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Cake Spade

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Quite rustic and old-fashioned at heart, at Cake Spade, we strongly believe in baking from scratch and using the best fresh ingredients. This is a kitchen of heavenly aromas, chocolate-smudged pages of traditional recipes, and lots of love going into each and every slice of cake. Cake Spade is a one-stop dessert store, with many of our delectable offerings available for take-out, delivery, and catering.

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I know many come for their tofu cheesecakes, but my fave here has always been their Hummingbird Cake. In terms of flavour I always thought this has a very similar profile to a classic carrot cake, with nuances of pineapple and earthy toasted coconut. I’m not really a fan of pineapples, not fresh and definitely not in desserts, but I love how Cake Spade weaves it smoothly into the batter so you don’t get strong big chunks of it. Rather it just adds to a lovely, tropical fragrance. The cake’s also incredibly moist and light, just the right amount of sweet, and finished with a thin layer of tangy cream cheese frosting — not too much, not too cloying, just the way I like it.

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A dainty lady cake. Real bits of lychee are sandwiched in between layers of soft and fluffy vanilla sponge with lychee rose buttercream. The rose scent was light and subtle, with the lychee robust flavour coming through. Paired with a rose latte, it was a rosey heightened experience.


I am alwaysssss back for their strawberry tofu cheesecake & lychee rose cake (so nth new cus it’s that good). Ordered rose latte this time, what a pretty drink. Tasted rlly nice, milky & has that bandung ish taste too which I quite like. Matcha honey yuzu sounded so weird to me. Am personally not a matcha fan but this combination won my heart, the addition of yuzu made it refreshing unlike other match drink out there!!

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Only managed to try the Strawberry tofu cheesecake (~$6.90) since we were stuffed from lunch 😭 Wish there and then that I had unlimited stomach space.... cheesecake wasn’t too heavy unlike normal cheesecake, and layers- top to bottom were a mixture of flavours 🍰 strawberries sour, jelly sweet, tofu cheese slightly sweet and slightly dense, and the biscuit bottom slightly salty, I’m salivating typing this 🤤 .
Tried the pink flamingo (~$7) which was green tea with hibiscus, with a hint of sourness??? And sweetness??? Which kinda went with the cheesecake I Guess

More on ig: @goodfomood

Not a fan of fresh cream but the lychee fresh cream turned out to be better than the cream cheese from the red velvet cake! It’s perfect for someone who loves lychee flavour. Was really excited about the red velvet cake but sadly, it was too dense, there are better ones out there. Many selections here so I really wna come back to try out more! 🍰

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After trying the tarts at Lemuel, I felt this tart was way below my expectations for a chocolate tart. The chocolate flavour wasn’t strong enough, and overall the tart was too sweet due to the hazelnut cream below. Felt like the hazelnut and chocolate layers were competing rather than complementing each other. Might have been better if it were made with dark chocolate instead to better balance the sweetness of the hazelnut layer. What I did enjoy was the pastry though, it was the right thickness and firmness for a tart. If this pastry base could be combined with Lemuel’s chocolate filling, I’m pretty sure that would be a perfect chocolate tart!

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