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From the Burpple community

Redeemed Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal for mains! Lobster Burger and Smoked Salmon Pasta were ordered, along with a glass of Iced Chocolate, which totals to around $32.

(+) Portion size was quite decent as well, would say it is quite value for money.
(+) The cafe is very instagrammable both from the outside and the inside, which is great for photos.
(+) The servers were quite welcoming and helpful.

(-) The most important thing in my book however, is the food and truth to be told, it was quite disappointing. The salmon in the Smoked Salmon Pasta did not taste fresh whereas almost everything about the Lobster Burger was underwhelming. Iced Chocolate was decent but was rather pricey, given it's relatively humble size.

Would give a 3/5 for the experience. Recommended to patronise if haven't already done so however, the standard of the food does not really encourage another visit.

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I'm not the type who would write bad reviews, however the meal at cafe monochrome really cmi. We ordered the Lobster and Unagi Burger. Sorry we didn't take photos.

The lobster burger filling is something you can probably get at delifrance. The filling was so salty, I only managed to get through half the burger. I was so thirsty from the amount of salt that I had to drink 3litres of water when I reached home (I'm not exaggerating).

The unagi burger feels like something you can do at home, just buy the unagi from NTUC and just place it in between brioche buns.

Concept is interesting, but food standard is really really lacking..

🏷 $25

had a messy af experience trying to devour the burger but all’s good they still went into my tummy in the end 🤪 bun was well coated with butter, egg was as usual and with generous servings of greens ✨ top and bottom halves of the bun were also well topped with sizeable chunks of lobster meat! lobster-based paste and chunks tasted pretty bland to me tho 😕

taste of mentaiko sauce for mentaiko fries on the other hand was too overwhelming LOL i’m so picky but ya that’s my take on it 🙃 was busy picking out bare fries which were absolutely delicious and crispy!

29 Dec’21, Wed🌤
📍Monochrome Cafe
- Monochrome’s Brunch🧇
- Aglio e Olio with Bacon🥓
- Mentaiko Fries🍟
- Flat White☕️
- Osmanthus Sencha🍵

The brunch was quite filling, a tad too sweet cos of the maple syrup, sausage was good, good for sharing…

On the Aglio Olio, the pasta was al dente but overall it was a bit too oily and greasy…

As for the mentaiko fries, we find it quite salty…

The flat white was decent though, light to medium body with nutty finish…

Overall, a small cozy cafe for photo-taking, Instagram-worthy but food and drinks wise, so-so…

Damage: $53.50

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Both pretty average. Portion was okay, didn’t feel full so if you wana have dessert after it’s still okay.

The bacon was very salty and the pasta tasteless so it was pretty balanced when eaten together.

The cream sauce on the the pasta was gritty from the parmesan powder and the egg definitely added an umami flavour to the sauce.

Would probably try the other pastas available but just not these two

the first thing that catches your eye upon stepping into the cafe is the striking decor, made into an optical illusion of a 2D atmosphere. ordered the truffle carbonara and duck pasta, which were both in relatively large portions. however, the truffle oil was just poured onto the pasta rather than infused within, resulting in an oily dish that was just average. nothing particularly stood out regarding both dishes, though the decor was the saving grace of the visit.