More Reviews at Capital Café 華星冰室

More Reviews of good food at Capital Café 華星冰室

The presence of decadent scent in the simplest of ingredients will definitely call for delightful screams from both eggs & truffle lovers. Besides, the service we've enjoyed here was so honourably remarkable we couldn't get use to it. Also like to give a highlight & thumbs up to the Bingsutt style theme that reminds us again that we're actually in Hong Kong. Overall, a great treat to our tummies that's totally worth another trip.
Have a hearty breakfast everyone! After all, it's a brand new start of the week so let's do it right ☺️

I was recommended to try this while I was at Hong Kong, but I don't get the whole thing. The black truffle wasn't strong enough to make any difference and the scrambled eggs were good but nothing exceptional. It just didn't work for me and I think you can skip this too.

I love truffles but this didn't hit the spot for me. I guess one shouldn't expect much for such a low price. The truffle bits were earthy but had a slightly unpleasant damp musty flavour that reminded me of black peppercorns that had been kept for too long. I guess this is how Chinese Black Truffles taste like or the product wasn't stored well. In this rare instance, the "luxe" topping didn't do justice to the fluffy scrambled egg that lay beneath. Speaking of truffles, in a recent convo, I realized that a pretty knowledgeable foodie didn't know that Italy produces Black Truffle too. I was asked if I was sure. Hmm, I think so cos I love Tartufo Nero...then again I'm no expert. #foodporn #SFFinHK

I can't get over the eggs that I tasted over here. It is so well cooked that I thought of being an intern here and learn their secret recipes hahah! Even their instant noodles are cooked better than mine!!

Almost as good as ADC! But ADC still wins by a notch. Having many small meals a day!

This is way better than the overrated Australian dairy, with better service too. But it doesn't serve those milk/egg puddings. Nonetheless, scrambled eggs are perfectly done and go so well with their thick toast!

Loving HK's Capital Cafe, it's truffle scrambled eggs and milk tea. New post up at

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Every time I dig into one of these sunny scrambles, I ask myself "what do they put in them?". They are probably the silkiest eggs I've ever eaten! | #egg #breakfast #foodpic #food #foodvsco #foodporn #vsco #vscocam #vscoedit #vscofood #hkfood #HongKong #alfmhkadventures