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We ordered Assembly Brunch ($23) and Truffle-scented mushroom & Egg Pizza ($24). Their portion is really big that we couldnโ€™t finish actually especially the pizza. Both tastes really good especially the pizza with the runny egg ๐Ÿค—. We chose smoked salmon for the brunch, the portion is really generous! The mushroom is a little dry for my likings but the portion is huge too. We also ordered Ice mocha ($6.50), it has a stronger coffee taste.

The most surprising thing about this pizza is the use of shirasu whitebait fish (zoom in to see the small white fish on the pizza) as it's mainstay! We have never tried a pizza with fish before so we were pleasantly surprised at this take on pizza. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry because the whitebait does not have much taste, and most of the flavour came from the pesto paste layered along the circumference of the pizza! We think the amount and concentration of pesto used was just right and it does not overpower the other ingredients, such as the green chillies and tomatoes! Nonetheless, this pizza may not be suitable for meat-lovers because there is no meat on the pizza except for all those small whitebait fish! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

The pizzas at Trattoria La Vita are also known for their really thin and crispy crusts, which are awesome because they are crunchy like a cracker and they will not fill your tummy up too quickly! This is especially great if you are not a big eater and want to try out other dishes at the restaurant.

However, the pizza is a little pricey at $28.50++. Hence, do make use of your Burpple vouchers as you can get one-for-one promotions on the main dishes! Do give this place a try if you are in the Clarke Quay area!

Laksa Barramundi - laksa broth (?) was very concentrated and quite salty. Added hot water to dilute it.. There were quail eggs in it, cuuute.

Steak frites (oops bad photo, had started eating!) Steak was cooked to the right doneness.

Service was fast and friendly ๐Ÿ™‚

Butter chix
Palak paneer
Aloo gobi
Garlic naan (not pictured) - thin and fluffy, not oily.
Biryani rice

This was such a satisfying dinner! Palak paneer is in a league of its own - not jelat at all. A definite must order. Love how much spinach they used!
Aloo gobi was packed with heaps of flavour with roasted cauli and potatoes.

Will return even without BB - I can't have palak paneer anywhere else now ๐Ÿ’ฏ

We had the set meal for 2, and the mains came with a 500g Zabuton and 2 sides. For sides, we opted for truffle fries and cream kale.

The truffle fries was ordinary and couldnโ€™t go wrong - it had some truffle aroma and was fried to be lightly crisp. Cream kale had a delicious cream base and was surprisingly addictive.

The Zabuton was tender and had a strong meaty flavor. It was cooked perfectly (we asked for medium rare) but we found some parts to be a little chewy.

For 2 pax, we were pretty stuffed by the end of the meal!

We had the set meal for 2, which started with some delicious burrata and sour dough bread. The burrata was fresh and creamy, and the sour dough bread was crispy and light. The tomatoes added a nice, sweet touch. A perfect combination and a great starter!

Visited on 14 May 2021
Ordered 1-1 mains (Crab Pomodoro pasta and Truffle-scented mushroom & egg pizza) and lunch set (chicken aglio olio with bread and pumpkin soup) which came with a drink
Mains were good but the lunch set was only so-so
~$15 per pax

The milo brownie is cream is exactly what you expect. The biscoff burnt basque cheesecake was not bad, but the biscoff layering was a little too sweet in my opinion.

Rating: 6

The kushi beef don and the large mayo karaage don are both pretty well made. The beef was tender and the chicken was crispy. However, the onsen egg was overcooked. Worth the burpple deal, as the total was $39 for 2pax.

Rating: 7.5

The place was alright. There was a decent crowd on a weekday night, but the food isn't really great so maybe most people were there for their cocktails ($17 during 5-8pm happy hour).

This dish was oily and salty. It was so salty I could barely taste the original flavours of whatever I was eating. The presentation and idea was interesting, but not very well executed.

ordered the juicy beef bbq burger & the gyu don together with a matcha latte & a caramel macchiato! altogether the bill came up to 11.90 per person which is insane value for the quantity as well as the quality of food!!! ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ the beef bbq burger was truly succulent, the beef patty is chonky and the sauce and bacon coats it perfectly well & it is a hearty portion! the gyu don itself was a big surprise, the beef cooked to a perfect medium rare & well seasoned!!!!! the drinks were also really good considering the price, and were a wonderful complement to the meal. went on a saturday morning for brunch & it was very empty so it was a nice quiet spot!! highly recommend for anyone looking for a value for money brunch spot in the area! will definitely return. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

burger and pasta was very delicious must try.. overall great experience 8/10