single scoop goes for $5 while a double scoop goes for $9. Both cups and cones cost the same.

If you’re gunning for a particular flavour, check their Instagram before you head down to see what flavours they are serving for the day as they make their ice cream in small batches which means that the flavours change quite often. They do have many interesting flavours that are definitely worth a shot anyway.

*Butterknife Folk is GrabPay friendly!

Single scoop Jaffa gelato (~$5) was definitely pricey for a single scoop, but wowwww the flavour rly blew me away (I can’t think of a better wowed description) 🍫🍦
Chocolate orange was strong without either taste overpowering the other, and they complemented each other SO WELL without either one lacking 😭❤️
Cone was sweet and didn’t get soggy as well so MAJOR PLUS!!!! Tried other flavours ( eg Mac Nut and Strawberry Fennel) and safe to say everything tastes of good quality/tasting/ textured 🍓🥜

MORE ON IG @goodfomood


The flavours i got were guava yakult & banana hazelnut! The guava yakult was very interesting and had a refreshing flavour, while the banana hazelnut was more rich, but also so yummy!

They experiment with unconventional flavours, and i have to say that they do it pretty well!