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Craving for hotpot is real when the weather is freaking hot and you still want to torture yourself for this kind of meal 😂😂😝

I’ve always preferred going back to basics, hence I’ve ordered this “Two Pesos hotpot set” which required me to stir fry the meat first till it’s half cooked before cooking the soup with the ingredients provided. Well that’s the fun of hotpot right? Cook yourself before eating.

Every hotpot set comes with either rice or noodles, and you can always add on some other ingredients to your liking. Since it is a self service concept, you’ve to refill the soup on your own whenever you need more.

Price is in accordance to choice of meats, and we picked (RM68.80+) because currently it’s on 20% discount, so it’s kind of worth it.
Apart from shabu shabu, we can also order food from ala carte items menu such as edamame, hand rolls and chick/ pork katsu.
Soup base: sukayaki was within expectation; but Misotare (spicy miso) was good! .
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This is one of the few restaurant that offers individual buffet hot pot. Not too bad. I would give a higher rating if the soup base is improved. I think it is too light now. I only managed to get the soup right to taste at the end of the meal. Vege ingredients are fresh and I like it that we can order abalone slices unlimited times! Price: RM40+ per pax, Food: 7/10


Gather your next dinner party around a bowl of hot, bubbling soup and karaoke on the side! This Bangsar hotspot is known for their spacious rooms, replete with hotpots and karaoke sets. Begin building your pot from the bottom up: first, soup. Get the Mix Soup Base (RM30) with the Sakura Pork Bone and Fresh Pumpkin — both are delicious. On toppings, don't miss the Hand Made Prawn Dumpling (from RM10), Imported Hong Kong Beancurd Roll (from RM16) and the US Prime Marble Beef Slice (from RM58).
Photo by Burppler Audrey Chew

I’m a converted hot pot lover! The idea of sitting around a bubbly pot of soup and dunking food into it never attracted me, but on a recent rainy night, this comforted me dearly and I want more. Get the pumpkin soup for something totally different – it’s got soft hints of the fruit along with some sweetness. On the food, I’m a big fan of their prawn dumplings, fish paste and the HK beancurd roll.

Hearty, and though it says porridge, there are minimal grains and you can fill up with a warm, no-rice meal here just with the sumptuous ingredients. #steamboat #kualalumpur #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending #burpplekl

I love this restaurant because you are allowed to order half portion for most of the items and so we can have more choices if just the two of us is dining. The beef slices was really good and items on menu never go out of stock! Do try the century eggs too... they melt in your mouth.

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If you like Korean bbq this is the place for you reasonably priced and a large selection of items