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Pretty nice view overseeing the floating platform, MBS and the business district but the sun can get too warm as it shines through the window when it begins to set.

Their high tea is at $52 per pax for 15 dainty pieces, mix of sweets and savory and a pot of tea. Top up $16 for a glass of cocktail. Since it’s still the month of February, the high tea set is themed around Chinese New Year, pineapple, orange and more chinese flavors. I like how they started the course with an appetizing and appetite whetting Osmanthus granita with wolfberry infusion. Very chinese flavored and refreshing. My favorites is surprisingly their scones, radish cake and mandarin orange marmalade. Their scones are moist and flavorful. But other than that, some of it is a little dry and the flavors are generally not bright. But good company make up for all 😀

With almond cream and mint. Too tart for me hahaha forgive me.

With mirin roasted broccoli, mash, cilantro chimichurri dressing and arugula. The steak was so bad. It's a lousy cut and damn chewy. Unacceptable.

With Malbec wine cream and sourdough croutons. It's not easy to make good pumpkin soup but this was flawless.

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With yuzu honey dressing, tobiko and ikura. Delicious!

I have never tried a White chocolate cheesecake but it’s a rather interesting contrast of equally prominent sweet and savoury notes.

This is another one fav that I will come back for it. I would never think that Espresso, Martini, Brown Sugar Ice Cream can make up such a great combination on Crème Brulee.

Feature :
🥩Devesa' Argentinian grain-fed OP RIB
A recent addition with bone-in meats, imported from Argentina.
💰$22 for 100g.

A flavoursome loin cut of Australian beef with beautiful marbling.
💰$65 for 300g.

🥩Bone-In Vintage Galiciana Striploin.
Dry-aged for 38 days with a marble beef score of 3+.Deeper, more complex flavours, resulting in a remarkable yellowish hue, well-muscled texture and a rich, beefy flavour.
💰$140 for 400g.

🥩4% Miracle A5 Bara Wagyu.
A seasonal special exclusive in Singapore to boCHINche—served in a tasting platter of flank, skirt, head bara and flap cuts
💰$120 for 200g.

🥦Roast Cauliflower, Pine Nuts, Raisins & Pistachio Pesto.

27 Club Street.


Argentinian steakhouse boCHINche formally located at Amoy Street settles into new home at 27 Club Street with a fresh look inspire by tribal design, and a refreshed menu helmed by Fabrice Mergalet.
boCHINche offers a selection of grass-fed beef imported directly from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan. A new dry-aged fridge allows beef to be dry-aged in-house typically for 35 to 38 days to push the flavours to its maximum. Their steaks are cooked using traditional grilling techniques over charcoal fire to achieve a lightly charred crust and smoky aroma.
What I had is The Meat Feast ($240.00++) which includes 1300g of Rib Eye, Fillet, Sirloin, Hanging Tender. This is great for sharing (for 2 to 4 pax) that allow us to try out not just 1 but 4 types of steaks at one time. Of course, for those who already had their favourite cuts in mine, it’s also available as an a-la-carte in the menu.

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Cocktails are pleasing to the eyes and soothing for the taste. The colourful signature drink Sarimanok did not disappoint. The ambience is good to chill, just a little sad we had to leave by 10.30pm.

Steak was well seared and nicely done! Enjoyed it as is and also with Chimichurri sauce. The sauce brought the steak to a new dimension of flavor. Do make your reservation early!

Also ordered their Ribeye steak, this time I took a picture of how they ensured the presentation of the food is maintained even for a takeaway order. Such fresh Rosemary and garlic that paired well with the perfectly seasoned and grilled Ribeye steak! 👍👏