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the bread was generously stuffed with cranberries but there wasn’t much cheese except for a cheese crust topping. however the bread was infused with a cranberry fragrance and fluffy so that was nice.

rating: 6/10

bread was fluffy and chicken had a balanced black pepper seasoning and was also portioned pretty generously as the ratio of meat to bun was decent. the crust was topped off with more black pepper which completed the bun.

rating: 7/10

Butterscotch banana pancakes (~$18.50): my uLTIMATE FAV pancakes. ever. and this says a lot considering how pancakes is my fav food 🥞

Ig @goodfomood

Been craving this Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough (~$14) with Scrambled Eggs (+$3) for months ever since I saw it on someone’s instastory.... 👅
A generous portioned of creamed shimeji mushrooms were presented on top of soft sourdough, anD DAMN IT WAS GOOOD 😋 Sourdough never got soggy throughout the meal despite the creamed mushrooms on top, and the sweet sundried tomato’s disrupted the creamy texture of the mushrooms and herb cream 🍅
Scrambled eggs were fluffy though slightly overcooked at the bottom, but hEY I would willingly pay $17 for this anyday 😛

Ig @goodfomood

The sesame filling was pretty generous and the filling to bun ratio was not too bad. The texture of the sesame filling was inclined towards grainy instead of paste-like.

If you prefer your filling to be more chewy, this bun might not be for you. But if you prefer a crunchy filling, you could give it a try! I guess I need to give this bun another try to have another taste of it before deciding if I’ll buy it often 🤣

Pullman Bakery’s famous Curry Hokkaido Bun!
Tried this without having much expectations for it but as I had my first mouth, oooo it was really something different!

The curry paste within was normal. The description said it was filled with potatoes, it should be mashed potatoes as the filling within was very paste-like.

The bun on the other hand was really yummy. The Hokkaido bun really makes a difference. The exterior although fried, did not taste very oily. But I only had a few bites of this bun so I’m not sure if it would actually be jelak towards finishing the bun!

Would definitely try other breads such as their yam bread the next time! ⁣

This pita fill free sandwich is so good! The falafel was fried upon ordering and was very crispy. The sandwich was quite huge. I initially didn’t want to finish the bread. But as I took my first mouth, I already knew I’m gonna finish the entire sandwich, including the bread! ⁣⁣
I think there was 5-6 falafels in the sandwich and it comes with the veggies and their sauces. We also ordered an additional side of hummus at $4 which was very fresh and yummy.⁣⁣
It’s my first time eating a pita sandwich, I’m definitely sold and can’t wait to be back for more already. Pita Bakery is also vegan!⁣⁣

Came here to sketch and just chill! Ordered a nice cinnamon roll which you could tell was homemade! Only complaint is the heat and the lack of fans and cooling, making it quite unpleasant if you easily get hot! However, do come try out the rest of their dishes and tartines! 🌍😳

Cruffins-the crossover pastry between crossaints and muffins have been trending in singapore for quite an amount of time. Have heard of this popular bakery at empress market for a while. We sure won't disappointed when we tried them. Pictured are the peanut butter and jelly, lemon, pandan kaya. My favourite is the kaya, with gula melaka kaya lava core that was so addictive for me. The coconut jam goes so well with the flaky cruffin crust.


With BBQ chicken chunks, kidney beans, cherry tomatoes 🍅 leafy greens 🥬 cheese 🧀 and radish


With avocado 🥑 chicken slices, corn 🌽 cherry tomatoes 🍅 hard boiled egg 🥚 and leafy greens