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A Taiwanese friend told me it’s the best 卤肉饭 she has had in SG. But I’m quite disappointed. The 卤肉饭 is very plain, just normal 卤肉 any Chinese can do. The 大肠面线 is a bit sour. The 鸡肉饭 is just chicken floss with 卤肉汤. Nothing special. Only the bubble milk tea makes me feel better.

It doesn’t worth queuing for more than half an hour in Saturday morning.

LiHO (Hougang 1)
Jolly Black Forest Chocolate (M Size - $6.50) First time I felt that LiHO was quite good in making blended drink but I went toilet after that. I tasted a hint of blueberry flavour (sour) within chocolate drink (sweet) so it really enhanced the drink so well and I really enjoyed with it after a short time of chocolate rush (sugar mood). If you ask me that if the shop don't have or selling matcha flavour for ice cream or dessert, I will be choosing which flavour? probably chocolate or recommended flavour that they have for in store, I guess so?

unfortunately i think the food is here is quite meh - soup was diluted and egg was very inconsistent (one was hard boiled and one was a ramen egg). noodle is quite average also. i think the one piece of meat was quite nice though but i would not pay full price for this. great place to hangout though!

Happy to see Milksha opening one in the north side. There’s no seats here but a big table at the store.

For a refreshing drink of course should go for this recommended drink. $5 for large size.

Bun was thiccc and pretty much felt like chomping on a chunky burger. Fresh portions were warm and airy with a slightly sweetened golden crust, unlike the usual milky identity. These also seem to have a fairly short shelf life as they staled by the next day. Expect to wait as patron usually purchase in bulk and queueing can get slightly messy during crowded periods.

REALLY GOOD! they gave quite a lot of pearls and really liked the layer of cream on top. It's about 6+. Check out the eatigo app for small discounts!

Had a hard time locating the place as it is located along the parameter of the mart. Shop is clean and has sweet smelling aroma of waffles and candy. Bought the mixed dessert bowl, with 3 choices or topping each. Definitely worth it, 2 bowls for 4.60

Utilised my Burpple Beyond 1-for-1, ordered Black Tea with creme brûlée & Creme Cheese Foam Black Tea. The deal is excluding toppings. My choice of toppings: extra mini tapioka & extra mini taro balls. Total bills around $9 with GST.

The creme brûlée is a better choice compared with creme cheese foam black tea (too bitter to my liking).

To be honest it’s considered very expensive if you don’t have Burpple Beyond. Even with it, it’s definitely not cheap. Unfortunately they don’t have indoor sitting area, the shop is relatively small with only 4 chairs outdoor.

Ordered their top two drinks, Honey Lemon Oolong Tea and Black Tea Latte w Pudding.

The oolong tea was refreshing and thirst quenching. The black tea latte is like a light milk tea.

The honey osmanthus oolong tea ($6.50) was smooth and fragrant, albeit sweet even at 0% sugar. The lemon green tea with aiyu jelly ($6.20) stood in stark contrast - shockingly tart even at 50% sugar. But it grows on you, and the aiyu jelly helps soothe over the sour tang. While pleasant and refreshing, I don’t think the drinks are worth its price - the teas are pre-brewed and stored in dispensers, and flavours are mostly from syrup. Pales in comparison to the espresso-brewed ones, especially at this price point!

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From Bober Tea
Sweet, rich and creamy taro in milk latte.
Served ice chilled.


Visited @bawangchaji_sg for the second time @funansg

Tried their Forever Spring Oolong Tea ($4.90). It comes with a cheese foam on top.

This shop is pretty serious about their tea and there are no toppings available!

The tea itself is fragrant, light and with a slight bittersweet aftertaste.

I am not a fan of cheese milk foam but this was surprising light, lightly salty sweet and enhances the overall taste of the tea.

Definitely will visit again.

They do have a small sitting area but it's always pretty packed.

📍Ba Wang Cha Ji 霸王茶姬
Funan L2 (took over Milksha's space)

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