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Not my first try. Ordered this dish with wholemeal sliced bread, as always. But I have grown increasingly fond of Cedele's bread.

I think for artisan bread that's handcrafted in small batches daily and for products that are organic, Cedele's prices are considerably reasonable/ affordable.

The mass-market/ pre-packaged breads we buy from the supermarkets have preservatives/ chemicals added to prolong their shelf life and as time is money, the bread are added with commercial yeast/ bread improvers.

The breads we commonly get from our heartland bakeries, on the other hand, are often high in sugar and butter.

Many European-style breads are made with little or no commercial yeast and bread improvers, and as a result, need a much lengthier fermentation period, making such breads a healthier/ more nutritious alternative. Also, the end result of a longer fermentation period is crusty breads with a dense and chewy texture.

The crusty bread may come with a sturdier texture, but as you bite into the crispy crust, the flavours of the bread get 'released', giving you a wonderful taste of how flavourful bread itself can be/ is.

Growing up in Singapore, I have always loved velvety soft bread/ buns with fillings. After all, softness is one of our criteria for a good (read: fresh) loaf of bread. We tend to associate or equate dry/ hard(er) bread with stale bread.

However, over time, with increasing accessibility to different varieties European-style breads in Singapore, I have slowly grown to appreciate the texture and flavour/ taste of such crusty breads of sturdier texture.

The best thing about Cedele's roasted chicken avocado sandwich is that the flavours of the roast chicken, mayo and avocado does not overpower the flavour(s) of their wholemeal sliced bread because that is one thing I have really grown to enjoy.

My messy bread chronicles (VI)
As if the messy bread was suffering from an identity crisis- whether it should be pure bread or layered pastry. Resulting in a confusing “floury” rendition for the lack of a better description. When I finally stumbled upon the delightful hazelnut chocolate spread, it subsequently felt like looking for gold in a mine- rare indeed. This becomes something to try once and only once 🙊


Cold brew? Latte? Cap? This one is from Melbourne’s Padre Coffee, perfect to start my day right ☕️☕️☕️. .
Check out my blog if you want to find out more on what they serve at The Dark Gallery Takashimaya. ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼
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Though the matcha flavour wasn’t intense (as expected), it was still distinct with a lingering earthy fragrance, coupled with a smooth and melt-in-the mouth texture. Amazed at its high threshold of heat and exposure as it was still able to withstand a firm solid spherical shape despite our long phototaking moments. The charcoal hotcake was filled with a molten interior core of earl grey lava, which was disappointing with barely any earl grey flavour. Perhaps due to the incorporation of white chocolate, it just tasted milky and sweet, enough to satisfy one’s sweet tooth cravings. The lava could have been more explosive too IMO. Fortunately the hotcake did not disappoint and exceeded expectations with its slight crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy interior, a tad different from the typical usual dense and moist lava cakes. The assorted frozen berries also provided a tangy refreshing note to the this luscious, sweet dessert.
Launched in collaboration with @sot.sugarontop, other flavours of lava cakes are also available ie. Matcha, strawberry white chocolate and goreng pisang.


Wish the texture of this kick-off brioche bun is lighter. Creativity VS. Taste (3:1). Love the red bean paste filling though

Geh auf Zehenspitzen wenn du musst. Aber geh den Schritt
at times even the smallest step you made could possibly be a life changing moment. Tiptoe if you must, but keep hustling

🥧: Matcha White Chocolate Danish - S$3.9
🍹: Ice Lemon Tea - S$4.2
🍹: Ice Mint Tea - S$4.2
📍: @asanoyasg Singapore

Got this from the Delicius counter that was connected to Mugiho Bakery. Very fluffy sponge cake with sweet strawberries. The cream was quite light.

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Reached the bakery around 10.30am and wanted to try the Hummus + Za’atar toast but unfortunately it was sold out already. This one was not too bad. Fragrant nut butter on crispy and warm sourdough toast. Reasonable price as compared to the other bakeries around the area.

Consist of roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil. Warm chewy goodness. A bit pricy for a bagel but the flavour is good so I’m not complaining!

Sweet, moist decadent cake but a bit too sweet for my liking. Overall still a decent cake as I matched it with bitter drip coffee. Bittersweet combo. A perfect match.

Generous amount of butter and good amount of the fragrant kaya (they’re also selling tubs of kaya), toasty buns with crispy edges. Taste much better than the similar YY Kaifei Dian’s round kaya buns. Teh siew dai is not bad.

Custard tarts which really doesn’t taste like the usual egg tarts. It’s like a cream tart. Super soft.

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