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Top 10 Places for Bread in Bugis

Top 10 places for Bread

Latest Reviews for Bread in Bugis

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Bread

I was in the mood for cakes 🍰 so decided on the banana walnut loaf .

Sufficiently moist and buttery but a little too sweet for me .

Overall - still quite a pleasant cake but slightly pricey at 4 dollars for a rather thin slice .



My fav here!! Melty egg yolk with melty cheese and soft chiffon cake 👍🏻

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It’s really called Smallish Almond Croissant - what a cute name! I requested for it to be heated up but it was delicious even when chilled too.

I really enjoyed the taste of this croissant - it was buttery and damp on the inside, but not overtly sweet such that it’s surfeiting. The exterior of the croissant was very crispy and flaky, but even the flakes were well coated with sugar with a subtle almond taste.

The overall environment was cozy with soft acoustic music in the background, and a good place for a catch up if you don’t mind the small space. (But you might feel pressurized to leave once it gets crowded...)

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Pretty fluffy and gooey:) Would have liked it even more if it was fresh from the oven

Good place for breakfast or tea break. Their kaya butter toast is crispy and yummy while the eggs are fresh. Set also includes hot drink of your choice.

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What a work of art. The actual soup is below the crumbs, which keep the assorted fungi visible. Fyi the soup here is the thick kind and when the crumbs mixed in, it became even thicker and not the most ideal.

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Two cheeses, although I can't remember them. I expected more. Their grilled cheese was ordinary and inferior to many out there.

The way everything came together exuded a premium feel, yet it's quite cheap. I'm not a fan of uncooked salmon but this was good stuff.

$4.70 for good tea and 2 perfectly done eggs. Note the eggs often take so long...

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The Chicken Salad ($9.50) 🥗 was a hearty bowl of juicy & springy sous-vide chicken breast dices smothered in house-made mayo, mesclun, cherry tomatoes sprinkled with breadcrumbs. I’m not a mayo fan, but the mayo-marinated chicken was pleasantly light with a hint of zest. Overall, this dish was simple yet filling!