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Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide to Best Hawkers in Chinatown Our last Tastemakers Guide of the year sees our Burpple Tastemakers bringing their insatiable appetites to Chinatown, in search of the best hawker eats. And what a spread they've arrived at! From utterly satisfying curry chicken cutlet noodles made for cheat day breakfasts to the tenderest of soy sauce chicken and a ma la xiang guo stall that delivers flavours sans queues, this guide is packed with a treasure trove of foodie finds. Dress down, and go hungry!
Burpple Guides, Korean BBQ, BBQ Best Places for BBQ & Grills in Singapore 2017 Ahhh... barbecue. When it comes to meats, we can't think of a tastier way to enjoy them than grilled, smoky and sporting an appetising char, which led us to this week's guide on the best grills and barbies in Singapore. Quite naturally, there are one too many spots for Korean barbecue and Thai mookata (it's a very tough fight!), but we've also spiced things up with places for authentic Japanese yakiniku, including a stellar place in Boat Quay, and a rustic eatery in Foch Road for atmospheric Vietnamese barbecue. Ready, set, grill!
Burpple Guides, Steamboat Best Places for Steamboat in Singapore 2017 The recent spate of rainy days have got us in the mood for one thing — steamboat! As days cool and skies pour, we can hardly think of anything more fitting food-wise than to gather with our favourite people around a piping hot pot of goodness. From super shiok prawn broth hot pot to a steamboat buffet with freeflow xiao long baos, we've rounded up all our favourite spots for steamboat into this week's guide.
Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide To Seah Im Food Centre This month, our Burpple Tastemakers bring their insatiable appetites southwards to Seah Im Food Centre. Once a hangout for weekend Sentosa-goers, this foodie gem near HarbourFront Bus Interchange lost quite a bit of attention when Sentosa started its train services. That's not to say that it's lost its appeal — the place is still packed to the brim most days, especially during weekday lunch hours. As our Tastemakers soon realised, Seah Im is quite the treasure trove for budget-friendly eats, with many choice picks averaging at $3 a plate. From uber addictive ayam penyet to after 4:30pm curry puffs (yes, it's a thing!) and a stellar braised duck rice, there's plenty to fill up on here.

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Boss burger with mushrooms, beef patty, lettuce, tomato and truffle mayo. The truffle was really prominent in this dish and the portion was really big. The fries are fries and everyone loves fries. I really liked the chili they served with it I think they mixed it with ketchup heh.
The chai tea latte was an impulse buy as the sun was scorching but I don't regret it. One of the best chai tea lattes I've had. The spices were not too strong and it was cold, thick and creamy.

All-day breakfast is always a good idea 😋 best known for their Lemon Blueberry Scones & Gula Melaka Scones (MUST ORDER!), they also offer lunch menu too. Check out their lunch sets that come with free soup or dessert of the day & $2 off in-house drinks! Although I wished they had informed me earlier the $2 off is not applicable for drinks in the fridge compartment(the cashier initially said it was!); I had happily sipped on my orange snapple only to be informed that drink is not part of the promo 😫 We had the Crab Aioli Hot-Pressed Sandwich ($13.90) and it came a tad burnt. The seafood after-taste is strong so do try this dish if you’re a real fan of crab. Their Salmon Cream Spaghetti ($18.90) was decent though a bit pricey but hey, they’re at a central location so it’s understandable that the prices will be a bit steep. The Lamb Rice Bowl ($15.90) came with fresh avocado so it made the dish pretty healthy and fulfilling. The lamb patties were sadly a little dry. The star of the show has to be the Wholesome Breakfast (not applicable for lunch set) $18.90 that was essentially a satisfying english breakfast with a generous portion of smoked salmon. Overall, it was a decently average lunch and it certainly pays to come here for their desserts (Scones!!!) 😋 but do come early as their baked goods run out very fast cus they’re THAT delicious!


Launched in conjunction with National Day promotion, this was a locally inspired fusion dish that added on to the existing list of other savoury soufflé dishes available here ! Being a fan of rendang, I was truly sold at my first mouth 💖. Beneath the wobbly and cotton-like foamy soufflé layer lies a bed of rendang rice, along with tender chicken chunks, broccoli, carrots and sliced onions. The incorporation of rendang sauce into the steamed white rice brought out an aromatic tinge of fragrance, as well as a slight kick of spiciness! ✨ Along with generous portion of tender & succulent chicken chunks, crunchy broccoli and carrots, the top layer of soufflé omelette is soft, foamy and light to the palate, one that just melts into the mouth like a cotton candy (Swipe to view) ! 💨 Unfortunately, this dish is only available till End August, but let’s just hope it will be brought back again soon or perhaps the next National Day? 😉 .
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This was so good it deserved a post for its own. The cubes of toast were custardy and crispy and sweet. The whipped cream was sweet in itself and can be eaten like that without maple syrup if you are concerned about your sugar intake. But i prefer mine as it is.

Squid ink rice with seafood topped with a fluffy omelette. The omelette was perfectly cooked and creamy. Overall a good dish however the bottom of the rice was a bit dry.

Looks really impressive on a plate. Duck slightly too dry.

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Their signature spaghetti and soufflé egg on tomato baked rice.

Served with hot au lait and iced latte.

Price ranges from $5.80 for the coffee to $11 for the mains.

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Delicately shaped and breaded, each cube packs a wonderful capsule of beefy goodness. You can feel how painstakingly the chef has assembled this with the right cut of beef to give it a really full texture. Perfectly complemented with the mustard mayo although the base sauce to me was probably not necessary as it’s almost taste like a tardy teriyaki sauce.

Would certainly recommend his appetizer which I can imagine would be almost be as wonderful a tapas to go with your booze.