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Matcha infused spelt sponge cake, chestnut purée and cashew coconut cream. The cake was fragrant with matcha and coconut flavours. A little bit on the sweeter end, suitable for vegans.

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Pretty in pink, this cafe-kiosk in Plaza Mont Kiara might be small in size, but they make up for it with their power-packed healthy fare! The kitchen is open from 9am, so swing by for a meal after your morning exercise with the girls. The Peanut Butter Toast (RM12) makes for a good snack, while the Quinoa Heaven (RM22) with organic quinoa, kale, fresh veggies and more is simply satisfying. Coffee here is a steal from only RM5 for a black coffee, and RM7 for milk-based drinks.
Photo by Burppler Calie Tang

Perfect for all sorts of bread lovers, this homey bakery in USJ focuses on baking their hearty loaves with organic and natural ingredients. Choose from the lot of pre-packed loaves – fragrant Earl Grey Walnut (RM6.90), Sourdough Chia Seeds (from RM6.90) and Rosemary Sea Salt (from RM3.50). The bread selection here changes daily, so refer to the list on the wall to see what's available for the day.
Photo by Burppler Alison K


This cosy spots bakes all kinds of fresh loaves and at affordable prices too! The shelves are stocked up with ready-to-go packet in full of half loaves. Some best-sellers are the Earl Grey Walnut (RM6.90), Sourdough Chia Seeds (from RM6.90) and Sourdough Walnut Raisins (from RM6.90). Refer to the chart on the wall to see he full list of daily bakes.

Expected a light icy texture but it was super rich and yummy!

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If you’re into all-natural vegan ice cream, consider Kind Kones your match. Community-favourites include the earthy Charcoal Vanilla (from RM11.80), Cinnamon Toast and Salted Choc Chip (from RM9.90). Pair it with the light and crunchy vegan cone (RM1.90) or turn it into an Ice Cream Sandwich (RM19.90).
Photo by Burppler Melanie Yu

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Simple life’s vegetarian is healthy and yummy ❤️ Never get bored going over and over again.

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The Ganga Cafe is well-loved for their yummy curries, breads and thali sets. It’s hard to pinpoint the best dish — they're all delicious! — so here are some must-haves: the crispy Masala Thosai (RM4.70) and the aromatic Vegetarian Mutton Curry (RM5). Alternatively, order the Thali (from RM8) to savour a bit of everything – this comes with rice or bread with vegetables, pappadom and salad.
Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

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Given the punchy flavours, you won't believe the dishes here are 100 percent vegetarian. Take the Tandoori Broccoli (RM20), roasted to tender perfection with a texture reminiscent of grilled chicken. On mains, get the savoury Ghungat Wali Subzi (RM24), a thick, tomato-based curry dish chock-full of vegetables best eaten with their Butter Naan (RM6) – the perfect vessel for mopping up the leftover gravy. Flavours here tend to lean on the spicier side, so the freshly made Sweet Lassi (RM9) is a great way to help tone down the heat.

The chefs here have really mastered the art of flavour – the broccoli pieces are so, so appetising it almost felt like I was eating tandoori chicken. I loved the charred bits on it, and that mint chutney is adds a nice freshness against the burnt bits. I did find it a bit too spicy, but you can always dip it in the yoghurt-based Palaak Chaat!

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Who needs meat when you’re given this ‘shy pot’ chock-full of different vegetables (capsicum, king beans and cauliflower) cooked in a spicy, tomato-based curry. Use the crispy bread surrounding the pot to dip in the curry! Or order a basket of naan. The Plain Naan (RM5) works best.

The description of this dish is nothing like what it is, and I mean it in the best way. Yes, there are deep-fried spinach leaves and what coats is are two kinds of chutney and a yoghurt. It’s crunchy, spicy and refreshing all in one. Eat this one up quickly as it gets soggy fast if you leave it out for too long.