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Singapore Curry with a twist
Tender chicken chunks and potato, marinated with BreadTalk’s blend of curry spices

National Day Special
Crispy French croissant filled with shredded gouda and mozzarella cheese, topped with Otah; specially made with chunks of threadfish beam and squid cubes

In celebration of Singapore’s 55th Birthday, you can get the @swissbakesg Swissbake Tea Cake selections (Banana, Lemon & Chocolate) at only $5.50 (U.P $8.90) and Kraftwich’s Mini Pies at $5.50 for 5pcs. Promo valid till end Aug 2020.
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their banana cake is moist, soft and sweet and also really affordable!!! Their other cakes are also really good - tried the carrot one and loved it too

Not only am I loving the loaves from Bread Yard, but loving their brunch food too! Went for their Steak & Egg Bowl. Except for their steak that is a little bit on the chewier side (but they kind of make up for it by slicing it thinly), the bowl is well packed with flavors that marries well together. A little savory with some truffle fragrance and nutty note to it. The bowl is good on its own, but the Garlic Bread stick has definitely complemented it well! The texture is like a mix of pretzel & puff pastry sort, with a nice crunch to it!

Can I start by saying that this place is really kinda overpriced?? $13.50 for a slice of salmon toast which isn’t even filling? Not good for my tummy and wallet haha. Got the iced white too ($5.50) and yes coffee here is really good.

Would come back here just to do work and drink their coffee but the cafe gets really crowded so this might not be a viable idea 🤧

I always enjoy my time at simply bread @cluny court. For a simplier affair, the simply bread at level 1 offers straight up bakes & pastries with the usual tea/coffee selection. Their sticky cinnamon bun is always a must for me. But it's so awesome to just sit out in the open, under the shaded tree to chill. They have another outlet on level 2 which offers the full monty of food.

Can’t get more ole school than this.

Light and crisp crust , wobbly and not too sweet egg custard .

You can’t stop at one .

Or maybe you can - it’s huge :)

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The idea is good, but too airy. Just imagine this idea but with fuller pastry.

I didn't expect such a long queue! The Danish was good, although you can't really go wrong with hazelnut. I'm not a fan of Madeleines, but I knew with chocolate it'd work, and it did.

This was such an amazing bun!!! I ate it on the spot and it was so warm and fluffy, with a generous filling of yam paste which remained enjoyable throughout, not straying into jelat territory at all. I also appreciated that it was not sweet at all, preserving the integrity of good orh nee. A bit expensive as compared to the other $1 buns sold, but well-worth in my opinion.