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Another best seller series I gotten today is this salmon and tuna bowl. Serving of the fish is sufficient. Vege mix in the bowl is fresh cucumber and lettuce. It goes well with sushi rice. Again, I am not impressed with the lean variety of vege topping. Price: RM25.90, Food: 6/10

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Got the chance to try out the new poke bowl in town today. Angry bird is a bowl with chicken as protein. There is lettuce, and interestingly with corn flakes inside, jalapeno, and onions. Sauce were good, vege were fresh. However, overall I don't enjoy that much basically due to lack of variety in ingredient. They did have create your own bowl service, but it is not coming yet. I wasn't so sure is current menu finalized, as I found offerings in the shop is different with what stated on the website. Poke bowl on the website is more interesting. Price: RM18.90, Food: 6/10

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Refreshing in the scorching heat. Kinda reminds me of the grape flavoured Vitagen.

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A keto alternative to the quinoa bowl! Added chicken breast (RM7.90) for that extra protein. Yum!

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A keto alternative to the quinoa bowl! Added chicken breast (RM7.90) for that extra protein. Yum!

📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Wonder Tofu Bowl + Barley Drink Set [RM15.90]⁣⁣
✨: A big win for me is definitely the portion size at Wonder Poke. You really get your money’s worth with the amount of ingredients packed into the bowl. For small eaters, I reckon you could just share a bowl. The veg-packed bowls are definitely a healthier meal option around Sunway. Like any poké place, bowls are customisable where diners get to pick a base, sides, a protein, toppings, and a dressing. I’d highly recommend getting the tri-colour rice as the base for your poke bowl. It isn't three different variants of grains, but rather, perfectly-cooked rice flavoured in three different ways. I liked as well that there was minimal dressing, unlike another poke store nearby which I will not name (but you can easily guess hahah). It’s just my personal preference to not have the dressing overpower the entire dish’s flavour.⁣⁣
💬: It isn’t mind-bogglingly good but I’d definitely opt for this if I were in the area! I’d probably try to make my own version at home, though. Having this for lunch everyday is definitely an expensive lifestyle. I realise in all my previous posts I’ve been talking about food being expensive LOL (can you tell I’m on a tight budget)⁣⁣
Opt for the bowls of the day priced at RM15.90 (comes with a drink) for a healthy lunch that’ll definitely keep you stuffed till dinner! ⁣⁣

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Simple life’s vegetarian is healthy and yummy ❤️ Never get bored going over and over again.

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Love the bright and big space at the Nadi Bangsar outlet. In frame: Quinoa fried rice (RM19.90) with chicken breast (RM7). Portion was super generous and so so flavourful. For keto diet, try the keto bowl using shredded cauliflower instead of quinoa. I’m kinda in love with the latter.

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The fried cauliflower rice and mushrooms were too salty, but everything else in this bowl was good especially the tofu!

Delicious, light breakfast for your post workouts at The Flow. Took a while to get our food and they seemed to prioritise take away orders first, but food’s still pretty decent! The bamboo straw gives them extra brownie points too.

This place offers with 4 preset bowls and the usual customize your own bowl option. For customize version, you can choose between Usual Bowl (which comes with 1 protein) or Upsize Bowl (which comes with 2 proteins).

I opt to customize because I wasn’t feeling the preset options. I chose the Usual Bowl.

This bowl has cauliflower rice, chicken breast, salsa corn, crispy chickpeas, eggplant and red & green bell pepper. For dressing, I chose the chilli oil that everyone recommended and also because I love spicy food.

It was delicious and filling at the right level. The chilli oil was as spicy as mentioned. No let down there. Prefer if they removed the chilli seeds though.

This is RM16.90. I paid extra RM3 for the cauliflower rice.