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Grilled Salmon Filet in Butter - $27.90
Nicely grilled salmon that’s seasoned with salt and pepper, with tasty salad by the side. Mixed lettuce with cherry tomatoes and fresh herb vinaigrette which was very refreshing! It’s a very popular place for beer drinking during TGIF, somemore can enjoy burpplebeyond promotion, time to head down with your friends for a chillax dinner already

Had one of nicest nasi lemak in town. The place is creatively decorated with school canteen-like setting with an old school vibe where there are country erasers and five stones that can be played while waiting for our meals.

The sambal that comes with the nasi lemak is really nice and had a Milo to go along with it. Definitely would come back the next time!

I always have a soft spot for cream pasta and would say this is also one of the better one that we had so far in singapore..... located on the hippy neighbourhood behind NUS.... we will be back..

Love the Truffle Fries but perhaps management can look at providing carriers (like you used to) instead of just telling customer off that they have no choice but to take away with paper bags - which may not be allowed on public transport.

It features all the hallmarks of a good chendol, with a sweet, chunky red bean paste that smoothens out once mixed in with the other ingredients - bouncy green jellies, gula melaka on the bottom, and topped with a big scoop of thick, rich coconut milk.
All these melded together with the freshly made Bingsu, and made for a delectable pick me up that avoided being cloyingly sweet, while retaining all the goodness that traditional chendol has.
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Unassuming corridor joint that serves up quick and tasty rice takes away bowls! We had the Double Cooked Marinated Beef Slices, Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato and Stir-Fried Cabbage.

All components were delicious! Beef slices and brisket were tender, stir-fried cabbage was flavourful and wok-fried with fragrant Sichuan pepper. Would come back and get this again if I were around the area. What’s more, we used Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal for these two bowls, which was super worth it!

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The pearls are brown sugar pearls! But instead of brown sugar syrup, they use Gula Melaka. If you’re a fan of super milky drinks you will like this one! The pearls were a nice size too. Not the best imo but not too bad! (2.5/5)

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With Burpple beyond we were able to try all the flavours! We got one combo 1: 2 veg+1 meat ($8.80) and one combo 2: 2 meat+ 1 veg ($9.90). We paired the Double Cooked Marinated Beef Slices with Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato and Stir-Fried Cabbage for combo 2, and Butter Chicken (SUPER YUMMY) with Stir-Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce and Fried Egg with Green Pepper. This place may not look like much, but the food was surprisingly yummy and actually SUPER WORTH IT. Would recommend it for when you need a quick, delicious and hearty meal!

Tried the Avocado and Chendol bingsu here. The portions are big, with rather generous portions of topping. With the 1 for 1, the deal is even better!

we got the holEe gUacc n cheer n whiSkers!

xiao hUi!
8/11 4 mi!!!! the whiskErs was p good imo!! beef quite juicy n tender n right amt of cheese so ilove!!! frieS were crispy w the right amtZ hehe and it’s halal too!!! the place has rly gUuUd vibes n staffthat served us was noiice wuLD COME Bck again ~~~

xiau ninGx!
7/11 !! jalapeño in d burger was lil spicY 4 mi mm grilled chix cld b a lil less buRnt !! normally don’t eat fries but i must say d fries are actl q nice - not too solty but not tasteless HAHAH tried xiaohui’s beef buRg which was not bad as d patty wasn’t too dry but not tOo oily either !! buT if u like guacamole or meXican tastes , d guacamole burG is right 4 u !!!!!

Far East Plaza前(外)にあるティースタンド。
正直あまり期待はしてなかったんだけど、Burppleの1for1も使えるし、意外とGoogleの評価も良かったのでお試しに・・・ Strawberry Snow Jasmine Tea $5.2
White Grape Ice Oolong Tea $5.8





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New outlet that opened at scape, also a new BB partner so I decided to try it out! Glad that I did because I don’t frequent CBTL, but this mocha latte is a game changer that makes me believe that chocolate & coffee can go well together. Coffee smell is aromatic and the chocolate taste makes the entire drink even more special. Will definitely go back for more. Matcha latte suits people who love milky & creamy drinks, but I find it a bit too sweet. Manager there was friendly and offered us complimentary vouchers. Nice interior, it was quiet when I went there. Good for chilling and studying!