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Colour Mantou

It was a surprise to see so many colourful mantous with different flavours selling at suntec. We tried the curry chicken pao and peanut mantou. Both mantous filling are very generous. Will be back here again to try other flavours

I can have this kind of breakfast Everyday.

A piece of Bolou Yao, 2 Soft Boiled Egg and 1 cup of Kopi (Coffee)
Location: @toastboxsg
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Live Long and Prosper 🤘🏾Turtley love dinner at home last nite.

Yummy Matcha Bread from @asanoyasg 🍞 They r so cute and fluffy! $3.50 each.
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Speculoos melt toast [$6.95 UP: $13.90] A NEW item recently launched on the menu, do enjoy it at a whooping 50% off when you share their Facebook post during your purchase✨.

Signature thick buttered toast topped with speculoos drizzle (YES, it's just like the cookie sauce in llaollao💖💖) served with a scoop of cookies&scream ice cream by default. A change of ice cream flavour is possible if you are not a fan of cookies&cream, which I did and chose Thai green tea and added an extra scoop of earl grey. Whats mor, thenfriendly owner even added an extra scoop of speculoos ice cream (without me knowing🙈) to the toast which no doubt was a perfect complement to the speculoos toast 💖. That means, triple scoops of delight to my toast!😋😋😋The toast was once again, done to a consistent standard with an ideal crisp exterior that executes a perfect crunch factor, as well as a soft, pillowy and well buttered interior. The Thai green ice cream was my favourite among all (no surprise😆), with a lingering aromatic floral fragrance and a distinctive earthy note. On the other hand, the earl grey flavour is also a delight to my palate, with its subtle lingering aroma and a distinctive, characteristic tea flavour (which I do not mind it being more intense😅). Fans of speculoos would love this toast (which I did since I am one) with the caramelised, luscious flavour of the cookie butter sauce and the ice cream! On a sidenote, I really fancy and appreciate the fact that the toast is intricately plated and decorated with little confectionaries, providing a kaleidoscopic feast for the sight😍.
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matcha lava toast w earl grey ice cream

the matcha lava reminds me of thai green milk tea rather than matcha, and the earl grey ice cream tastes nothing like tea lol. I wouldn't come back anytime soon....?

An interesting creation named the PB Pancake Burger which wasn't Peanut Butter but Pork Belly instead.

Didn't know whether to label it sweet or savoury but it sure was a good combination.
Braised pork belly sandwiched between pancakes with bacon crisps, caramelised banana and cream, drizzled in maple syrup and caramel peanuts. Loved how they played with the fluffy, crispy, crunchy and meaty textures. A good dish for brunch and to go with a cup of coffee.

Earl grey lava toast [$15.90] Comes with a scoop of ice cream of your choice (recommended pairing: earl grey), the thick buttered toast comes with an oozy earl grey lava filling that executes a smooth flow that's a feast for the sight 😍.

Really fancy the toasts here which are always consistent in texture- an ideal crisp exterior and a soft, pillowy interior that comes with a lingering buttery fragrance. The earl grey lava was thick and creamy, with a luscious milky flavour that comes with a subtle lingering earl grey flavour and aroma. As a hardcore earl grey fan, I would prefer if the earl grey flavour was more distinct though! The Thai milk tea ice cream that I had chosen to pair with was smooth, creamy, a melt-in-the mouth texture with a distinctive Thai tea flavour and fragrance, though it might get a tad too sweet for some.
Thanks @meetandmelt for the offering this toast on the house and satisfying my sweet tooth as always! 💖 #burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

Lazy mornings are made of minimalistic breakfast.

A cherry butter cake and a Teh C siew dai (tea with carnation milk less sugar). Simplicity is delish.
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Jasmine Scone

Woah! The smell of jasmine flows to my nose the moment i took this out from the paper bag. First bite and i knew it's worth the $2.80. The scone was not dense, instead crisp on the outer and fluffy on the inner. One of the best scones i ever eaten in sg. 👍🏼