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In mid July, I flew into Kuala Lumpur, buoyed on great anticipation and the palpable excitement of not only mine but also of Singapore and Malaysia-based foodie fans of “Nadodi Bar & Restaurant” who had slipped into my DMs singing their praises for the restaurant. After my stupendous experience, I have joined their chorus of adulation.
Over a welcome tea, Head Chef Sricharan Vankatesh gave a mini lesson to my fellow media attendees and myself on the spices used extensively in their brand of inventive South Indian cuisine. We were then ushered into the kitchen to meet the team, and taunted by the most tantalising aromas even as we tried to concentrate on Chef Sri’s show-and-tell on the making of their astonishing rasam. I swear, that liquid is gold because Head of Operations and Mixologist Akshar Chalwadi followed right after with a demo on how it is used in Nadodi’s insanely delicious signature cocktail too.
Before dinner was served, Brand Director Kartik elaborated on the restaurant’s philosophy so we could better appreciate what we were about to have. Not that he needed to do that as the meal, ripe with a dizzyingly beautiful array of fragrances and flavours, was an innately wondrous journey of eleven exquisite courses. And priced at RM490+, it is a serious steal!
For their present menu, the culinary team dug deep into their roots to draw on memories of what they grew up eating for inspiration. That, coupled with their present geographic presence, were crystallised in edible incandescence of formidable complexity and finesse.
If you take alcohol, I highly recommend the cocktail pairing. That saying about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts applies here in spades.


Variety dishes , prices are reasonable, naans are the best. Briyani rice dishes are yummy too. Lassi are tasty and sweet.

Opted for the thali for lunch.

They have 2 sizes: small (with 3 veges) and standard (with 4 veges). You can choose between chapati or rice. The curry wasn’t spicy enough for me, might be ok for those with lower tolerance for spiciness. I had it with chapati and the portion was just right for me. If you have a big appetite, this isn’t the thing for you.

The small is RM8 while the standard is RM11.

One of my favourite snacks. First time trying the one here.

The puri is slightly thicker and harder compare to the ones I’ve had. So I find it a bit hard to eat it in one mouthful. They also put the tamarind chutney in the puris instead of giving it in a bowl and letting you do it yourself.

Overall, it was delicious and I enjoyed it.

This is RM11.

Haven’t had deep fried mutton before and would say this is very good. Perfect with the fried onions. A change from the usual curry version. Crab Rasam was spicy & addictive 😋

The Aloo Gobi is superb with just enough spice and balance. The Chicken 65 was too mushy for me, I had expected it to have a little more crunch.

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Corny joke, I admit it. On a more serious note, this place sure serves up some mean veg curries. So good! I love the bindi masala and the baigen (eggplant) masala.

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Craving satisfied! If you’re looking for vegetarian food and also want a North Indian food - this is definitely have to be up your wishlist.


The pink hue from healthy beetroot juice is Bala’s signature daily special thosai.
Ordered one for my mom who never like thosai , and she wiped the plate clean! ‘Nuff said I supposed, yes, that good on its own or with main dishes!
(Rm 4.10)

RATA’s pizza never disappoints me so far 🥰🍕

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Pink thosai with yellow stripes, say what? 🙃 Say no more!
We were there early morning, already the corner lot was filled with chatters from groups of families and friends, eagerly tearing their roti apart.
Thosai rawa was crispy and flavourful from the spices and vege bits.
Beetroot egg thosai, star of our meal indeed! Fluffy, crispy on the outside, not disastrously oily, all sorts of yummy! None of the earthy taste we initially worried about.
We left the place with happy bellies and spring in every step we took.
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