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This local spot is tucked in one of the folksy shophouses in the Masjid Jamek area; Lekiu Cafe’s interior is similarly simplistic, as well as a compact lunch menu that’s suited for a quick lunch break. The Iced Coffee here was rich and had a slight hint of Milo, whereas the Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng (MYR10.90) was perfectly executed — a whole chicken leg with a thin, crispy coating that retains a juicy and fleshy texture on the inside, the coconut rice was just right in fragrance and the sambal was tasty and spicy with a notable kick. While the roti bakar peanut butter (MYR4) did seem intriguing at first, it turned out to be just a pressed toast filled with regular peanut butter. Aside from the fact that it’s doused with an odd amount of lettuce, the Kuey Teow Goreng (MYR7.50) here had a satisfying flavor and a good touch of ‘wok hei’.


@lokalbarat is new in town, this restaurant has many choices of food and what we had was their Nasi Ayam Roasted and Nasi Ayam Berempah but other than that, they have Westerns, Char Kuey Teow - the condiment that they use to cook it is actually from the famous island, Pulau Pinang, so it should be tasty. Ok, back to the food. The Nasi Ayam was mouth watering, i love the fragrance that i get from the rice plus the roasted chicken was tasteful enough to make me feel like i'm back home, feeling jap 😭Anyways, the Nasi Ayam Berempah has amazing condiments to pair up with the plain rice 👍🏼 especially their Limau Sambal Belacan 👌🏻Sadly, the chicken breast we got was pretty small but tasty though! Love this newly open 👏🏻 very much!
Location 📍: Lokalbarat 20, Jalan Singa G 20/G, Shah Alam, Selangor.
Price 💰 : RM5-RM15
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