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Unlike the usual fish & chip, their comes with a real fish with head and tail.

A tandoori marinated fish was fried till crispiness while still get to enjoy the soft meat inside. Served with crispy kale, hand-cut chips & tartare sauce.

The Chow Kit is a boutique hotel strategically located at Chow Kit, and the ground floor restaurant is also a popular place for local inspired meal.

The bar served wide range of cocktails, but of course if you prefer non-alcoholic; there’s some options as well like this one.

A combination of green apple, guava, asamboi, cinnamon and lime. Taste refreshing and sour.

well-thought-out menu, semi-al fresco dining and bar experience of the partially renovated building.

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a well-thought-out menu, semi-al fresco dining and bar experience of the partially renovated building. There's even more to look forward to. This is a great place to unwind with friends or coworkers after a long day with a few drinks and a light meal.

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Bloody good dish ! The sambal is just the nice spicy level and the chicken was well fried. Very filling and goes super well with the pineapple drink we had. A much recommended dish ! Also available downstairs at Mingle Cafe should you not want to be upstairs at the bar.

A fun drink that comes with your own voodoo doll, incense stick and a “terompah” slipper. You’re more than welcome to have a little ceremony before you down the drink (all in good fun btw!)
The alcohol itself is bittery sweet ish that is good when it’s chilled but loses it’s taste once room temperature sets in.

This place is worthy for the gram. I’ll reserve my judgement on the food.