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THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. The pu-er is fragrant with tinge of sweetness. The chestnut pearls are awesome - chewy yet crunchy at the same time. Will definitely head back to try the other drinks on their menu!

Sakae Sushi was one of the earliest conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Singapore. However, their brand have since fallen on the back seat due to the emergence of fellow competitors. At a recent Eatup, we were treated to some of the food from their revamped menu and i was pleasantly surprised by the quality and array of items.

This Jumbo Crab Garlic Rice (only available at Sakae Sushi’s Teppanyaki outlets) was one of my favourite dishes of the night. The eggy garlic fried rice was complimented perfectly by the sweetness from the jumbo crab! One bowl is simply not enough (for me at least)!

Thanks Burpple for inviting and Sakae Sushi for hosting us.


The green tea latte was slightly diluted, so it was pretty disappointing.

The macchiato on the other hand, was rather interesting as the foam is slightly salty (it has rock salt in it) and is a refreshing change from the typical sweet cream that i get elsewhere

It is also on burpple beyond, so it is rather worth it!

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So I got these 4 medium sized drinks for the price of 2 drinks. 🌝🌝🌚🌚😝⁣

After tasting their drinks, I would def come back to get their passionfruit green tea and roasted oolong milk tea. 😍😍Passion fruit green tea was v refreshing and their roasted oolong tea was pretty fragrant. 😌 I felt that their White jelly toppings were better than their pearls. ⁣

✨Bober Tea has outlets at ✨⁣
🍽Bukit Panjang Plaza (11.00am-10.00pm)⁣

🍽Bishan MRT Exit C (11.00am-10.00pm)⁣

🍽Boon Keng 27 Bendemeer Rd #01-665⁣

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While I was very used to seeing bacon-wrapped straw mushrooms or asparagus in grilled skewers, it might just be my first encounter with the prawn version. Indeed, this item was delightful with the prawn cooked just nicely, and the juiciness of the seafood played down the possibility of having an over-salty bacon and butter coat.

Wonder how it would be even more unforgettable if there is some Kewpie mayonnaise on them. Fattening, yes, but worth the calories!

Also available ala carte at S$18.00.


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The matcha pearls had real matcha flavour instead of the artificial taste. Will come back! They have a different pearl flavour everyday

Quite pricey if it’s without the 1-for-1 deal. The mentaiko is amazing, if you’re up to treat yourself, this is the place to go!

Anago is basically a salt-water eel, or unagi’s cousin as I would like to call it!! It’s thinner and less oily as compared to unagi! The anago was grilled and was super soft, even the bones were pretty soft and I didn’t really have to chew much before swallowing them. Wanted to try the salmon dons but I was feeling under the weather so I ordered this instead. Will be back to try the salmon dons soon!!

Taste: 7.5/10
Presentation: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10

Ok this is probably the most underwhelming & disappointing thing I’ve ordered this year. I was expecting them to at least use homemade soy milk, however, this was literally nutrisoy soy milk with granola and 2 fruits, all of which can be found in any supermarket and prepped at home!! It’s really not worth its price and I would rather make this at home myself and add more variety of fruits.

So when Butter & Spice invited us to try authentic North Indian cuisine, we were not sure what to expect.
And we were pleasantly surprised. In fact, my reaction to B while tasting the dishes was exactly this: “Wow! This can be pretty good!”
The marination on the Tandoori Chicken was just right, and the meat was grilled to perfection.
The Aloo Gobi was pretty awesome too. The cauliflower and potato in a fragrant gravy went really well with the naan and rice.
We also had the Prawn Chatpata, where juicy prawns were soaked in a distinctive curry base that tasted both sweet and savoury.
If you are concerned about a surfeit of heavy-tasting dishes, order a Mango Lassi (mango, yogurt and milk, served chilled) to cleanse your palate, and you can be on your way to indulge in the food again.
Do also give the Masala Chai (masala spices, tea and milk) a try if you are looking for something stronger than the usual “teh tarik”.
Now I’m looking forward to having authentic Indian cuisine again 😋
Thanks to Butter & Spice for hosting us!

Tandoori Chicken (half) - $11.50
Aloo Gobi (set meal, comes with naan and a bowl of rice) - $10.00
Prawn Chatpata - $14.00
Mango Lassi - $2.90
Masala Chai - $1.50

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Was disappointed with these. The portion was small and the chicken tasted dry. For the mantous, all I tasted was oil and flour/bone for the chicken inside them. If not for the 1-1 deal, I wouldn’t recommend.