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Enjoyed the Halloumi Salad with Falafel so much! Will definitely recommend this dish to those that love Halloumi as much as I do. Could have given slightly more Halloumi though but still loved it nonetheless 😍

The Seafood Paella was pretty much on the average side though & was pretty pricey as well. Expected more seafood to be in it. Definitely worth it with the 30% off the total bill. Do drop by during the happy hour if you wanna get pints/selected wines to go along with your meal!

One of the popular spots to chill out along Upper Thomson Road.

For first timers here I definitely recommend to go with their signature salted caramel, which very strong on the taste itself; making it creamy and tasty.

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One of the more eye-catching restaurants under #burpplebeyond at πŸ“Suntec City, @madforgarlicsg offers pizzas, pastas, and mains with a focus on well... garlic. I quite liked the dark, mysterious interior of this corner restaurant, which lends it a swankier feel than other cafes at this price range.

This pizza was simple yet stunning. The toppings had us scratching our head because they comprised shrimp, pineapples, garlic chips, and decadent layer of parmesan cheese, but they all came together beautifully. I also loved the cripsy thin crust, which I found myself devouring even though I usually leave my pizza crusts aside.

I was on the fence about asking them to ditch the pineapple but I'm glad I kept them on because they really helped cut through the pungent garlic chips. A must try to stave off the vampires!


Do not be fooled, this pizza holds itself out as a cheeseburger but tastes more like a big mac πŸ‘€ maybe for legal reasons...? The toppings were alright but tasted kind of strange with the thin crust.

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This place has the ideal bouncy texture for liver. However it could be abit thicker, and so it's not the best I've had(from the Jurong West claypot rice stall)

The sauce is unique, but that doesn't rlly matter because it's not particularly strong and what's impt is the texture.

this is certainly worth a try if you've never had the perfect bouncy kind of liver


Huge portion, the sambal is quite aromatic. Unfortunately, the dish as a whole was very average in terms of both flavour and texture

Skip for sure

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There's some wok hei, it's quite unique actl. The horfun has a sticky and slightly slippery texture, but it wasn't as slippery as you would expect from a whole raw egg. You barely taste the egg after mixing.

Original comes with pork and seafood, the fish was really fresh

Comfort food, not bad, not mindblowing

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Back to try the dry version. Got more duck skin today 😍😍😍

Comparing between the soup (which I had previously) and dry version, I preferred the former surprisingly as the latter can get a tad too salty when one reach the end of the meal.

πŸ’œ Support Kin Men Seng Heng at 7 Maxwell Road, Amoy Street Food Centre, #02-133, Singapore 069111

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This steamed fish head received a nod of approval from my fussy mum for its notably fresh and tender, fleshy meat.

And the best way to enjoy it β€” in light, fermented bean paste sauce with minced garlic and topped with lard crisp! 🫢🏻

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Feelin’ adventurous and ordered this bright green chopped bitter gourd with lemon πŸ‹ juice drink to detoxify following bouts of puking after consuming some juicy fresh strawberries πŸ“ that persisted for days.

This weird concoction clearly left a lasting impact on me with its unique bitter + zesty taste.

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Throwback post - Finally get to trying this stall who sell halal braised duck. Tried the soup version today as I want something warm due to the rainy weather.

Yellow noodles with no alkaline taste in the delicate herbaceous broth combined with well seasoned and tender drumstick meat plus my personal customary add-on braised egg result in a very satisfied meal. Will certainly be back to try the dry version / other combination 🀩🀩🀩

fyi: For chili lovers, it does have a fiery kick to it.

πŸ’œ Support Kin Men Seng Heng at 7 Maxwell Road, Amoy Street Food Centre, #02-133, Singapore 069111

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