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From the Burpple community

We got the Prawn and Chorizo pasta as well as the Spaghetti Bosciola. Both tasted pretty good - the smell of truffle wasn't too overpowering and the prawns were fresh. We also got a Yuzu-ade, which was simple, but the Matcha we got tasted like it was made from instant matcha powder.

$19.9++. Back here after quite a long while and tried this! Loved how this breakfast-like food was on the dinner menu 😍 The toast was good, the eggs were good, the mushrooms were good, and they replaced the rosti with tater tots. Personally would have liked if it came with some vegetables as well but gotta say it already tasted pretty good. Place was quite empty in the evening. & it’s on Beyond :-)

Spaghetti boscaiola ($16.9)
Yakiniku beef rice bowl ($17.9)

The beef rice bowl was rather filling, and good portion size. Can upsize for +$3!
spaghetti was carbonara and really creamy :-)

Gnocchi was a tad too sour for my liking but the candies walnuts were a good complement. Sphagetti was lovely with the generous serving of mushrooms and bacon.

Bacon, Spanish onions, Herb mushroom, Garlic cream, Baby rocket, Pecorino, Yolk

This dish was tart with warm (spicy) undertones. It would be great for those who love sour foods. There are candied walnuts... but they are just sprinkled with sugar. Perhaps because of the cream, this dish got surfeiting after a while. But it was quite filling!

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