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(Rating: 5/5🌟) The matcha tiramisu (rm17) was probably the best matcha dessert I’ve ever tasted in Malaysia! Loved the cake along with smooth cream, matcha ice cream, a layer of red bean which was not sweetened at all and the bitterness of the matcha powder on top.

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The lamb was definitely flavourful than the beef but the patty could have had a bit more sear. I like the pesto served with it.

Was super surprised to see how large the burger was when it landed on the table! Juicy beef patty but could use a bit more salt. Really enjoyed the homemade pickles served with it, which help cut through the richness of the meat. However, I felt like the burger was lacking something – maybe more salt? Maybe more char on the patty?

I'm a sucker for 'packaging'. Hence, when I saw this popped out in my insta ads, immediately called my friends to check anyone is interested to join my mermaid hunting. I'll give a 4.5 🌟 for its presentation, sadly the same can't say to its taste. It was bad. Like really bad. Weirdly sour taste which we're having problem to identify. But I did observed that the other customers finished the toast so I guess it just doesn't suit our palate. For shibuya toast, I'd always go back to Haraju.

The atmosphere was nice, and the waiters were very polite ^^
Though we never tried their eggette specialty, we tried the grilled chicken panini and black pepper mushroom panini (RM18-19 each). Grilled chicken was great, though it had a lot of mayonnaise. Black pepper mushroom, as the title shows, has a lot of black pepper hahahahaha.

The cake was light and fluffy. We initially though it was marshmallow on top but nope it was just cream dusted with literally over-the-top tiramisu powder. Absolutely loved that the cake doesn’t have the typical overpowering taste of liquor.

What a stunner this was. Sandwiched between a thick crispy waffle were some whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and finished off with a dust of powdered sugar.

The chrysanthemum softserve was light and refreshing. Really liked how it came with only half a waffle as there might have otherwise been too much waffle to finish the ice cream with. The osmanthus jelly was really nice too.

I love mochi and so I'm biased. Love the chewiness of mochi.

Kinda messy presentation. Taste nothing like Earl Grey. Forget about this.

How can you resist mac&cheese on a burger?! Chipotle Mac & Cheese burger (RM32) When I saw this popped out on my insta, I knew I have to get my hands on it. Not sure is it my expectation is sky-high which I don't think so, the mac n cheese lacks the flavour... hence the overall burger is very bland. Fries are good though. Nothing mind blowing.

No matter how many times I've been here, just can never get enough of the hokey pokey 🍯