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Recommended lists of Best Burpple Guides in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide to Best Hawkers in Chinatown Our last Tastemakers Guide of the year sees our Burpple Tastemakers bringing their insatiable appetites to Chinatown, in search of the best hawker eats. And what a spread they've arrived at! From utterly satisfying curry chicken cutlet noodles made for cheat day breakfasts to the tenderest of soy sauce chicken and a ma la xiang guo stall that delivers flavours sans queues, this guide is packed with a treasure trove of foodie finds. Dress down, and go hungry!
Korean BBQ, Burpple Guides, BBQ Best Places for BBQ & Grills in Singapore 2017 Ahhh... barbecue. When it comes to meats, we can't think of a tastier way to enjoy them than grilled, smoky and sporting an appetising char, which led us to this week's guide on the best grills and barbies in Singapore. Quite naturally, there are one too many spots for Korean barbecue and Thai mookata (it's a very tough fight!), but we've also spiced things up with places for authentic Japanese yakiniku, including a stellar place in Boat Quay, and a rustic eatery in Foch Road for atmospheric Vietnamese barbecue. Ready, set, grill!
Steamboat, Burpple Guides Best Places for Steamboat in Singapore 2017 The recent spate of rainy days have got us in the mood for one thing — steamboat! As days cool and skies pour, we can hardly think of anything more fitting food-wise than to gather with our favourite people around a piping hot pot of goodness. From super shiok prawn broth hot pot to a steamboat buffet with freeflow xiao long baos, we've rounded up all our favourite spots for steamboat into this week's guide.
Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide To Seah Im Food Centre This month, our Burpple Tastemakers bring their insatiable appetites southwards to Seah Im Food Centre. Once a hangout for weekend Sentosa-goers, this foodie gem near HarbourFront Bus Interchange lost quite a bit of attention when Sentosa started its train services. That's not to say that it's lost its appeal — the place is still packed to the brim most days, especially during weekday lunch hours. As our Tastemakers soon realised, Seah Im is quite the treasure trove for budget-friendly eats, with many choice picks averaging at $3 a plate. From uber addictive ayam penyet to after 4:30pm curry puffs (yes, it's a thing!) and a stellar braised duck rice, there's plenty to fill up on here.

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Top 10 places for Burpple Guides

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They don’t have this on the menu, it’s Coconut Pie with Salted Almond and Caramel Fudge. It ain’t sweet at all, apparently the sweetest from the caramel were very well balanced with the thick Coconut pie. Loving this dessert! 😋

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Perfect combo of Blue cheese, William pear, walnut butter. There's no buns in this photo because I ordered bunless #lowcarb 😂

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This Aussie inspired cafe is one of the few places where the food actually speaks for itself. Love the option to pimp my breakfast! 😊

On my plate:
1) gluten free sourdough [$3]
2) wilted spinach [$5]
3) poached eggs [$6]
4) sautéed potatoes [$5]
5) house smoked ocean trout [$8]

The house smoked ocean trout is a must order!! Smoked to perception with the right consistency and texture. Definitely a far cry from the store bought ones. Particularly also enjoyed the gluten free toasts, which were more dense than the rye, pumpernickel and sourdough.


Was very curious about A Noodle Story because of the crazy hype in Instagram. Went there yesterday and tried the small portion. All portion includes dry ramen, charsiu, shrimp wonton, fried noodle prawn, onsen egg, spring onion and the red crispy topping (not sure what it is). First try: WOW! No wonder the queue is always long. The wonton is full of big and juicy shrimp, the onsen egg is perfect (i thought it's going to taste weird but no it's totally delicious), and the ramen is thin but springy and absorb all the savory and slightly sweet sauce. And i love that they top it with the crunchy fried noodle prawn. It's totally a complete meal and worth the wait. Plus, this is actually a young gen kudos to them!

In my book, this is one of the better casual restaurants in Singapore.

The ambience is incredibly private and cosy; whoever designed the layout did a brilliant job with the lighting and seat / barrier heights specifically. They train their service staff very well; I've never had the same server twice, yet all of the staff I have interacted with serve professionally with a smile, and are prompt and accommodating. In these respects Mad for Garlic outperforms many fine dining restaurants that I've been to.

Food is consistent in quality, rich and flavourful, and certainly very unique due to the generous amounts of garlic they put in everything. The Garlic Snowing Pizza ($24++) is THE must-order, with a perfect crust and excellently balanced, intense flavours. Even if someone in the party doesn't fancy prawns or is horrified by pineapple on pizza... get it anyway! I have had friends remove those and eventually admit that their modified pizza slices were the best thing we ordered that day.

The other standout is the Lemon Calamari Cream Risotto ($23++) - sweet calamari meat, rich cream, lemony tartness to cut through it. Once again, intense yet balanced.

Biggest food disappointment was the Crab and Lobster Pasta ($24++), it sounds good on paper but something just doesn't quite work with this dish. And it's not that they're extremely stingy with the meat; I would think perhaps it just does not pair well with garlic.

Two negative points - they do not take any reservations, and they charge for water; and even if you are willing to pay for water, they only sell bottled and will not warm it for you. Hopefully management will consider changes to these policies in the future.


And not forgetting my cheese fix!! +points for truffle oil drizzle and huge bacon bits!!!😂 FYI portions served are on the bigger side, definitely more than enough to satisfy!!
• Bacon Truffle Mac & Cheese ($24)
• Pan Seared Barramundi ($26)
• Garlic Prawn Risotto ($25)

This was a non dairy milk, and made from macadamia, almonds and dates. The server recommended to get this chilled. It was unbelievably expensive for such a small bottle but the taste was amazing. The nutty flavor was strong. I have never had such delicious milk in my life.

Despite the crowd, I managed to snag a corner sofa seat. This place could get noisy. Flat White was not hot, which disappointed me. Taste was good thou.

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Title says it all, though can’t put my finger on what was not giving the sausage oomph $19

Smoked salmon with eggs benedict on a bed of pumpkin pancakes, topped with tobiko roe. $19 👌🏽

Super extensive list of items to choose from, pimping my breakfast at The Lokal never fails to start my day on a good note. I truly adore this place for taking pride in what they serve, making many items from scratch like yoghurt, baked beans, ricotta, kimchi, kaya, peanut butter and even ketchup and chili sauce! Lots of love and effort put into every item listed on the menu 😊

What is interesting is the more unconventional options available for the pimp list: Housemade kimchi [$6], burger patty [$8], cauliflower and cheese [$6] and many more. Something more indulgent would be the Grilled slipper lobster tails [$12]

On my plate:
Toasted Rye [$2]
Scrambled eggs [$6]
Carrot pumpkin seed hummus [$6]
Roast chicken [$6]

Everything was delicious on my plate. Especially enjoyed the perfectly scrambled eggs with their housemade ketchup. The hummus was not what I expected as the taste of chick peas was rather mild, plus it was more on the sweet side. Texture wise, it was more mushy than gritty/paste-y (which I prefer). Roast chicken was nicely shredded and seasoned. Overall, full and satisfied!