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Went on a weekday, price of sunbed rental has increased to $30 and comes with 2 cups of coke/ sprite/ ILT. Ambience was great and service was wonderful; staff was very attentive.

Ordered the Coastes Breakfast ($23) consisting of grilled pork sausage, thick cut bacon, sauté mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes, creamy scrambled eggs, toasted sourdough bread and complimentary tea/ coffee (I had Iced Latte which was pretty good). Absolutely loved the dish, specifically the roasted tomatoes and creamy scrambled eggs!

Also had the Rösti With Smoked Salmon And Scrambled Eggs ($18); the eggs originally offered were poached eggs but my companion doesn’t eat poached eggs so we informed the cashier and made the order and payment online. Rosti was really crispy but shredded really thinly. On the good side, it didn’t get soft despite being topped with smoked salmon and eggs. Flavour was just nice as well. Smoked salmon was a really generous portion but made the dish really salty, we we paired it with the toast from our Coastes Breakfast.

Fried with rich Indonesian black nut sambal, Frenz organic sunny-side up egg. Maggi goreng only available for takeaway/delivery. $26+ each.

1 Star (Michelin Guide Singapore)

Chef B’s Pasta at level 1 popular for their affordable pasta. You can choose the type of pasta (which I gotten the spaghetti) and sauce (which I gotten the cream). Then choose the accompanying meat or ingredients.

The chicken chop for $5.80 comes with a decent portion of chicken meat. The overall taste wasn’t too dry but it can get overwhelming at the end due to the big portion.

Burgers at $10 to $20 may sound rather common place but it was a strange if not foreign concept when Relish entered the scene with their gourmet burgers back when I was in school.

Located at Cluny Court, it was one of THE places we went to for special occasions but kinda fell out of vogue with the emergence of other gourmet burger joints like Omakase burger, PBD etc.

I was back there recently with some colleagues. We shared some pastas, a donburi and fish and chips amongst the 4 of us. The quality of the food is decent but the portions were really disappointing. There was basically enough for a mouthful (or two) for each person.

I am one of those who hate to leave a meal, still hungry. Unfortunately, @relish_sg does that.

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🥢 Paired with tender Toroniku slices, Narutomaki, Menma, Negi and Nori

🧾 SGD$22.00

✍🏻 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆〘7/10〙

💬 Let's be honest, no one comes to santouka just for the ramen. The star of this place is their tokusen toroniku. Just look at it glisten oh my porky god. Each slice has slivers of fat intricately woven in between each strand of meat, making it extremely tender. Best way to savour these iberico pork cheeks would be to dip them into your broth and let the heat melt the fats a little more- unlocking even more flavour. The noodles here are thin and always cooked al dente. The broth is a mixture of tonkotsu and shoyu which I found rather light and easy to drink but flavour-wise nothing out of the ordinary. Come here to get your toroniku fix!

The dish was served with an extremely generous serving of eggs and ham. More than enough to fill one person's tummy! Also liked that the bread was really soft and fluffy on the inside. My only complaint would be that some parts of the egg were overly tangy, likely because the mustard wasn't evenly distributed throughout the dish. For $24++, this is one of the cheaper items on the restaurant's menu!

Although served in a fanciful contraption, I think the hot chocolate should be sweeter. If possible, do ask the restaurant to serve the drink hot because it cools down really quickly and it's not nice once it is cool. To be honest, I don't think this is worth the $7++ it costs.

Best prata in all of SG. Crispy on the outside chewy on the inside, love it!!!

Saw this EVERYWHERE for the past few days so I knew I had to try it. It was opened by a ex-Naked Finn chef so I had high hopes and the fish soup here lived up to it. Fish was fresh, bouncy and firm, did not have a unfresh, fishy smell. The soup was on point too and had a nice sweetness from the fish. It’s $6 for a bowl which some may find a little pricey but I think it’s worth it!

Also ordered their Ribeye steak, this time I took a picture of how they ensured the presentation of the food is maintained even for a takeaway order. Such fresh Rosemary and garlic that paired well with the perfectly seasoned and grilled Ribeye steak! 👍👏

With the current phase 2 HA situation, the next best thing is to order takeaway. The team at BoCHINche did such a good job with good quality meats, plus cooking the meats to such perfection that it tasted fabulous even though it was consumed some 20 minutes later back at home! 👍👍

Salty or Sweet? Old School Hum Jin Pang at Maxwell Food Centre that allows you to fry it yourself. I will drop by to support them whenever I am around this area. 6 pieces for just $1.00, how I wish I could buy more but don't think I can finish it.
Location: China Street Hum Jin Pang, Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184
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