Camp Kilo Charcoal Club is a roast joint with some of the tastiest, heartiest meats in town, but it’s also an escape from the everyday. Open, outdoor seating brings diners close to the serene nature of Kallang’s riverside, making for a slow weekend with friends, a beer in hand, laid-back music, and, of course, a platter of hearty comfort food.

66 Kampong Bugis
Singapore 338987

05:30pm - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm







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An outdoor restaurant concept that soak you with the camping lifestyle experience with all the roasted food and of course beer pong. It is better to go with a large clique (6pax and above) for it's full rack of roasted pork ribs ($30) 🙌🏻

Also, the sambal stingray is so good to die for! It is 500g and cost only $25.00 and it's the thick type, so different from any place like chomp chomp.

Really worth going and soak into the chillax ambience 😌

Avg per pax: $20

Camp kilo not only has awesome food, but events and music too!

Pictured (clockwise):
The prawns – I still dream of these
Patata bravas (potatoes)
Carrots with peanut sauce – sweet and smokey
Corn bread – 👌🏼💯

About $55 for these items together.

Perhaps overseas? Probably Bali?
This is the roasted whole pig from Camp Kilo Charcoal Club in Singapore! Open only on weekends, Camp Kilo features mainly BBQ meats/seafood on charcoal with their main specialty being the whole roasted pig. And only one is roasted each day! (Available after 5.30pm)
Featuring a raw industrial appearance and surrounded by lots of greenery, this is the perfect place to enjoy a laid back evening with some well marinated barbecued food and a beer.
If you are keen to visit for dinner, come early (before 5pm on Sat/Sun) to avoid the crowds and to catch a glimpse of Mr Piggy before he's all sliced up for our tummies. And don't worry about the weather, awnings and some covered indoor seats are available.
Camp Kilo Charcoal Club
66 Kampong Bugis
Fri: 5.30pm to 11pm
Sat, Sun: 11am to 11pm
(Reservations online for 8pax or more only)

This humble fried apple pie is anything but ordinary. Doesn't look fancy, but the charm's precisely in this sinful, sugary, unpretentious mess — and it's so damn delicious too. It's like an upscaled McD's apple pie — don't pretend, you know you like that processed dessert — crisp and tasty, with huge cubes of tangy, sweet, stewed apples, and loads of cinnamon sauce. Fresh, super delish, and without any of the typical McD crap. Definitely having my cake and eating it.

Awesome possum hands-down mind-blowing ribs at Camp Kilo today. We thought it was good the first time we had it, but this second go was — if possible — even better. The ribs were moist, juicy, not entirely falling apart and still retaining a nice bite; and most importantly, generously slathered with that luscious BBQ sauce. What makes this different from other outstanding ribs I've tried, is how the meat was clearly well-seasoned and salted, tasty enough on its own without solely relying on the sauce for flavour.

From the fine folks behind Kilo and Grain Traders comes this barbeque joint with chilled out backyard vibes. Located on the ground floor of the Ture Building (beneath Kilo), it is perfect for groups to hang out on a cool night while catching up over good food. While the meats like the Chipotle BBQ Ribs ($15 for half rack) or Whole Roasted Pig ($12 per 100g) were tender and enjoyable — we were hoping for something a little more messy and luscious, and to want to lick our fingers clean. The vegetables, however, stood out tremendously. Take the Burnt Carrots ($14) for example, which come grilled with ripe plums and topped with crumbled cottage cheese, fried garlic and an addictive peanut sauce. Also consider the Brussels Sprouts ($14) that are tangy with tamarind and crisp on the edges.
Avg price: $35 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Veronica Phua

The barbecued meats at Camp Kilo may be the focus of their menu but I am seriously impressed by the side dishes they offer.

Like a back-up singer who manages to outshine the star (not that the star is bad, mind you), the brussel sprouts ($14) at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club is ferociously bright. It hits all the right notes in glorious style with sultry spiciness being the key one.

Besides this, the other side I liked very much was the Burnt Carrots ($14). Chunky cuts of sweet carrots and wedges of ripe plums were first grilled, then accessorised with cottage cheese, fried garlic and a mildly spicy peanut sauce.

I would go so far as to say, because of the creative and delicious combination of flavours in both these items, they stole the show the night I was there.

Also nothing to shout about.. Hm :/ yeah it's tender and juicy but nothing you can't find at a decent restaurant/hawker stall even. Really really just go for the ribs and brussels sprouts.

The clincher for this awesome SIO BAK was the sound of the crispy skin cracking under pressure and then the sensation of the meat melting in your mouth. And before you was as lean as it can be (but how can you have too lean a SIO BAK?...sacrilegious). It makes the walk from the MRT stations super worthwhile. The health conscious need not apply but you're missing one of life's little pleasures! ☺️ #每天happyhour #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodies #campkilocharcoalclub oh and it goes down well with a #barossa #shiraz and a French Blanc beer 😁

This wasn't spectacular.. Not particularly tasty, moist, fatty.. Hm :/ definitely doesn't match up to any decent siew yoke you can find in our good ol' hawker centres

Seeing that Camp Kilo does a side of brussels sprouts recalled a fond memory of ours.. So we went with it again and weren't at all disappointed. In fact, these were better than his beloved brussels at Dibs, to me at least. Crispy and tangy on the outside due to the tamarind, but mellows to an almost meaty, sweet interior, with "Japanese crackers" to add textural dimension.

We were presented with this glistening slab of ribs and immediately lit up.. And this was probably the best one out of our selection of meats that night. Not quite fall-off-the-bone but still tender enough to come off quite cleanly, the generous slathering BBQ/chipotle sauce added extra heft and a few droplets of lime juice, some much needed zing. Not better than Smokey's, though, which is also more casual and less see-and-be-seen.

Apart from the Brussel Sprouts, this was the other side dish I liked very much. It featured big, broad cuts of carrots and wedges of ripe plums that had been grilled to heighten their natural sweetness. These were then garnished with cottage cheese, fried garlic, a mildly spicy peanut sauce and fresh coriander. The medley of flavours tasted different, exciting. A must-order if you like carrots.

They may look fluffy but these freshly-made, cinnamon-powdered doughnuts were chewy with a slightly hard exterior and subtle crisp finish. Despite being doused in a light minty cream "gula melaka" sauce, I didn't find them too sweet - which is a good thing in my opinion! 😊

It's like having a BBQ at your buddy's place. Totally chilled out, this backyard joint is a great place to get your bbq ribs, pork belly and roast chicken on! And they have some interesting sides too, not your usual BBQ-ed bean but Tom Yum beans instead. Yum!
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