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The second sweet treat that we always go for in TBB is Kouign Amann. For those who have it first time, the pastry is baked until it achieves the crunchy exterior (might be too ignorant for us to say that it is like a roti curling up in circle or caramelised croissant).🤐 Known as the fattiest pastry in Europe but somehow TBB manages to make us forget about this fact. We would prefer if they give us a bigger plate for better sharing.👌
P.S. this Raffles City always impress us with indoor dining whenever we bring visitors.🙏

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This classic cup of long black (sweet black brew with beautiful crema) can never go wrong!

The blend between milk, hot chocolate and espresso coffee is really cozy. The latte art is also not that bad (flower or plants we think) 😜

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The Gryphon tea “Nymph of the Nile” is served on their menu. The least processed white tea is elevated with aromatic floras and herbs (Persian pink rose, rosehip, Egyptian basil and strawberry leaves). The staff at this outlet is very friendly when we ask to top up hot water. 👍

Yummy treat that we always order whenever we visit TBB (be it takeaway or dine in).

Fuji Spring ($2.20) filled with red bean cream cheese having Matcha Almond topping on top of Fuji Spring. I felt that Matcha Almond topping was quite bitter and strong taste for Matcha and also cream cheese is quite thick with mixed red bean.

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Lychee Rose Royal Bread ($20.80 for whole bread) is most popular at Singapore. Lychee Rose Royal's dough itself is a mix of lychee wine, black-leaf lychee and natural rose petals. I think they put a lot of ingredients inside the bread and its worth it to try for first time. I didn't expected my mum will be buying bread in the end because the bread itself was qute atas and expensive but tastewise was quite awesome and strong fragrance for lychee wine lasted more than 2 to 3 days.

Ugly photo, but just wanted to show how little salmon there was inside. It might as well have been spinach lasagne.

To be fair, it was a decent lasagne. Not too salty, a lot of spinach and the right amount of cheese.

However, at $13.80 and with very little, frozen-tasting salmon, I would probably not buy this again.

sparkling mineral water by Antipodes + shrub shot

smoked salmon + pickled cucumber & radish, house-made dill crème fraiche + danish rye

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