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Recommended lists of Best Breakfast & Brunch in Bugis, Singapore, 2018
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Top 10 Places for Breakfast & Brunch in Bugis

Top 10 places for Breakfast & Brunch

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Breakfast & Brunch

Chicken & Pancakes - $19
Crispy and large chunks of friend chicken is the first thing that will catch you eyes. Underneath hidden the house-made buttermilk pancakes, with the whole dish drizzled with generous amount of chilli maple sauce, which isn’t spicy spicy so no worries. The pancakes are crispy on the outside, kinda rigid as it’s made flat and thin while cooked to crisp, not the type of pancake that I would love. But the fried chicken is worth the indulgence, crispy but not dry on the inside, together with the mild spicy maple sauce it’s a great match. Be prepared to wait especially during weekend as the cafe can get rather crowded
Earlybird Cafe

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This dish is superb, and everything goes so well with each other. The portion is huge, and you might struggle to finish it alone. I would suggest you to share with a friend, so that you can leave some stomach space for other different dishes or desserts.

Not only looks cute, it taste good too! Generous serving portion too! I’m impressed as usually theme cafe food looks nice but doesn’t taste nice, however this was beyond my expectations!
The coconut fragrance from the butterfly pea rice, the fried chicken was crispy too. The sambal paired well with the tempura prawns and rice. And yes, the ramen egg was perfect. Not a fan of potato croquette, but it was crispy so I think potato croquette lovers would love it.

They use a higher percentage of whole wheat, like in cookies and breads to keep GI levels moderate for a healthier diet.

They are really quite hidden, making breads and bakes with passion and soul. Well, up to us to ‘discover’ them and let you know, right?

It’s near Bras Basah MRT and the Art Museum.

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This is my first time having breakfast in Dong Po Colonial Cafe. Ordered Set F (Bostock & Kopi) plus Chocolate Long Cup. The Kopi is quite strong but very good! Try dipping the long cup into the coffee, makes the taste even better for the kopi and long cup. The Bostock really amazing. Crispy, buttery with the fragrant almond flakes. Get ready to queue especially on Saturday morning.

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Paris Baguette Thai Noodle Salad 🥗


Every ingredients match so well together!! 😋Rice noodle w bell peppers, shredded grilled chicken, peanuts, prawns, spring onions and sweet Thai chilli sauce

500 calories per box

Had a lovely lemon cheesecake at this cafe. Interesting mix of light cheese blend layered above a sponge cake base. Not too heavy like an American cheesecake yet not too light light a Japanese souffle cake. Very different take on a cheesecake!

Also had a chocolate hazelnut tart which was a bit too sweet for my liking and the chocolate ganache layer was a little dense, would have liked something a little smoother. But a nice cafe to chill out nonetheless.

To me, Ya Kun makes the best kaya peanut toast!! Love how toasty the bread is! Generous amount of filling. Soft boiled eggs cooked to perfection. Kopi flavour is intense and fragrant. Also trying the new Yakun durian kaya toast ($3.90 à la carte). With real durian flesh! Intense flavour but can’t taste the kaya.

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Trying the new Yakun durian kaya toast ($3.90 à la carte). With real durian flesh! Intense flavour but can’t taste the kaya.

My my what do we have here - Savoury fried chicken and sweet pancake? Surprised at how flavourful the fried chicken is. The chilli flakes add a different dimension to the overall taste. Not bad.

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Good service here but Singapore does have high quality good Chirashi in many restaurants. It is good for its price but the premium one could have more. 🐳 MerRyan is happy!.
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Eating clean never looked so mouth-watering! With low-carb cauliflower rice as base, the flavours and textures are piled up high with crisped up fried eggplant discs, juicy and tangy roasted cherry tomatoes, creamy guac, fresh greens, sautéed shrooms and liberally seasoned steak (cooked to a medium doneness). There's also a dollop of sweet tomato-ey baked beans, but I'm not too fond of it personally (not sure if that was meant to be the salsa or was replaced when we visited). That aside, we really enjoyed this flavourful bowl.