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Used the Burpple 1 for 1 set. Staff recommended the UOB 1 for 1 deal too as that one included drinks in the 1 for 1 too, but we sadly didn't have the card. Soup wise, we loved the Fish Soup with Milk, and didn't really like the Tom yum and tomato. The signature Fish Maw Fish Soup was also lacklustre. Free flow sauce bar was amazing the service was also friendly and attentive.

πŸ₯§ Baklava ($12.90)
Pretty sweet but I like it a lot, very flaky and crispy!

🍯 Künefe ($13.90)
One of the best desserts ive had honestly. Its crispy and sweet, it may be a bit too sweet for some but the texture is incredible.

πŸ› Lamb Ali Nazik ($28)
The lamb is really tender and I like the addition of babaganoush at the bottom. However for $28 I find that there could be a larger volume of food.

πŸ₯© Adana Lamb Kebabs ($26)
The lamb is tender and well-seasoned, and the bulgur pilaf is flavourful and soft.

πŸ₯˜ Chicken Moussaka ($23)
Really like this, its flavorful and tastes like ratatouille but with cheese. And the chicken is meaty!

🌱 Spinach Pide ($21)
Really like this! Really cheesy and its not too salty, the bread itself is also crispy.

🍳 Sucuk and Egg ($23)
I prefer the Spinach Pide more, this has sausages and egg so it kinda reminds me of a sandwich.

πŸ’› Hummus ($12)
Really creamy and delicious. Im a big hummus fan so I really enjoyed this.

πŸ† Babaganoush ($12)
The eggplant taste isnt too overwhelming, maybe its a tad blander but I liked it.

πŸ₯– Balloon Bread ($7)
Tastes pretty typical, but not bad

🍞 Plain Turkish Pita Bread ($5)
Its a bit dense and slightly dry but I generally enjoy it, especially when lathered with the hummus and babaganoush.

Love this drink with all time favourite mango fruit! Best of all it’s on Burpple 1-for-1 dea!

Love this drink in whatever fruit is all good to me! Best of all it’s on Burpple 1-for-1 dea!

Found this in Duo Gallery, Bugis and mamaged to order and sit down half an hour before they closed for the day.

This $23 set comes with main, sides and a drink! We both ordered the chicken breast option with soba noodles and choose 2 sides (kimchi and cucumber + edamame) and drinks (green tea w/ passionfruit + a lemon drink)

Kudos to the staff for being really friendly and attentive to us! Will come back for more.

Definitely a 5β˜† for me!

I love how these set worth $32.90 comes with soup, salad and gyozas! A big plus is when the soup and drink is refillable too! And of course, i ordered the unagi set as well as its my favourite.