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Delicious vegetarian food, think it’s reasonably healthy. Lots of vegetables and mushrooms. The tofu fishcake is awesome! Noodles were al dente and went well with the garlic chili. (Rating:😬)

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Dry Vegetarian You Mian ($6.50):
You mian noodles was cooked just right, goes well with the dark sauce and chilli. Soup is light and nice, ingredients (spinach, mushroom and tofu) are fresh.

It was very clear, refreshing soup for my tastebuds and a lot of ingredients have placed inside the soup. I have ordered ban mian ($6.50) with top up of 3 vegetarian dumplings ($1.50). It was great and healthy meal that I have eaten but I didn't used to eat vegetarian dumplings because I am used to normal dumplings. It's quite big portion and I couldn't eat finish the ban mian, quite worth it for expensive ban mian selling at the cantine.


Once in a while rare indulgence in pungent sweet flavourful ice kachang! Yummmm, perfect for the hot weather! At just $2+, totally a cheap delightful dessert!


🤤 Aside from Singapore is known for Chicken Rice and they even considered it as their National Food, this simple yet delightful dish of succulent chicken with fragrant rice cooked in chicken stock is truly an unassuming gem in the little red dot! 💕
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When I heard my friend to try a food name Bo Bo Cha Cha the first thing came into my mind is the japanese animated series I watch when I was young 😆, until a saw it in Paya Lebar. Another dessert Singapore has to offer.
It looks like Chendol but different ingredients. The color invites you to try and made me more to order this out of my curiosity. It consist of yam,sweet potato, sago and coconut milk. It has a fragrance of pandan and I like it. 👍