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Went to have lunch at Fuel Plus+ on a weekday afternoon☺️

Ordered the truffle bacon mushroom farfelle($16), chilli crab pasta($18) and the caulinuggets($9) (cauliflower made into nuggets shape)😋

Food overall was not bad and caulinuggets was something new that was surprisingly tasty!! The Farfelle pasta was also made into cute bowties😍 Menu selections were also plenty and would rate this restaurant a 7/10!💯👍🏻

the only downside was that the location was a little ulu and we needed to get our own utensils and condiments😕

omG ISSA CRIMINOLOGY limbu 4 g0t d buBble piXes 🤧 buT PRETTY ACAI TO MAKE UP FOR IT with a solid 7/11! go to acai place truly and forrealZies like it when they’re so accommodating w me no crunchy granola/pumpkinsids/ almond flakds request (bcos then can truly taste the açai only for whatever beauty it holds) n the 1-1 just makes me feel less guilty abt constantly gettin acai okthxbye

A very typical-tasting waffle & ice-cream dish. Loved the amount of marshmallows, chocolate syrup & ice cream given. What you see is what you get! Not much of a surprise but it is a very safe option to choose if you do not know what to order :)

A surprise from my friend, who requested it when he made the reservation. Utterly soft and spongey, there was a hint of citrus with every bite and I enjoyed this a little too much. A beautiful end to a great meal 😋

Of all the dishes I’ve tried for the Omakase menu here, this is the one I least enjoyed. The rice felt a tad too dry for me and the accompanying vege came off as a little odd to me. Felt that the ingredients weren’t working well together but my friend thoroughly enjoyed it, so it could just be me 😅

A simple dish make luxurious with a medley of high end ingredients, I made the wrong decision of sharing it with my friend. I couldn’t have enough if it and wouldn’t mind if this becomes a staple in the menu and not just as a dish from the Omakase.

Honestly, who can resist pidan? While it may seem like a rather odd combination, it was a pretty divine dish that ended all too soon.

Utterly fresh and tender, I wonder how it managed to stay on the plate for so long while I was busy snapping away when it easily disintegrates in your mouth within moments.

Not my first time having this (previously had this at bugis outlet) but surprisingly this outlet tasted so much better 🙈 Anyway the portion is really huge and the tempura is good enough to make me full. The udon is basically here to quench my thirst lol. The udon is nothing special but it's definitely better than soba. The thing about this outlet is that the vegetables seems fresher and there's more crunch to it as compared to bugis outlet. However although it's the same Level 3 of spiciness, this outlet seems to be lacking in the spice 😅 Perhaps there is a lack in consistency for this whole restaurant haha. Nevertheless I would recommend people to dine in here if they would like to have a great variety of rice bowl/don. DON say I never share 😘


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Great taste and value! But bad idea to have it after dinner because we got really full and tired of the really sweet taste half-way through. Definitely worth a try if you're in the area though; great for sweet-tooths

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