Top 10 Places for Steamboat

Top 10 places for Steamboat

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The always crowded hotpot place in the starling mall, uptown.

There are 4 types of soup base available for your choice. Shabu shabu, sukiyaki, kimuchi or miso base. We had shabu shabu the clear soup and sukiyaki the sweet soy base as our choice.

Beef, lamb, pork and chicken available for order. While from the self service buffet, there are veg, mushroom, beancurd, prawn and clams that you can help yourself with.

As you can tell from the restaurant name, small range of sushi is available from the buffet line as well.

Dinner at 39.9 per pax, I guess this explain why it's always crowded.

Obviously, we over order for 2 again. Tapao the leftover for today's lunch. Hurhurhur..
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Enjoy the mix and match mini steamboat with steak with unlimited rice provided 😂 The most recommended soup 👉 Milky Cheese Soup

I like the steamboat here. You can choose between clear soup or tomyum or both. Their seafood are quite fresh apparently from pulau ketam.


Loving this hotpot spot as they offered variety of yummy handmade ingredients and authentic soup bases. Tomato and mala soup are my first choices.

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One of favourite hotpot spot in PJ 🍲 The soup & food is on point and booking is recommended as it can be crowded especially during weekend.

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Their hot pot selection is very simple and easy. Clear soup, sukiyaki soup, tomyam soup, kimchi soup & etc. We go for the option of clear soup and bbq, which is [RM22.90] included 1 yee mee, pork slice for bbq, pumpkin, bean curd skin, meat balls, crab stick, sausage and vegetable for the soup. Btw this is very suitable for small eater like me, but still i can’t finish by myself. Btw their chili is very matchy with the grilled pork slice.


at only RM13.90 (3.6/5) i would say some pretty decent & economical dinner. Plenty of vege..