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Unique to Barcook Bakery, these meat-free buns are topped with Quorn™ products made of Mycoprotein. I'm really impressed at how meat-like they are! I personally love the Meat Free Pasta La Vista (left, $2.20) – this bun is topped with 2 Quorn™ Swedish style balls that are slathered with the classic pasta sauce and melted cheddar and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. The Meat Free Curry My Favour (right, $1.90), comprising Quorn™ mince, curry spices and cheddar, tasted flatter and could do with stronger flavours.

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Pulled pork with the most amazing tomato sauce.. wiped the bowl clean alongside some sourdough bread! Too good.

Pair it with the in-house freshly baked sourdough bread! The owners truly care about serving you only the best quality ingredients that are good for you and taste great!

Back to reality and work life again. Work • Life • Balance all over again. Good morning Singapore!


Hole-in-the-wall cafe. Ordered their signature drink iced cereal latte and it was not bad. Wasn’t too sure about the mixture of the taste though. But friendly service.

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Spanish baked eggs w roasted aubergines and peppers and a side of wood-fired oven-baked sourdough which was baked to perfection 👌🏼 this is as of now my favourite baked eggs dish in SG 😍

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10/10 완전 대박 @parisbaguette_kr #parisbaguette #cake #burpple #burpplesg

Love their chewy bread! And scones! Especially the savoury scone

Price: $2.60 (ice)
Always craving for their yuan yang c peng especially under such hot weather. It is silky smooth and not overly sweet. Never enough for one.

Dense thai milk tea cake with minimal frosting. Not really a cake fanatic and i can’t appreciate the density of this cake. Is too thick for me and the thai milk tea taste is too subtle.