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A twist on the normal siew mai - Snow White is instead made from fish paste and shrimps. Perfect for seafood lovers. I quite enjoyed it because I’m a fan of fish paste, but the price is slightly towards the higher side.

We visited on an early weekday evening and the restaurant was quite empty, allowing us to get seats for two easily.

The dumpling skin was soft and silky. The fillings were quite standard, including shrimp, pork, turnip and carrots. The saltiness and spiciness of the condiments made this dish quite tasty - it’s apparently a chef’s specially prepared sauce.

We visited on an early weekday evening and the restaurant was quite empty, allowing us to get seats for two easily.

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this mee sua kueh was really a treat for the tastebuds with its smoky tastes from the fried mee sua and the saltiness from the Chinese sausage. Would recommend this dish!

We visited on an early weekday evening and the restaurant was quite empty, allowing us to get seats for two easily.

A chicken siewmai! Quite yummy, except I couldn’t really taste the charcoal very much. Slightly towards the pricey side, but burpple beyond’s 1-for-1 deal makes it much more reasonable for the wallet.

We visited on an early weekday evening and the restaurant was quite empty, allowing us to get seats for two easily.

The cinnamon fan in me rejoiced as I devoured this scoop of ice cream - cinnamon and maple is such a heavenly combination. If the waffles were a bit more fluffy and soft, it would’ve made this perfect as the waffles were more towards a crispy texture and could not really absorb the ice cream very well.

This is pretty worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal. I liked the interior of the cafe, it was simple and clean.

Even though the application stated that 1 for 1, but went to the shop to redeem, staff said that they never apply for Burpple

$20.60 ($0.80 from 4 containers) for 141

clear tomyum soup seafood $9.90, green curry chicken $9.90, stirfry eggplant with basil pork $9.90, mango salad $8.90

very worth for the price! tomyum soup can be quite spicy haha the attack-your-throat kinda spicy

Windowsill pies has become my go-to dessert to buy & share with friends, thanks to burpple beyond! I don’t think I’ve eaten pecan pie before so this was a great first experience! Love the peppermint pie, the flavours were great with the chocolate

For a healthier lunch option in the CBD, head to this stall in the Shenton Foodhall for affordable yong tau foo. Share their Ngoh Hiang Set ($9) and tuck into their classic Yong Tau Foo Set ($7.20). If you're up for a spicy kick, their Mala Spicy Sour Soup Set ($5.90) and good ole' Laksa Set ($8.20) are definitely your go-to lunch option.

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

A very tasty bowl of noodles! It isn’t as spicy as it sounds, the mala is more of a subtle accent to the dish. It tastes very similar to dandan noodles with the minced pork and chilli oil. Noodles were of great texture and quality. I enjoyed it.

Worth it with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal!

“Wanton mee of very good quality”, or “atas wanton mee”, is probably how I would best describe this tasty bowl of noodles. The texture of the noodles were great, and the pork collar was roasted nicely. Everything tied together really well and I would say that it was a very yummy bowl of noodles.

Probably the most expensive bowl of wanton mee I have ever bought, but I definitely got what I paid for. Very worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal!

Apparently I couldn't even wait to take a good picture before I chomped down on the cheesy goodness! 🤭

I previously reviewed their single cheeseburger at their premises, but now got the chance to try their double cheeseburger thanks to their new takeaway and delivery menu. (Delivery costs $5 islandwide for orders over $50!)

I ordered the burger at medium doneness and was rewarded with enthralling tenderness and pink patties so succulent that it came apart almost like... Tissue? With every bite, I had to really STRETCH 😲 to capture the fluffy buns, patties, caramelised onions, and their slathering of special sauce -- which left me with juices running down my chin and fingers.