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(RM 8.90) my mum did enjoyed the chocolate flavour topped with hazelnut tbh as she did reheat the tart. The taste for cheese tart was quite sweet and nutty with hazelnut.

(RM 8.90) Btw it's under limited edition flavour till when (I don't know that). But then I didn't really wanted to buy strawberry as it's quite sweet and artifical taste for me. No one in my family didn't really like the taste for strawberry especially baked goods such as cake, tart and etc. The taste for cheese tart was really similar to strawberry meji millk tbh. The filling was just melted it off on the mouth itself. We did tried without reheat experience and really taste like cheesecake.

(RM 7.90) there's a original flavour for cheese tart and mainly for people preferred to be original one. The taste for cheese tart was mixed salty and savoury but then it's quite milky and creamy for filling. The filling was just melted it off on the mouth itself. We did tried without reheat experience and really taste like cheesecake.

(RM 8.90) I didn't expected that they added yam x mochi inside the tart. I didn't really remembered that there's a filling inside the tart tbh as I got suprised tbh :") I did enjoyed that got strong and savoury taste for yam x mochi when it's reheated inside the oven. I did tried to put inside the fridge for cold experience and got less taste for filling. But overall experience for me, the matcha tart was got a variety of flavour from bitter taste at matcha crust, savoury taste for yam x mochi filling and also sweet taste ending note.

Cafe price. I won't usually eat tiramisu, but I admit it's nice lah.

Surprisingly there wasn’t anyone when I came early morning as they just opened at 9am. Plenty of seats available here, so you could rest enjoy the pastries and drink; while enjoying the scenery here.

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One of the Instagrammable spot you can find in JB, a bit further from the causeway. Once you reached here, find this house that covered with green plants surrounding the building.

They opened early in the morning from 9am, a perfect spot to grab some breakfast with their pastries and drink.

Plenty of options here and all of them look appetising. In the end I chosen these two.

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Matcha Black Sesame Cake (RM 12)

My sister told me that it's not bad but I felt that the cake was really moist enough and not that dry. It was slightly sweet and bitter on the top layer of the cake. I tasted a hint of black sesame throughout the cake. The chocolate (middle) was quite bitter and not that sweet and cannot be overtaken by another layer such as matcha (top) & original (bottom).

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The Laksa here is slightly different from those in Singapore, but quite nice. The boiled eggs are fresh and done perfectly. Quite a crowded place.

This place is probably the most affordable cafe in Johor.

The chicken chop is superb, can tell it's freshly fried.

Flavour is 10/10.