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Recommended lists for Indian

Recommended lists of Best Indian Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2019
Burpple Guides, Indian Best Places For Indian Food In Kuala Lumpur Deepavali may be over, but the celebratory Indian feasts don't have to be — this guide will make sure of it. From places for comforting chapati in KL city to Keralan curries in TTDI and roti canai along Jalan Gasing, here are our best finds for the next time you need to dhal up your Indian food game.
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Indian, Chinese Pudu's Best: Local Delights A neighbourhood steeped in rich food culture, Pudu is filled with local gems that are as astonishing as they are hidden! We got Burpple Tastemaker Brian Leow to lead us right into the heart of Pudu to find the best local delights, from homemade chapati to firewood-braised fish head and irresistible 'pei pa' duck!
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Indian Bangsar's Best: Indian Restaurants Dive into a 'naan'-stop Indian adventure and devour food 'korma' inducing dishes at Bangsar’s best Indian restaurants. Whether you're hungry for a classic rendition of banana leaf rice, the exhilirating heat of a spicy chicken masala or the plain goodness of a chappati, have a go at this list of Bangsar's treasure trove of Indian eats!

Top 10 Places for Indian

Top 10 places for Indian

Latest Reviews for Indian

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Indian

Spicy Keralan fare and good wine go hand in hand at this swanky spot. The space is warm and inviting – the perfect location for your next dinner party.
Photo by Burppler Blueskies Cottonclouds


This South Indian restaurant holds their own in the busy area for their famous banana leaf rice paired with hearty meat curries. Expect life-changing mutton bone marrow and service with a smile!
Photo by Burppler Sunita S

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Probably one of my fav banana leaf places. While the service is a little slow on some days, the food is always good. Highlights include the fish cutlets, egg kurma and mango fish curry.

Breakfast the Malaysian way 👌🏻


One of the popular banana leaf rice spots in KL which is still utilising fresh banana leafs. Drown the rice in various curries, mix the sides and your selected protein (fried sotong being the most popular)

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Mamak power in full force here. After 10 straight hours of drinking, this was the perfect antidote for our alcohol-addled minds and vodka-soaked bellies. While the wait was Malaysian time, the plate of freshly fried rice laced with extra crunchy ikan bilis and topped with a most eye catching “lembu mata” was utterly delicious.

Taste: 3.5/5


I find it very reasonable to eat here. Generous portion of food, tasted nice, and it is not over priced. You need more reason? It is located in the heart of Bangsar, the famous atas street of Telawi. Price: RM8.20, Food: 7/10

Thosai jawa & Roti kosong 👍🏻
You can give the banana leaf rice a miss. 😊

Decked out in long wooden tables, this casual but swanky Indian restaurant is prime for celebrations. The owners are friendly, service is prompt and food is consistently tasty! The menu of northern Indian eats is wonderful for sharing too. Get the must-have garlicky Lasooni Gosht (mutton, RM37), fragrant Mutton Briyani (RM20) and the Murgh Makhani (butter chicken, RM31). The latter is served with a side of bread so you can mop up every last bit of the creamy gravy.
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

Section 19’s popular banana leaf rice spot has moved to a cosy, pastel-coloured shop in Damansara Jaya. Service is quick and friendly, the banana leaf rice is a steal (only RM6) and the onion chutney is just heavenly. Marking this as my go-to spot whenever I’m craving Indian grub.

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This is a thali set. Lots of dishes given. You can choose whether to have thosai/poori/chapathi/akki roti to go with it.

It consists if kosambari salad, palya, vegetable sagu, bidi belt bhath, plain rice, curd rice, sambar, rasam, papad, pickles, payasam and ghulab jamun.

This is RM18.

It’s a thick thosai (like uthappam) with chutney powder and a scoop of spicy potatoes. Served with chutney and dhal sambar. The chutney powder is slightly spicy.

A different sort of thosai for sure.

This is RM15.