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This was so good for so many reasons- the cornflakes were especially crunchy, I think it was probably deep fried because it felt like there was a layer of batter on it that gave it the crunch and sweetness! Also the pancakes were nicely warm and fluffy, and the vanilla ice cream was a rly good finishing touch, complemented everything!! Worth the wait and price!

DYO salad bowl - pick a base with 5 other toppings. There are additional charges for protein. So here’s my pick of the day - Romaine lettuce as my base, chicken breast as my protein with beetroot, pumpkin, chickpea and broccoli as my toppings. No dressing to go with it and make this the “cleanest”meal ever in my entire life!

Added my own cherry tomatoes

💸 $9.30

Phad Thai noodle, peanut, shredded chicken, prawns, lettuce, chopped tomatoes/bell peppers, sweet Thai spicy sauce and lime. Yummy and filling!

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Infused with thai milk tea, the bread dough was really soft and fluffy with loads of raisins inside. Though I prefer a stronger thai milk tea flavour, I quite enjoyed the bun.

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Brioche toast was so good! Will be back for their bread.

Multigrain cranberry pumpkin $1.80
Raisin walnut crescent $1.60

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Nutty notes w creamy, silky texture & balanced medium body. Low acidity. A very satisfying, toasty cuppa joe 🌿

You can see how some pick out slices from the sides, some from the centre (!!!) etc. Some love the first and last crusty sides, for others it’s a no no.
Anyway, the moral of the story is, @bakerandcooksg now sells their artisan sliced breads in selected Cold Storage and Market Place. Bring them to your office and start to analyse your colleagues behaviour. 😆

Had this burger at TBB's brand new #TBBSAFARI outlet in the shared space with OFC! 🦁Unlike your usual saucy, savory pulled pork burger, this one was on a lighter side. Not as saucy but equally flavorful! Tender pulled pork w leafy greens. What's really special about this burger is it's buns! Embed with coriander seeds that adds an addictive uplifting floral note & sunflower & sesame seeds for more texture. A seemingly simple burger packed w flavour & surprises! Goes really well w a cup of ice latte for a hot afternoon lunch. Will definitely be back for more! 🌿🍔🌿