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It's a decent Japanese place with good quality ingredients. Nothing makes it stand out from the crowd. I would not eat here if not for burrple 1 for 1 deals but worth a try. The area is quiet and empty on weekends.

WOOSHI is like maki san but with different selection of ingredients and burrple beyond makes the price unbelievable! (In the middle of Orchard some more?) Would definitely visit again to try out other flavour combinations. The only downside is that seating area is a bit small.

💰 Published price: SGD 19.80+
✂️ Discount/ hacks: Stall’s 50% for small bites
📍 Location: Yummo Chow
❓Ratings: 3/5

Normal fries toppled with truffle powder.

This was not available with the 50% eatigo voucher. Price in menu stated 19.80, and auto deducted to 9.90, with stall’s 50% off. Even so, it was still overpriced for the amount given.

💰 Published price: SGD 24.90+
✂️ Discount/ hacks: Eatigo 50% off voucher
📍 Location: Yummo Chow
❓Ratings: 4/5

Creamy pasta served with cold smoked salmon. Salmon was served wrapped as seen in the photo. Decent texture not as smoky as expected. Sauce was good- it was creamy and thick. Given the price.. we might come back if there is still the 50% discount from eatigo.

💰 Published price: SGD 24.90+
✂️ Discount/ hacks: Eatigo 50% off voucher
📍 Location: Yummo Chow
❓Ratings: 2/5

Generous amount of sauce. Sauce was spicy and soury (60:40 ratio). It was however too sour for my liking.

Top cup:salted egg yolk / chocolate sorbet
Bottom cup :Honey lavender/ white chocolate nori

Four flavour are tasty. I ate the top cup. Salted egg gives the saltiness which is just nice . Chocolate sorbet is alcoholic and a bit bitterish. Honey lavender has the fragrance and sweet. white chocolate has some peanut and doesn't taste like white chocolate but some sort of matcha.

Tried the yellow ginger chicken nasi lemak. This serving of nasi lemak does not gives a 'Jelak' feeling. The owner is friendly, stall beside a park connector route and will recommend as a cycling pit stop.

Fairly priced carbonara. My kids loved it!

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we order their Matcha Mascarpone & Mango Madness for just SGD6.80 in total. I will be really disappointed😞 if I’m paying the original price for each drink.

Matcha Mascarpone - Very mild matcha taste but their mascarpone foam was nubbad

Mango Madness - Badly blended with quite a few ice chunks, and taste like the supermarket mango pudding...eee

Friendly staff, allowed us to use Burpple during non peak weekends cos place is small. Food is ok good but meat quite tough.

Reached home to find out I was given a lot less than what I had paid for. Could have gotten a smaller cup for the same amount at a cheaper price. Delicious nonetheless.

Try the strawberry flavour,it was really good.Will come back again!!Service was really great and friendly!!