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Top 10 Places for Bread

Top 10 places for Bread

Latest Reviews for Bread

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Bread

Mid-week treats with @muyoosg, made even better with a 1-for-1 deal using #burpplebeyond ✌🏻✌🏻❤️❤️

For those who love an intense cheesy foam, 🐭🧀THIS is the place for you. Definitely stronger than LiHo's. However, as much of a cheese lover I am, I found the sharp cheesy taste too overpowering, and could barely taste the cocoa. Would have preferred a more subtle yet savoury taste to complement the beverages. The very instagrammable rainbow cup holders were pretty, but so not very environmentally friendly 😅🌍

I doubt I'll purchase this item without a 1-for-1 promo... I'd rather have KOI, LiHo and R&B anytime! 😛

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Loved the food here! Best croissant I’ve had, the slight crisp outside contrasted the soft buttery inside very well. Matcha flavour was strong.

The smoked salmon squid ink sandwich was equally good — got it as it was one of the cheapest on the menu and was pleasantly surprised. Generous portions of salmon!

Wouldn’t mind eating this for all 3 meals 😋

Mocha was very strong and thick, but too overpriced. Ambience was very cosy and staff were very friendly though. Nice quiet location to study or meetup with friends.

Im having an awesome SUB here! 😋😋😋
Although PAUL offers many types of sandwiches for takeaway, this Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($9.90) simply stole my heart! ❤
JUST LOOK at how generous they are with the amount of smoked salmon slices! 😍😍😍 U can be guaranteed a good mouthful of that smoky & savoury goodness in every bite!! Yup, that's all i need! ✔
Featuring sesame PAUL flûte laid with crunchy romaine lettuce, fresh juicy tomatoes & an entire stretch of soft smoked salmon, this really is my kind of sandwich! 💕💕 As my sandwich was freshly made, the exterior of my bread had a good crunch. Suggest to finish it off before it cools as it WILL get hard 😅
Really liked the sesame atop the bread which added some fragrance & nutty flavours! 👍🏻 The lemon cream cheese spread also added a citrusy zest that complemented the smoked salmon very well! 😋
Other sandwich choices include Salmon & Avocado ($9.90), Sesame Camembert ($7.80), Sandwich Dieppois (Tuna; $7.90), Viennois Dinde (Smoked turkey breast, $8.70) etc.. so spoilt for choice! 🤣

Be sure to bag some cruffins home as the croissant-muffin hybrid at Bakery Brera is undoubtedly one of their best sellers. Calling in advance to reserve all four available flavours (Peanut Butter, Caramel, Lemon Curd & Kaya), I was warned that they usually flew off the shelves before noon.

At $4.50 a whirl, the buttery and flaky outer shell was my favourite part, only next to the generous smooth fillings. Torn between the lusciously rich peanut butter and tangy-sweet lemon curd, I was glad to find that there were just enough of both piped into the airy centre as I dug excitedly into each pastry. The baked dough was surprisingly light and dusted with just the right amount of sugar that it didn’t create too much of a mess. Not my first cruffin, this golden rendition from Bakery Brera, nestled in the quaint estate of Empress Mall, will be something I constantly dream about.

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Fresh blended strawberry and topped with slightly salted cheese. We had the first mouth through the small opening and i can’t really taste anything but the cheese. I would have prefer the cheese tea over at another famous shop tho. The strawberry does not goes really well with the cheese on top, even after we try stirring and mixed together.

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Fruity drink with all the citrus. Very refreshing but a tad too sweet, will ask for less sugar on my next visit!

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Soft and fluffy but would have liked more apple chunks and a stronger tea fragrance.


Couldn’t resist after seeing these freshly baked pieces out on the rack. Didn’t expect it but it was quite legit! The soft bread was topped with a crusty-biscuity top that had a distinct matcha bitterness. The middle could have done with a lot more of its bittersweet matcha cream, and it was a pity that the sweet chocolate overpowered it.


$4.50 after member’s discount

My fav bread here!! Love mochi 😋

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One of the rare sweet savory snacks I eat, since I generally don’t like that combination. The roll was moist and had a nice pandan fragrance, and the cheese was quite plentiful. But this roll has been increasing in price over the years, from $8+ to $9+ now. Waiting for it to reach $10.

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