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Recommended lists of Best Indian Food & Restaurants in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, 2019
Burpple Guides, Indian Best Places For Indian Food In Kuala Lumpur Deepavali may be over, but the celebratory Indian feasts don't have to be — this guide will make sure of it. From places for comforting chapati in KL city to Keralan curries in TTDI and roti canai along Jalan Gasing, here are our best finds for the next time you need to dhal up your Indian food game.
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Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Indian Bangsar's Best: Indian Restaurants Dive into a 'naan'-stop Indian adventure and devour food 'korma' inducing dishes at Bangsar’s best Indian restaurants. Whether you're hungry for a classic rendition of banana leaf rice, the exhilirating heat of a spicy chicken masala or the plain goodness of a chappati, have a go at this list of Bangsar's treasure trove of Indian eats!

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The banana leaf here comes with 4 vegetables instead of the usual 3. The fish curry and dhal are awesome. The chicken varuval and mutton varuval (not pictures) are delicious as well. At the end of the meal, each patron is given a dessert.

The BLR is RM8.50, chicken varuval RM8.50 and mutton varuval RM9.


Spicy Keralan fare and good wine go hand in hand at this swanky spot. The space is warm and inviting – the perfect location for your next dinner party.
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This South Indian restaurant holds their own in the busy area for their famous banana leaf rice paired with hearty meat curries. Expect life-changing mutton bone marrow and service with a smile!
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Probably one of my fav banana leaf places. While the service is a little slow on some days, the food is always good. Highlights include the fish cutlets, egg kurma and mango fish curry.

Tasty, affordable and so satisfying. I come to Aunty Manju’s whenever the banana leaf rice craving hits. Love that they give five vegetables instead of the usual three and something sweet after to help with the spice.

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Heard a lot of positive feedback about this place and we finally dropped by with the fam bam on a public holiday!

One basic set of banana leaf rice costs RM8.50 and it comes with free flow of rice, 4 or 5 types of vegetables, 3 types of curries and rassam. Eat all you can!

Vegetables such as beetroot, bitter gourd & sambal tofu etc were good but I think the curries can be better. We ordered a number of side dishes for sharing such as fried chicken, fried squid with onion, mutton masala & sambal prawn and all of them were excellent.

Most of the time we head to Jaipur, which is another underrated place stones away from Aunty Manju, for BLR but now we have more options! The prices might be on the high side but why not if you can get a superb hearty meal here!

Kayra does breads very well including this egg appam. You’ll still get the tanginess from the fermented rice butter, but the egg makes everything better. Savoury and peppery, douse on the coconut chutney served with it – super spicy!

The fluffiest thosai of them all! It’s simple, tasty and just done really well. I always ask for more of the tomato chutney on the side – it’s so spicy and sweet that I just end up drinking it up.


This set is a lunch promotion which has rice that comes with 3 vegetables, papadom, a dessert, dhal and some acar and its super affordable !! (RM 9)

I stole some and it was yummy! Really love the flexibility to add on these dishes with our thalis. Mix and match and we shared some of them. Finished off our lunch with some sweet appams, bru coffee and masala tea. The food here is so good that the little boy asked me for some cash. When I asked him why? He said I want to give a tip because I love the food. That speaks volumes!


This was absolutely delicious! The kids loved it and were demanding for an extra order. Really enjoyed it. This can be ordered as an add on to your thali