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Recommended lists of Best Cafes & Coffee in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee Best Cafes in KL A year on, we revisit the city's ever-growing horde of cafes to uncover KL's best! These are places equipped with a prowess for tasty food, well-made coffee and good vibes. Whether you're looking for a place to spend sleepy mornings fuelling up, to convene with a business partner over brunch or indulge in waffles with friends, celebrate the new year with this new list of flourishing cafes!
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee TTDI's Best: Cafes As the cafe scene thrives in KL, neighbourly TTDI catches on with cafes burgeoning in every nook and cranny! In this guide, we uncover the best places to have an Aussie-style nightcap, eat dainty 'Instagrammable' pastries and fuel up for the morning with hearty scrambled eggs on toast. Hop on!
Desserts, Cafes & Coffee, Japanese, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars in KL: November 2015 MORE Shibuya honey toasts are here this month alongside cheap and good lunches, a new ramen place serving you the most tender kakuni in town, and more!
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee 16 Best Cafés In KL Already completed your cafe-hopping adventures in Singapore? Now, we venture further to bring you the best cafes in Kuala Lumpur's bustling cafe scene!

Top 10 Places for Cafes & Coffee

Top 10 places for Cafes & Coffee

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Airy, fluffy pancakes with a glob of whipped butter on the top. You can add whipped cream or extra whipped butter for RM1.10 and also ice cream. Also choose between honey or maple syrup to douse it generously because it can get a bit dry.

Fluffy egg and buttery tomato rice with sweet teriyaki chicken. Good portions as well so you won't feel overindulgent.

Cheesy, gooey, and not sweet surprisingly. There are exactly two pieces of broccoli, and loads of chicken pieces and sausages, so don't order this if you're on a diet.

Love eating the crunch together with the savoury bolognese pasta! Sometimes kids portion is enough to fix my craving for pastas!

I’ve heard great things about the nasi lemak here so I was very eager to try! Not overly spicy, the chicken curry is creamy and very fragrant (the menu claims it’s made with more than 20 types of spices), while the sambal was punchy and slightly tangy (still trying to figure his out). My favourite thing on the plate has to be the pickled tomatoes and the uber crunchy baby ikan bilis!

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I forgot what’s the name of this dish, but it’s really good! Le food is a cafe that served vegetarian meals. They have a very small and nice garden where people will definitely take a photo of (who doesn’t like neon lights HAHAH) however, if you’re a morning person like me, please do note that even though their opening hour written is 10am but they would only open their doors at 10.30am 😃

Sg. Tua (RM31) - grilled salmon served with sweet potato mash, butter herbed vegetables & masak lemak chili padi sauce from @merchantslane.
Quarter-life crisis at its best as I had to take a week off all physical & mental activities (including social media). They say “Everyday is a second chance, only if you wake up to one.” Can’t relate any much more to this ever since last week when I got ill enough to experience an awful series of blurred visions & (almost) black out incidents in public. Go for regular health check ups guys.
On this note, let’s all strive towards eating healthy and sleeping earlier while I return to my usual routine yay.

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their coffee ☕️ are really good, however when it comes to food they are just normal

Soft, Fluffy and Sweet. Three words to describe these Japanese soufflé pancakes served with a housemade soft serve either vanilla or matcha flavour along with pancake syrup. It melts into your mouth within seconds. RM24 per serving.

This ain’t your ordinary national dish, Nasi Lemak. A warm sambal Risotto plated with local elements like diced cucumbers, peanuts, anchovies, 65°c soft boiled egg, alfalfa together with nicely battered dory fish is worth the try. Though the risotto might be slightly under seasoned but surprisingly it goes well with others. RM24 per serving.

Sevenfriday Space will be my next destination to eat my favourite burnt cheese cake. Personally, i think it’s on par with Tokyo restaurant’s burnt cheese cake but without the cream 😁 I kinda like this version!

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Forty Hands don’t display their cakes. So you have to ask what’s available.

The carrot cake isn’t overly sweet and isn’t very dense. Overall, not bad.

This was RM12.

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