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Fried rice quinoa (RM19.90) and added chicken breast (RM7) for some extra protein for muscle growth 😉💪🏼 It tastes as good as your calorie-loaded fried rice out there. Can you believe the fried rice quinoa is only 249kcal (not taking into account the chicken breast)?! Like the whole concept of La Juiceria, eating healthy does not mean you have to compromise on its flavour and taste of food.

The only place I know that serves kale as an option. Huge serving of protein, but overcooked as well. Addicted to the Goodness Green dressing - basil, herbs and oil. So good.


Had a really good Nasi Lemak at the Atria outlet. But the one here was a bit of a let down. Over cooked chicken, sambal wasn’t as nice.

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Was craving for their sambal (RM2.50) so decided to add on to my meal. Keto bowl tasted different from what I had before. A bit of rancid oil smell. :/ Sambal helped to cover the smell.

Been waiting for a keto version for so long! According to the staff, this only contain cocoa powder and xylitol. It’s super rich and chocolatey. I even went back for seconds the next day! Currently they only have it at Plaza Damansara outlet.

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Healthy, simple meals are the hallmark of Mama Kim Sauna Mee. I really like the broth and it’s refillable!

Very similar concept to The Mighty Bowl, Agrain and Salad Atelier. They have a few ready to order salad bowl options as well, but you can choose your own salad bowl ingredients as well. What stood out for me, was their dressing choices. They had 5 dressings you can choose from like chilli oil, beetroot tzatziki and basil & rocket vinaigrette. I chose the tzatziki and while it wasn’t my cup of tea, I highly commend them for its playful flavour!

Seems like everyone is switching to healthier lifestyle, which is no doubt a positive phenomenon. I opted TUNA as my main, Brown rice for carb, with 4 choices of vegetable (red cabbage, corn, cucumber and red onion) and 2 sauces (RM20.90). Small serving of tuna... as far as I can remember less than 6 cube size. The vegetable is no doubt fresh and served cold, but the sauces are too overwhelming.

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Definitely one of the best salad bowl deals in the city – for only one price you can pile on as many toppings as you want (and how much!). Some of my favs here are the cous cous, sweet potato mash, roasted vegetables and tomato salsa. For sauces, I always go with the slightly spicy and tangy Peppery Tomato and the Chimichurri.