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Recommended lists for Indian

Recommended lists of Best Indian Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2019
Burpple Guides, Indian Best Places For Indian Food In Kuala Lumpur Deepavali may be over, but the celebratory Indian feasts don't have to be — this guide will make sure of it. From places for comforting chapati in KL city to Keralan curries in TTDI and roti canai along Jalan Gasing, here are our best finds for the next time you need to dhal up your Indian food game.
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Indian, Chinese Pudu's Best: Local Delights A neighbourhood steeped in rich food culture, Pudu is filled with local gems that are as astonishing as they are hidden! We got Burpple Tastemaker Brian Leow to lead us right into the heart of Pudu to find the best local delights, from homemade chapati to firewood-braised fish head and irresistible 'pei pa' duck!
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Indian Bangsar's Best: Indian Restaurants Dive into a 'naan'-stop Indian adventure and devour food 'korma' inducing dishes at Bangsar’s best Indian restaurants. Whether you're hungry for a classic rendition of banana leaf rice, the exhilirating heat of a spicy chicken masala or the plain goodness of a chappati, have a go at this list of Bangsar's treasure trove of Indian eats!

Top 10 Places for Indian

Top 10 places for Indian

Latest Reviews for Indian

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Indian

Eggplant & Wild Mushrooms (RM24) and Chili Chicken & Pineapple (RM26). Definitely loving Chili Chicken & Pineapple pizza especially the spicy sauce on top mixed with greek yogurt. If you don’t think pineapple deserve to be on a pizza, then this might change your mind. It’s an interesting twist of Hawaiian pizza, and definitely have to eat with coriander garnish. The grilled eggplants mixes well with the shiitake, chestnut and oyster mushroom. A harmony of earthy flavours on one thin, crispy dough. I’m coming here again with friends for the pizza. Perhaps we’ll try the mains too next time 😉

Tasty, affordable and so satisfying. I come to Aunty Manju’s whenever the banana leaf rice craving hits. Love that they give five vegetables instead of the usual three and something sweet after to help with the spice.

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Try the fried squid and fried chicken with lots for curry and dhal! Top with side veges! Coffee brew with cow milk is the best!

First time having lunch here, I have order Banana Leaf Set Meal is really super cheap just costs RM5.20 including SST. The set include 3 vegetables, one pack of papadams, fried salted dried chilli, pickle, rasam and 3 choicee of curry sauce. The rice is refillable without any extra charges. The taste is considered still acceptable. Is really hard to find super economic set meal in Bangsar. So come for a try.


For this is the fiercest of them all...the lobster biryani. Of sweet, juicy meat melding flawlessly with that inimitable heady mix of spices. Only qualm? You might prematurely get bursts of cardamom in your mouth unknowingly. Ok, that's all.

After hearing so much positive review about this Indian restaurant in sentul, we trying out on a weekend afternoon.

My all time favourite order will always be a thali meal thay served with different veg and curry. Pairing with poori (puffed bread) instead of regular rice for a change.

Masala tossai here is different from other restaurant. The tossai is thicker and softer in texture. It do have a unique taste to it as well.


A place that I always came back for their thali meal. Brown rice served with different type of vegetable side dish and gravy.

We also had the masala tossai for sharing. Crispy thin tossai filled with potato, by far my favourite tossai combination.

Trying out the Indian version of ice cream for the first time as well, so creamy and full of wonderful nuttiness from pistachio. Do give it a try if you never had Indian version of ice cream before.

One of the Western offerings on the menu that goes great with the spicy yellow rice. The creamy, aromatic and rich sauce works nicely with the deep-fried fish slices. Plus, it was very well-cooked!

If you’re like me who can’t handle too much heat, order the raita to help cool you off. Diced cucumbers, carrots and onions are coated with a refreshing and tangy yoghurt – the perfect salad for curries.

The heat from the curry left me reaching out for glass after glass of water, but I would not stop digging in. Love the sweetness and the heat from the tomato and onion curry, and how generous they are with the meat portion.