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NEW Baileys Boboshake from Heytea! I prefer the Iced one.

This photo is what happened when you order Hot Baileys Boboshake with “Cream On Side” on HEYTEA iOS app 😂 We were wondering what cream on side. Why is this a recommended option?

Baileys Boboshake $9.90

NEW Baileys Boboshake from Heytea! Oooohh I like this one, baileys infused with Ceylon black tea and chewy taro bobo, able to opt for brown bobo but I prefer taro bobo.

Baileys Boboshake $9.90

💵: $5.70

📈: 9/10

🤔: Finally trying this because I always thought it would be overrated but boy was I wrong! Super fragrant tea mixed in with a condensed milk base. Pearls were also delicious and chewy, but some (just a few!) were a bit soggier than I'd have liked.

Toppings are quite nice, chewy pearls and pudding that isn’t too sweet. Earl grey taste is pretty strong too.

Located at 25 Arab Street, Singapore 199724. .
The highly raved Bubble Tea is finally here in SG! Brought to you by @angjunyang .
Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta, $7.50. This is @jaychou favourite so of coz we also have to get our hands on it to try! Love it’s adorable and Instagrammable bottle👍🏼💕. Black Milk Tea is very fragrant and not too milky for our liking. You can also choose your sugar level, we ordered Lite Sugar and it’s perfect!!! Their soft Panna cotta at the bottom is so addictive with edible bits of Vanilla seeds. The right way to enjoy it, is to put the straw deep in and do not shake it. .
@machimachi_singapore @machimachi__official #hungryunicornsg #machimachi_singapore #machimachi #machimachiofficial #blackmilkteapannacotta #pannacotta #jaychou #angjunyang

Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Latte (M Size - $5.50) I really like Matcha Latte complemented with brown sugar boba. The brown sugar pearl was good for the quality and quite chewy.

Their brown sugar milk boba is not so sweet! Which I like so so much. It could be underwhelming at times when you really want a punch-y brown sugar milk drinks though!

...just because it is everywhere I go. The strawbery bits go rather ok with the milk that is alright, not particularly creamy or full but it is ok for the wide availability.
On frame:
• Strawberry latte [medium $6.9]

Signature 3 Mini Size Bowls Set with any drink, $15 (Braised Pork Rice, Chicken Rice, Intestine Mee Sua). We are a super mega fan of Taiwan foods and we are so glad we found them! This is the only one, & the closest we can get in SG with true Taiwanese taste in it. Our favourite is their braised pork rice and intestine mee sua that taste almost like what we had in Taiwan! Even the whole restaurant have Taiwan feel too, it makes us feels like we are truly in Taiwan! If you really love and enjoy Taiwan 卤肉饭 or Orh Lua Mee Sua, you should drop by and try them! Mind blown and we wish we had discover them earlier!

1-for-1 drink at @winnies.sg
Through @shopbackgo app

Dongding Oolong, Hot, no sugar, no topping

Honey osmanthus green tea, less ice, 25% sugar, pearl.

The cashier judged me when I order Hot leh.. But is ok, to taste how good their tea is, I insisted #Kosong.

I don’t know, maybe due the hype and super long Q.. I feel it was not that great? neither was it worth my time (That’s why I’m picky queen)

Pearl was way too soft, I prefer mine QQ.

Honey osmanthus green tea taste like something I can make with my own tea set..

I like their store design, and how their staff looked so focus and precise (they weight everything, pearl to milk to tea temp), they ensure freshness by blending their milk in small batches (or maybe they use so fast, while waiting for my drinks, I think she blended at least 4 batches), also they don’t chit chat so no time wasted! Yay~

I mean, if there’s no Q. I don’t mind, their price is pretty reasonable for sure.