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@jidai_restaurant is an innovative restaurant tying the tastes of Japan🇯🇵 together with chef-owner Darwin’s arsenal of French🇫🇷 techniques.

Here’s what we enjoyed for this SGD88 8-Course Omakase!
👉Chile Uni | Uni Miso Emulsion
👉Sea Bream | Scallop Tartare
👉Tuna Kutsuo | Fermented Spicy Mushroom
👉Parrot Fish | Squid Ink | XO Crab
👉XL Hokkaido Oyster | Sake Leek Soup
👉Atlantic Cod | Hazelnut Potato Risotto
👉Matcha Two Ways
👉Sake Kyoho Grape | Vanilla Tuile

Soo belly satisfied, we were transported to seafood heaven without breaking the bank! Just like our previous dining experiences at @jidai_restaurant, what we had did not disappoint and even managed to bring our tastebuds on an adventure…

[Media Invite] @theprsalon

9 Circular Rd, S049365

And so when I was told that Fang Patisserie would refresh their cake menu periodically, one of the flavours that I wish they would not change would be Summer (S$8.50).

As with their other cakes with tropical fruit elements that were nice, this one was much pleasing with a light yogurt mousse filling and a pineapple curd and compote centre. The flavour kind of resembled a yogurt drink, but most importantly I would be very willing to have another bite from start to end.


Lamb shank was absolutely fall-off-the-bone tender. Blue pea rice matched with the sweet chilli was fantastic. This is actually my second time eating this dish, and I have to admit the consistency is there.

The fiancée ate the crayfish Laksa linguine. Laksa smell was so strong the moment the dish was laid down on the table. The noodles matched well with the thick Laksa sauce!

Would recommend to come here with Burpple 1-for-1. Can be a bit pricy if without. And after having a good meal, you can have a date with the partner at the Singapore Chinese Culture Centre!

used 1-1 scoop of ice cream here and added on a waffles.

enjoyed the pistachio a lot!!! nutty and creamy
the bitter gajula is like a mix of dark chocolate and hazelnuts.

Brotzeit is no stranger for their meat dishes. Ordered their platter of a small selection of Nürnberger sausages (farmer’s, thuringer, and spicy chicken), served with red cabbage, pickle, sauerkraut and roast potatoes. Personally liked the thuringer with its herby taste; rest were average

Would’ve ordered their pork knuckle also if they have a smaller portion 🙃

Good for sharing and good fix for random sausage cravings


📍 Brotzeit German Beer Bar and Restaurant - VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, 01-149 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

#burpplesg #brotzeit


One of the more eye-catching restaurants under #burpplebeyond at 📍Suntec City, @madforgarlicsg offers pizzas, pastas, and mains with a focus on well... garlic. I quite liked the dark, mysterious interior of this corner restaurant, which lends it a swankier feel than other cafes at this price range.

This pizza was simple yet stunning. The toppings had us scratching our head because they comprised shrimp, pineapples, garlic chips, and decadent layer of parmesan cheese, but they all came together beautifully. I also loved the cripsy thin crust, which I found myself devouring even though I usually leave my pizza crusts aside.

I was on the fence about asking them to ditch the pineapple but I'm glad I kept them on because they really helped cut through the pungent garlic chips. A must try to stave off the vampires!

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Do not be fooled, this pizza holds itself out as a cheeseburger but tastes more like a big mac 👀 maybe for legal reasons...? The toppings were alright but tasted kind of strange with the thin crust.

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got myself a Strawberry Lemon Yo-Tea and their signature purple rice yoghurt drink and was very happy with both! the strawberry lemon tea was very refreshing and fun to drink with many chunks of strawberry. the purple rice drink was thick, but not too much that it got too jelat. overall, really enjoyed!

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📍75 Jellicoe Rd, #01-00 Wavelink Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore 208738

Ribeye: 🆈🅰🆈 - Meat was really tender and cooked to a perfect medium. Definitely left me wanting more. Highly recommended!

Fries and Broccolini: 🅼🅴🅷 - Sides weren't bad but fries was quite dry and a little bland, and the Broccolini was a little too oily.

Mango Day Spring: 🆈🅰🆈 - Really refreshing! If you're looking for a nice mocktail to go with your main course, will recommend this drink.

Lychee Rose Frizz: 🅼🅴🅷 - If you like bandung this is for you, but it was super sweet cause the amount of syrup in the drink was a little too much for the size of the cup. Would have been nicer if there was lesser syrup.

- Sous Vide Ribeye: $33
- Mango Day Spring: $10
- Lychee Rose Frizz: $10

Rating: 4️⃣/5

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