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Reviews at Cafeela Thohirah Restaurant (Jalan Kayu)

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My friend said the prata is usually flakier so we were quite disappointed that today's was quite cold and limp. It may have been because we were sitting under the aircon but oh well, I choose to believe that the steady stream of customers is proof of its popularity and that this may just have been a one-off incident. The good thing is, while it arrived glistening with oil, it didn't feel greasy at all.


There is a rustic charm about Jalan Kayu, with its narrow streets flanked by shophouses that looked like they hadn't been refreshed for decades.. and Thohirah has replaced the once-so-famous Thasevi as the more reliable prata place, although neither is now living up to their name of being a "Jalan Kayu prata".
You might have seen my IG story of me having the nasi lemak here regularly. The basmati rice used was loose and fluffy, mixed with sweet, savoury, mildly spicy chilli with really crispy ikan bilis and very crispy chicken wings (some may however find it over fried). Coconut milk lovers may find it lacking in its fragrance, but for me the fluffy rice made up for it.
Jalan Kayu will become my new playground. So expect me to post more food in this area :)

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At this childhood supper haunt. Glad to be back. Slightly overfried chicken wing, but the long-grain rice is still every bit of fluffy and pairs well with the chilli. Add a milo dinosaur (kurang manis/less sugar) and it's all that's needed

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This is not just any mountain of fries. Underneath are tender slices of chopped mutton, egg with deliciously runny yolk and some large pieces of tomato/cucumbers. A favourite choice from this stall. Other popular dishes are their prata and nasi briyani.


Egg onion thosai for breakfast, lunch , dinner? I don't know.

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Soup was cooked to perfection, generous serving of seafood albeit expensive for the smallest serving.

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Late night supper with the sec school clique NS boys. Runny egg yolks makes me happy :)

Scarily red fried kuey teow. NOT suitable for most people. Lol!

很有味道✌🏻️很有mamak的味道✌🏻️ 他的teh tarik超香的✌🏻️

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