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The idea is good, but too airy. Just imagine this idea but with fuller pastry.

I didn't expect such a long queue! The Danish was good, although you can't really go wrong with hazelnut. I'm not a fan of Madeleines, but I knew with chocolate it'd work, and it did.

Managed to snag the last cinnamon roll in the heat of the afternoon, perhaps to the dismay of the lady behind me. The bread was soft and fluffy, and the cinnamon sugar filling smooth and lightly sweet. Also loved the large sugar granules on top which provided a nice textural contrast against the fluffy bread swirls. A little pricey, but quite a treat.

Price: $4.90

Just the right amount of spicy level, ingredients and the pita bread is soft and tasty. Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.

Visited Konditori the other day near Haji Lane ✨ their Red Velvet Croissant really caught my eye because it was so so pretty and I heard a lot of good things about them!

Firstly, it’s Halal! There’s not many good Halal dessert spots that people know of, so it’s nice that it’s in a relatively accessible place! 😊 Also, it’s mega delicious - just look at that cream cheese filling and it’s covered in chocolate and red velvet cake crumbs! Super good and quite affordable at a price tag of $5.90 considering it’s quite a hefty croissant! The staff are so nice and friendly too ✨👏🏻

Verdict: 9.5/10

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Crusty, brownie that was crumbly inside, turning fudgy as u chew. This one was a lot more balanced in the acidity of the chocolate so I'm really a fan of it, not to mention I love brownies to begin with. There's also a super generous amount of macadamia? And a bit of salt inside. Fantastic bake by mother dough bakery

PSA they use valrhona in most of their bakes

On the harder side, a bit crumbly and kinda fudgy as u chew on it. I prefer soft cookies but I still loved the texture of this cookie. Bursts of sea salt comes thru as well. On my first bite I found it too sour from the dark chocolate but I grew to appreciate the complexity and ample chocolatey-ness. Not to mention the oozing chocolate chips even just at room temp. What a treat!!


This was pretty good, but I felt that the croissant itself could have been more crisp! Should probably have toasted it at home, but I also wanted to have it fresh (heh). They were very generous with the frangipane filling, which was not too sweet and rather pleasant.

This contained tuna, mayo, capers, jalapeño, cheesy spiced breadcrumbs, smoked cheddar, arugula between 2 slices of whole wheat sourdough.

The bread is really good, especially the crunchy edges. We both liked the middle part best, where the cheese and tuna were especially nice. I liked the addition of the capers, and there was a slight spicy kick from the spiced breadcrumbs. It’s pricey, but it was a rather satisfying toastie :)

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Mother Dough is filled to the brim with yeasty delights. There's amazing sourdough and croissants, of course, and also a whole array of smaller bakes, from fluffy Banana Walnut Bread ($4) to the Rye Fudge Brownie ($5.50). Burppler loves their savoury Beef Pepperoni Quiche ($6.50), "filled sparingly with smoky pepperoni and sweet dried cherry tomatoes."

Photo by Burppler nic x