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the staff forgot our order or smth but either way there was a delay for one of the dishes, but they made up for it by giving us truffle fries ($12) on the house which took us by surprise :”) we got the sriracha buffalo chicken burger and spaghetti carbonara. the chicken burger was q classic!! juicy meat and a good level of spice. the sweet potato fries had amazing texture and the salad was drenched in a very addictive sauce!! the carbonara on the other hand (the dish they forgot) was a little weird. not sure whether the texture of the egg yolk sauce was meant to be the way it was. had bits of cooked egg and the flavour was a little weird. my guess is that they rushed the dish but other than that the vibes of the place were nice :)

Waffle drizzled with gula melaka sauce, sea salt custard cream, caramelised walnut and lastly topped with vanilla ice cream and boba

Featuring 2GR pure blood wagyu MS9 Deckle 🐄, seared to the perfect doneness (look at that pretty pink 💗), the middle portion was fatty & super tender! 👍🏻 The exterior bark alludes irresistible smoky flavours 🔥 though it adds to the chew. Served with celeriac puree, roasted greens 🥕 & beef jus.

Decent brunch fare along Robertson Quay. Tried ‘Brekkie of Champions’ and ‘Toby’s French Toast’. The former dish came with generous ingredients and we were surprised to receive an entire stalk of 7x tomatoes. French toast was soft, tasty and infused with maple syrup. Cafe also offers the option to change ingredients to another option (e.g. bacon to sautéed mushrooms).

Chill ambiance, great place for gathering with friends/ family.

Back at Sarnies! Honestly wasn't that impressed the last time and this visit was only slightly better. The food here is not that special and ghastly overpriced imo but there seems to always be a lively buzz about this cafe (which certainly earns this place ambience points).

Breakkie burg ($19) 🍔 8/10

Was a bit hesitant to order this because it seemed small in photos. But boy was I wrong -- this burger was huge! It may not look like it but that scrambled egg right there was a good 1/2 inch thick at some areas and was as fluffy as a cloud.

The smashed beef patty itself was sizeable and consisted of firm, fresh meat that I savoured with every juicy bite. It's a simple beef, egg, and cheddar burger but so well done.

Truffle scrambled eggs ($23) 🍳 5/10

The moment this was set down on the table, we were greeted with a heady smell of truffle. However, when we actually dug in, the truffle taste pretty much dissipated and we were left with a pretty tasteless mishmash of grey eggs splayed atop withered spinach, soggy mushrooms, and slightly burnt and stale toast.

Maybe it's the food presentation that needs work (who puts wet spinach on bread and leaves it to condense under some eggs?) or it needs more seasoning, but this dish left me yearning for more.

Tasted really normal. Wouldnt order it again.
It is just dates, chia seeds, water , berries blended together.

Unique flavours, wouldnt say it's bad.
Try it if you are a fan of carbonara related dishes.
Service was so-so.

Nice cafe to chill with families or friends. Waffles n ice cream were delicious. Added almond crisps and it was heavenly! I wish they sell them in tubs!

Used the 1-1 which made it rly worth it and I rly enjoyed this version of avo toast, gotta say it’s one of my favs. Smashed avo was well-seasoned (not like some places where it’s abit bland) and the poached eggs were perfect. The Dukkah, cherry tomatoes (well-seasoned too) and cubes of cheese (I think?) added extra tastiness :-) Ice latte was nice too. Only thing is it’s super hot if u sit outside so um wear cooling clothes pls haha PSA

Run by a passionate baker and mother of two, this cheery Arab Street favourite sees an innovative menu and delicious, all-natural bakes. Order up the Shakshouka ($18.90), flaunting beautifully poached eggs and a dollop of crème fraîche in a sweet, sour and slightly spicy blend of bell peppers, tomatoes and spices. Grab a fragrant and biscuity Gula Melaka Scone ($3.50) scone or two after your meal as well.
Photo by Burppler Hungry Girl

These were the starters from the dinner set menu.

Lobster Kueh Pie Tee
Lamb satay (they changed it to pork if you don’t take lamb)
Roti Jala with chicken curry
Coconut shrimp

Everything came perfectly portioned for a small group of eaters. Our favourites were the roti jala and satay.