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I’ve been wanting to try Bochinche’s lunch set and their steak for really long, and the lunch set was pretty satisfactory overall. Somehow the steak fell below my expectations, mostly because our medium rare steak was still pretty chewy at some parts and not the most tender. Some parts were pretty unevenly cooked, with some slices being more well done than others. Side ore: I really enjoyed the hand cut potatoes at the side tho, and the chimichurri was delightful.

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We tried all 3 empanadas on the menu as part of the weekday lunch set. We had the empanada with hand cut beef, grilled peppers, onions & olives, another with braised pork belly, sweet potato, chorizo & sage, and the last with sweet corn, caramelized onions, basil & buffalo mozzarella. According to the servers, these empanadas are their signature - but I actually found them quite ordinary, tasting like upgraded curry puffs. Try them if you want, but don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning hmm.

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This was nice!
The bread and butter pudding itself was impressive, fluffy and perfectly soak-y, with some parts remaining crispy
The eggnog custard wasn’t sweet, very nice with some bitter alcohol hints.
Pistachio ice cream was very creamy but the pistachio was prominent too.
Overall a very well executed dessert, really approve as a bread lover!


On their lunch set, the raviolis were plump and the filling was delicious. The ravioli skin was a bit thick but still al denge and still enjoyable.
Overall dish was dominantly cheese flavored, but complemented well with the malbec reduction and crispy pangritatas.
If you love cheese, you’ll love this!

The cuts may have changed a little over time, as did the presentation and sides, but Bochinche’s steaks have never missed the mark. The cook on them has consistently been perfect, exactly to our requested fondness. Seasoning’s always spot on and I’ve never wanted for more/less salt. Quality of the meats is never in doubt. And can I highlight that they make the best best bestest chimichurri sauce? Perfect with all their steaks.


Couldn’t decide what to eat at Amoy Street, and just randomly decided on this when we walked past it. I had previously only tried the outlet at Robertson Quay (which has since closed) and that was umpteen years ago, so I didn’t mind giving this a try. The octopus was pretty good (but then again I’m a fan of octopus and love it in general haha). The steak was not bad, but I think doneness-wise, it was a little too cooked (note: we chose medium rare). Generally, food quality was pretty decent, though there wasn’t a particular wow factor. Still, a nice place to chill out with friends especially when there is good wine (for which the distinction became stark when we went over to wine connection later on and had cheap wine😂). Rib Eye Steak (ARG)- 300g $66
Grilled Octopus $34
Choice of 2 Empanadas (we had the Hand Cut Beef and Braised spork Belly) $15
Hand Cut Chips $10
Dulce de leche Creme Brûlée and Banana Split ice cream $17
Glass of Sauvignon Blanc (Babich) $17

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An underwhelming and expensive high tea that left us unsatisfied and a possibility of losing a limb or two. The desserts not shown in the picture was way too sweet we barely could finish any individual pieces of it.. It also didnt taste sophisticated or had depth in the flavours. It was just flat sweet...
The savory items were decent at best, but didnt wow us. Portions were extremely small as shown in picture and sadly not very yummy..The puff pastry felt like it was just some frozen puffs you got from the supermarket.

The best part of the tea has got to be the self service chocolates. Lol the nut clusters were good and that's kind of about it.

Ambience was good, service was normal. You would be happier off at Morton's next door...

Make your way to this trendy shop house along Amoy Street to find affordable 3 course lunch sets at $38++
Steak was skillfully grilled to my preferred doneness (medium rare) and the service was pleasant. For those who want to try Argentine "puffs" can give the empanadas a try.

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Bought all 3 sets of 3-course lunch set at $38++ each. L♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ve all the dishes except the cold pea soup. Cold soup ? 🙄 urrrrrrrrr....

This trendy 45-seater along Amoy Street serves up a mash of European offerings with bold flavours. The best part? Everything is house-made – from their bread down to the pastry used for their tasty Beef Empanadas ($16 for two). Start with the refreshing Sea Bream Ceviche ($26), before moving on to the Ojo de Bife ($65) – we're talking a lusciously meaty 28-day aged in-house rib eye.
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh


Provelata with bread topped with almonds and honey. Definitely a must-order for cheese lover. Cheese was very melty and flavourful, but it hardens very fast. Goes very well with the bread!