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Cali (Rochester)

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Known only to quite a few people, the remarkable Cali Cafe is located in one the most iconic locations of Singapore around the Rochester Park area nestled within the Park Avenue Hotel. It is a complete experience for those looking for a perfect California style cafe as we find pride in serving you the most popular food choices of California including Baby Back Ribs and Steaks with Fries. An engineering graduate by profession and a cafe owner by hobby, the founder of this cafe were so mesmerized by the Californian delicacies that his love for them made him bring them all from the very home of Universal Studios in The United States to the country of Singapore. Embraced with soft peppy music and books, this lifestyle cafe is a perfect place to stop your car and scoff the best pastries, desserts, cakes and coffee in town. Not known to many, right inside the cafe is a small yet unforgetful dessert cafe that serves you all signature ice creams of Ben & Jerry’s & New Zealand Natural Ice cream complimented with Belgian Waffles. We at Cali Cafe believe in the moto of “where Lifestyle comes together” and therefore leave no stone unturned to provide you a healthy yet relishing food experience with friends and family as all the food products that we serve consist of health seasonal items for the best of your health. Cali Cafe – Where Lifestyle comes together…

31 Rochester Drive
#01-01/02 Park Avenue Rochester
Singapore 138637

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Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

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Open 24 hours

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From the Burpple community

Very clean tasting pasta and generous portion of crab meat given. Very worth it under 1-for-1 deal with burpple beyond!

Half-assed photo of parma ham pizza for the half-assed effort of the chef at Cali.....

Tried their steak (medium rare) and crispy skin salmon.....salmon is too dry (felt like it was micro-waved?)....steak felt like a very cheap cut, which shouldn’t have been at a $34 price point....

Parma ham pizza was a joke, too salt (perhaps from the ham) but it felt like saltbae went on a mad craze...

Wonder if their pasta would be btr?

Seriously disappointed

Tried the Parma ham pizza ($28+) under burpple beyond’s 1 for 1! Found the ham slices on the thicker side (and hence rather salty), but chock full of flavour. The pizza base was also had a good bite and held up well under the generous serving of mozzarella and parmesan cheese!

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Tried the crab meat pasta ($26+) under burpple beyond’s 1 for 1! The linguine was also served with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, shallots and garlic. Since most crab meat pastas have tomato- based sauces, the use of chardonnay was interesting! A very generous portion of crab, albeit a bit flaky.

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The meal was of the pizza was nothing spectacular and the burger too honestly honestly honestly there is not like much flavour for both dishes which makes me wonder why is the price point so high 🙌

3-course set meal original price $65.
Discounted price $19.90.
Easter promo code cash back $1.59
Net amount paid $65-$19.90-$1.59=$18.31 per set (71.8% discount)

We found both the ribeye steak and chicken wings well-marinated and tasty.
We also liked the lava cake. It would be perfect if it was a little bit less sweet.
My daughter found the corn cheese croquettes tasty.
Cozy ambience, friendly service crew.