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Fish is not under Burpple beyond but dishes were really good sized and yummy to boot. Awesome place for large groups, definitely a Nakhon contender

These were relatively pricier. The teba (mid joint wing, $3.50++) was nicely charred and flavoured with salt, but the meat itself was quite fatty and less tasty. The buta bara (boneless pork belly with onion, $2.90++) fared much better! The tender pork was bursting with flavour, and well complemented by the sweet onions.

While some bits were overcooked and charred, causing it to be a little on the tough end, the remaining was tender. Portions were tiny with small pieces of potato and zucchini that don’t amount to what a normal “side” looks like, so thank god for Burpple Beyond

No regrets choosing this over their more popular Beef & Meatballs Mac & Cheese! Portions of salmon were generous, and I liked that the cheese was not too overpowering. Was slightly dry in my opinion, but a hearty meal overall. Will be back! Love the vibe of this place, and glad to rediscovered it through Burpple Beyond!

My first impression of this cafe was really nice. One of the server came to ask if it was our first time coming to their cafe. He was very nice and showed us the recommended menu.
The matcha cream was nice, and for the pancake you can really taste the multigrain texture. Will definitely come back to try other menu. It was really worth it with Burpple Beyond.

This is from the new Taiwanese bubble tea shop @themomentinsg just outside Telok Ayer MRT Exit B (formerly the poke place, Pololi Singapore). I was contemplating getting the famous bamboo charcoal grey milk tea, but after reading reviews saying it was expensive and bland, I decided to go with my gut and ordered this instead with pearls. It’s a really good combo, I love the delicious, generous amount of chewy red bean and pearls. I had no complaints ☺️

Once again, the "minced meat" that you see in this dish is actually plant based and yet it tastes equally as delicious as the traditional dish which hailed from Taiwan. I like how the addition of beancurd, oyster mushrooms and broccoli made it more wholesome.

Truly a hole in the wall place but the best kind - the staff working there were so friendly and the whole shop was cozy and inviting (despite it being very small!). Honestly not rlly the best at discerning if the coffee is good but it was unique and not too sweet so worth a trip down!!

Changed the parpadelle to rigatoni and it tasted absolutely fantastic. It portion was satisfying and generous. The duck ragu went well with rigatoni and the staff were really friendly to make sure your orders came timely.

My mind did a double take the moment I took a bite into those delicious meat balls. I just couldn't believe it was actually vegan because I would have believed it was a regular meatball pasta. The noodles were cooked to perfection as it was soft went really well with the tomato base. But the meatballs just had to be the highlight of the night as it was so juicy that I wouldn't mind becoming vegan.

Got 2 Aburi Salmon Scallop Don 🍣💯 and it was literally the best we've tried. The seafood were fresh and perfect. So good, we cleaned the bowl entirely. Definitely recommend it to anyone who's visiting the first time, you will NOT regret and might even be your favourite restaurant thereafter. Bought them for $17 for 2 bowls through burpple app!