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Not the cheapest for sure, but I’d pick a swirl of soft serve over a solid scoop of icecream any day! It’s sister cafe Creamier is far away, but I’m glad that it’s v2.0 is less than a 10min drive away.🍃🌝

I can’t stop raving about La Nonna since we went on a Sat night. First, the food is insanely delicious and generous with their portions!! I had the crabmeat pasta and it was chock full of crab meat in every single bite, even in the tomato cream sauce. I very rarely finish my food, and I ate every single drop of this dish.

My bf had the Parma pizza and it was vvvv big and generous with the toppings as well. We used 1 for 1 Entertainer and this was so worth it.

Furthermore, their service is amazing. We brought our dog along and they even gave a bowl of water for her 😋 We’ll def be back again!

It’s been years since I had Sunday Folks but it still tastes so good??? I’ll admit that the waffles aren’t the best, but the ice cream is really the star of the show. Rich, creamy and luscious without being too heavy. And that plating 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 buttttt a little on the pricey side so only when I’m feeling rich

I always order this sinful pizza every time I come here. The pizza is laden with generous helpings of the truffle paste (though as with most truffle dishes, the truffle taste was very subtle). I love the gooey egg in the centre that goes so beautifully with the cheesy pizza.

Paid 15.90 per main after the lunch 1 for 1 deal! Come here from 12-2.30pm to enjoy their weekday lunch promos!

Earl Grey Soft Serve With Single Waffle 🍦 It's Sunday, which means SUNDAY Folks! Still my fav earl grey softserve in Singapore 🥰 Really love how it's not that sweet and at the same time quite refreshing. However the downside is that the ice cream melts pretty fast and the sauce they put with the waffle is a little too sweet sobs. Would say that this portion of single waffle is good for sharing (between 2 pax). If only it's not that expensive haha I would definitely come here often 😅 Nevertheless #myheartapprove for sure.
🤑: SGD 11.50++
👅: 4/5

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Perfect dessert for any time of the day! The soft serve wasn’t too sweet, and the texture was just nice- not too watery, firm enough. The waffle was freshly baked and the chewy chocolate mochi bits on the side was a nice touch to compliment the sweet treat. Good to share!

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I love waffles and ice cream and I have to say - after trying so many places, Sunday folks is still one of the beSTTTT

Smoked duck on the left while on the right is the sweet potato and Matcha pancake. The pancake is soft and fluffy, which tasted like silky omelette. Prefer the savoury one, simplely because it might become soggy in the sweet dishes resulted by the sause or ice cream.

The ice cream is really sooo creamy and delicious. I really appreciate how it isn’t too sweet and jialat. I recommend the waffle over the ice cream cone even if it costs more. :)) would definitely come back again (when I’m feeling rich)

About ~$13 for the double stacked waffles, the waffle was nice and fluffy, soft serve was good. Huge fan of the ferraro one. Overall it’s not bad for its price and a great place to chill with friends.

Will I travel specially for it? Nah. If I’m around then yes, why not!!

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Ah, such a classic. A big swirl of pistachio-infused soft serve with a sprinkle of pistachio crumbles and two Lotus biscuits as a topping. ($11.50)

The Lotus biscuit and the soft serve make such a good pairing. <3 Take the biscuit and run it through the soft serve, and the sweet cinnamony, gingerbread flavor of the Lotus biscuit makes such a good accompaniment to the earthiness of the pistachio.

The soft serve itself was really good. Strong but not overpowering nutty flavor with that perfect balance of creaminess. And the waffles, of course, were delicious even on a busy Friday night. Really props to Sunday Folks' consistency and a really well-thought, perfectly-executed dessert.


This was a nostalgic throwback to childhood days, with Milo flavored soft serve, milo powder and Maltesers paired with one of Sunday Folks' crispy waffles ($14.50)

I wish the Milo flavor was more gao. It had a very mild milky, chocolate flavor, but that was really all I could gather from the soft serve. I wish it had some of the malty taste so characteristic of Milo drink. However, the soft serve and the toppings paired really well; the crunch of the Malteser with the chunks of Milo powder. I'm just not sure it was worth the price point or if I'd prefer their classic flavors which are cheaper.

Waffles were amazing as usual. A gorgeous rich buttermilk base, crisped to perfection and drizzled with maple syrup.