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Find Fei Fei in SS15, Mont Kiara and 1 Utama Shopping Centre and pay from RM40 for an all-you-can-eat hotpot binge. Do like Burppler Avocado Queen 👸🏻 and opt for a double broth combo — she recommends the Pork Bone and the Spicy Mala Soup. There's also Tomato or Pepper's Pig Stomach if those tickle your fancy! To fill the pot, get the Homemade Pork Ball, Beef Slices and Chicken with Rice Wine. Don't miss the sauce station where there are an array of sauces from belacan to Thai chilli and fermented bean curd. The buffet also includes drinks and dessert so you'll leave belly happy.
Photo by Burppler Avocado Queen 👸🏻

We used online number system to queue and after we got the number we still gotta wait around 2 hours to get our turn. Honestly, I would say the food is just meh 😕. The soups are nice but it doesn’t worth queuing so long just for a hotpot tbh. Prefer xiaolongkan more than this tho. However, the services are great. Will I come back again? Nope.